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PRAS s02e03 • Up Your Aerosol • 10 November 2012

Last week on PRAS the word to be inspired by was "Disco."
I don't think they had to make their outfit ugly, though.
I don't think they had to incorporate broken Bee Gees vinyl either.

Uli was proclaimed the winner.
It wasn't the most referential of disco, 
but maybe that's what saved it, eh? 

Wendy was sent home for her 'theme park/juvenile' look.
It wasn't wonderful, but it wasn't the worst on the runway.
At least Ms. Pepper got to redeem her behavior, right?

The remaining 11 designers are brought to Long Island City where Carolyn Murphy shows them the largest collection of legal aerosol art.  C'mon, it's graffiti.  She also introduces them to Graffiti Artistes Meres One, Sen 2 and Zimad.  Ms. Murphy states that they are to make wearable art, something that "looks equally good in an art gallery as it would on the runway."  They get 7 yards of either cotton or chiffon, and later on $50 at Mood.  They will have the next day to actually work on their looks.

Suede has never held a can of spray paint?

Why is it that Suede is always reminding me of Warner Bros.' "Claude The Cat?"

Maybe it's just me.

The Graffiti Pros teach the contestants a few techniques and then they are off and running.

What I mean to type is, they are off and running to getting annoyed with Laura Kathleen because she has been bragging too much about growing up rich.    Hmmm ... when IS it appropriate to brag about one's wealth, Laura?  Do you think that the money makes you a better person?  What is it you are trying to say?  Do you want the others to kiss your ass, or the ground you walk upon?  Or do other subjects never cross your mind?

Ivy finishes a little bit early, and offers to help Cassanova (they work together in real life.)  Laura Kathleen is bent out of shape over that.  Look, it's strange, but not as much as bragging over your financial situation.  Pride comes before a fall, lady.  Be careful!

Emilio interviews that he is concerned that he doesn't do something TOO literal.  He will do graffiti-inspired, but not plain graffiti.  Oh, please, could you tell a few other designers that?  A few do go a bit too literal, much to my eyes' lament.  Yes, they even hurt the fake one.

Laura Kathleen complains in interview that Althea stole her idea of using yellow and purple together.  Oh, please, they are opposites on the color wheel, the one with six basic colors.  There aren't THAT many combinations to begin with.  More importantly, you are each doing something VERY different.  You should only be afraid that yours will look worse in comparison.

Then the B/M production team plays a mean trick on me.  They play the designer elimination music that would play over on Models Of The Runway (that ran along with PR on seasons 6 & 7.)   This happens while Althea says to Ivy that she suspects Suede will be in trouble because of his lack of taste and being overly complicated.  I'd write I hate spoilers like that, but I think I just passed one along to you.  Therefore, I can't hate them TOO much.

On the Joanna-Thru, mostly it is edited down to bits about Uli growing up behind the Berlin Wall or Joshua using a lot of spray in his hair.  Kayne is pretty much told that his outfit will be horrid, but he doesn't seem phased.  Emilio gets legitimate words about his outfit.  Hmmm ... is that the Winner Edit, or the pet designer edit?  I don't know, I'm not so mad at Emilio anymore, since he isn't being shown being rude to his superiors like he was on s7.    By superiors, I only mean one person, the ever marvelous Mr. G.  Who knows, maybe Emilio was pushed to the wall and acted appropriately?

 I'm happy to say that only SOME of you made me hurl.
I just might let them only eliminate one person this week.

And why is Isaac doing voice-overs for car commercials?  Oh, and I'm SICK of the ID commercials with the cop, too.   Oh, and don't get me started on Abby Miller.  Arrêt! 

We barely saw Mr. Gonzalo this week.  This is what I could find from an episode where he was mostly MIA:
 Did Andrae join ABC while I wasn't looking?

Which brings us to the runway portion of our recap:




Laura Kathleen

Anthony Ryan







Yeah, I'm still having trouble with my pics, but I'm doing what I can.

Carolyn calls out the top & bottom:
Ivy, Emilio, Suede, Anthony Ryan, Kayne and Laura Kathleen.

Pretty much I agreed with the judges, save for one glaring exception.  How did Ivy rate #3 out of them all?  She had a slip falling around her legs!  She said Licthenstein but I saw Adam West as Batman.   It was OTT and childish, n'est-ce pas?   The judges saw modern and flirty.  My eye must have called it quits for the evening.

Emilio won for being inspired by graffiti while creating something attractive, whether for fashion or the gallery.

Suede was let go, but, wait, didn't he just tell Joanna not long ago that he could win the challenge?  Geez, when Joanna asks you a question, it's not because she doesn't know the answer.  It's because she's not quite yet trying to make you cry.

Who are your favorites to take the whole thing?  Still too early?  I'm just all kinds of confused, with Laura Kathleen and Ivy revealing different sides to their personalities.  I'm still wondering if Uli will take it all to right the wrong of her not winning s3.  May the best designer win.

Next week we get to see Andrae on the runway again!  He got the Ben Chmura edit this week, hidden until he gets kicked off.  Let's hope he's on the top, not the bottom.


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