Saturday, November 3, 2012

PRAS s2e2 • Put On Your Dancing Shoes • 1 November 2012

Last week on the season premiere prior contests were split into two teams, with original TV villain Wendy Pepper being chosen last.  Quelle surprise!  Team Confident won with their cream & black story, while Team Bold sank with their saturated royal blue & black.  Cassanova & Ivy placed high, but Anthony Ryan won the challenge.  Laura Kathleen was singled out for having the highest score, but since she was on the losing team, she was merely safe.  Andrae, Peach and 3rd person Suede were deservedly in the bottom, and Peach was vaporized, if one can believe the Lifetime promos.  We love & miss you, Peach!  He who speaks of himself in the third person is not only delusional, but is my prediction for an early elimination.  Maybe that's just an early Christmas wish.  Cue the Andrew Sisters "I Can Dream, Can't I."

The 12 remaining designers are brought to Nine West where they are given their challenge:  Inspired by a shoe that they chose, make a party dress for a woman, referencing  'Disco.'

Not that kind of Disco, Jessica.

It still needs to look fashion forward, or current, while looking like it was inspired by disco … but does that mean dancing, or the 1970s?  Do you cover your butt and do both?  This is indeed an interesting challenge, because, as Joanna Coles soon pines, the 1970s are indeed the decade that taste forgot. 

How do the contestants fare?  Well, they are all over the place.  Will the judges reward the best outfits overall?  Those that truly were inspired by Disco?  Those that pay homage to the 1970s?  Those that are fashion forward and tasteful and look like someone could dance in it?  Something else?  Perhaps it wasn't just the contestants output that was all over the place.



 Anthony Ryan






Laura Kathleen




Anthony Ryan, Emilio, Althea, Laura Kathleen, Joshua and Suede are called out safe.   I don't know, some of those looked like any attempt to dance would result in a cracked skull.  At least one looked 1970s, but not for dancing.   This judging will be interesting.

Cassanova places third, with Ivy #2, and Uli wins!   I'm mystified that Ivy could be near the top with her look.  Uli's doesn't reference 1970s, which I think helps it not look as tacky as some of the others. It does appear that the model could easily dance in it.  Strangely, the judges barely mention the relation between the outfits and the shoes.    Did they even matter?  Uli's outfit looks well made and interesting, so I can't really argue with the win.  I don't know what I'd put in its place, either.  Well, maybe Cassanova's, since it did seem more inspired by Disco and/or the 70s.  I agree with the judges that it could have been longer and still believable.

 Congratulations, Uli!

As for the bottom, Andrae, Kayne and Wendy seem to be there for different reasons.  Wendy seems to have dressed a little girl, and her chain doesn't read too high end or forward.  However, it does look safe to dance in.  Kayne seems VERY inspired by Disco and the 1970s, and his construction is fine, so why is he here in the bottom?  Andrae does seem similar to what he did before, and he also seems to be a bit stressed on the runway, just like the 2nd episode of his seasonSome things never change?

Kayne places 3rd to last, and Andrae is 2nd to last.  I hate being in this position, because I didn't believe she was going to stay till the end, but I didn't think that Wendy Pepper was going to be at the bottom this week.  I could have picked a couple of other outfits over hers for either not meeting the brief, or not being functional.

It wasn't your time, Wendy.
Suede will miss you.

I don't know, at this point I'm getting much more out of Project Runway Australia than I am from PR All-Stars s2.  The challenges are clearer, the judging makes more sense, and the mentor is all kinds of entertaining, what with his perceived psychoses, and inability to find clothing that fits or a tailor that can help him out.   Or maybe Andrae wasn't caught entering and exiting enough doors this week.

I know what will make things better.  I'll see what I can find online about PR11.  That will cheer me up a bit. 



  1. Hi Gianni,

    Great recap! How are you seeing PR Australia? I saw the first 2 seasons and they were great!

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      I just search for "Project Runway Australia s04e0#" online and I have been finding them maybe 3-6 days after they air in Australia (Monday evenings there.)

      I have enjoyed all four seasons of PRA, but I do miss the host & mentor of the first two seasons. The new ones are qualified and fine, though.

      I'd give anything for an International Project Runway channel.