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PRA s4e5 • 5 November 2012

Last week on Project Runway Australia, the nine designers had to design an on-trend look for a tradie, meaning a tradesman, construction worker or carpenter.  Client satisfaction, so they were told, would enter into the scoring, but no tradie threw his designer under the fashion bus.  

Cristina won for her black on black look, while Sasha-Rose was eliminated for her feminine silhouette on her very masculine guy.

For the next challenge Alex gleefully wakes up the eight designers left at The Olsen, at 3 a.m!
When was the last time you wore sunglasses at 3 a.m?

He brings them to a museum, and we see from some night vision effect that PRA was filmed in early September, eh?  This is just the first of many surprises, none of which really bear any weight on the challenge results, but are interesting enough to note, just the same.

Alex Perry welcomes them to "A Night At The Museum," but which museum would that be, pray tell?  It remains a secret.  They will have 12 hours and $100 each to create a demi-couture outfit inspired by the exhibits in the 'natural history' (think dinosaur) museum.  [At this point no one is questioning the brief, but later on the runway, only two of the eight manage to deliver, or meet the brief.]  Alex then splits them into two teams of four.  When only Cristina and Savva are the only two unassigned, Cristina gets to choose which team she'd like to be on, a perk from winning the last time around.

Jamie, Leah, William and Cristina become Team Dragonfly.  Jordan, Tristan, Alexandra and Savva become Team Savva.  As it is his birthday, they name it after him.  Alexandra interviews that the teams are indeed very even, with winners, safe/middle and low/weak designers on both sides.  No one from the winning team will be eliminated.

SURPRISE #2: Leah is yearning to work with Savva.  Yes, he is a strong seamster and designer, but do you really want to deal with all of the drama?  Or, has he just been getting a wacky edit all along, and he's as quiet, even-keeled and level-headed as can be?  I don't know, they can only edit out, they can't edit IN all that prior crap we've seen.

SURPRISE #3:  Alexandra struggles when Mr. Perry states that each team of four will have $400.  Jordan has to explain to her that each will have $100 for his own outfit.  That can't be good, right?  Aren't numbers on the measuring tape when they are measuring for fit?  And, even when they aren't?

Not always.  One could use hands.

Wait, you still have to count how many hands.

Oh, that?  I just eyeball it.  Perfect every time.

So, they look around the museum for a bit and …

SURPRISE #4: They are using their own tablets to take photos.  They are doing this without ridiculous product placement.  Please, Freemantle, contact Bunim-Murray and explain how it's done, because they need some help.  Thank you!

Team Savva seems to be getting along well.  I guess that should be a separate SURPRISE, but perhaps we've been getting a bad edit on him.   Let's reserve judgment for a bit, alright?  However ...

SURPRISE #5:  Leah wastes no time in setting up boundaries, she has Jamie under her wing, and there is no room for William or Cristina.   This will be a recurring theme for the entire episode.    Leah finds something she likes (dragonfly) and it's settled, that's the concept.  William asks for them to take pics, look at the entire area, and then to decide.  Yes, the show is edited, so we don't know exactly how it all panned out.  Still, it doesn't look good, and it barely has started.

Over at Rathdowne, Team Savva is getting along.  They put all of their potential fabrics on a table, and edit out together as a team.

SURPRISE #6:  When William suggests a print for his jacket lining, Leah states she doesn't like it, but he can use it in his jacket.  Wait, if it IS terrible, then why let your team member use it, unless you want him to be the one eliminated?  Won't cohesion be an issue if no one else uses it?  Leah interviews that it is literal, um, excrement.  William, Leah has your back, in a Jesse James / Sandra Bullock way.

That's NOT what I said.
I said it was LITERAL SHIT.
And I got him to use it while telling
him it was not any good to use.
I'm brilliant!

SURPRISE #7: Leah states that they will all focus on expert finishing.  William tells her that for him, the design is most important, at the expense of construction.  What kind of mush for brains do these people have?  Perchance they BOTH are important?  Maybe a contestant can be eliminated for poor vision or design, and maybe also for poor production or execution.  I do not want these kinds of attitudes from any of the people I run into at the stores I frequent, that's for sure.  "I couldn't give you accurate service, so I gave it to you fast.  That's totally enough, right?"  Or, something like that.

I love that Leah states, "If that means that I have to do your finishing, then I will do it."  She seems to be playing more than one angle in tormenting William.  Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye, but, geez, girl's got game-playing skills!

Yeah, William, I don't get it either.  This isn't about tripping others to win.  Oh, wait, it was for you in challenge #2, the "Reject Shop" challenge, when you hid items on Jordan.  Ah, okay, now Karma je comprends.

Shortly after, she's defending herself like she was offering to help, not taking over if he wasn't good enough.  We're not fooled, Leah.  Jamie tells her to let him hang himself with his poor work.  "Whatevs."

On Day 2 Alex Perry shares the obvious twos, another look.  The fifth outfit will be the first one to come out, the signature look.  Only one will come to Rathdowne (2 hours away from the work room) to purchase fabrics with an additional $100.  Cristina and Alexandra are the chosen fabric-getters.  How will this play out?

Leah designs the fifth look with some input from Jamie.  William offers some help, but Leah states that he has too much to do with his jacket.  You weren't invited, William.

The Alex-thru finds the fifth look for Team Savva suffering because Alexandra purchased poly(ester)-chiffon because silk chiffon was too expensive.  Alex picks on Team Dragonfly because there is little thought to their fifth look, while the rest of the outfits look well thought out.  As the team tries to come up with solutions, Cristina is repeatedly ignored.  It's comical at this point.

SURPRISE #7:  Ten minutes before the runway Leah asks William to do something to add to the fifth look which is much more plain than their other looks.  He interviews being perturbed, but states he is willing, responding with ideas.  However, we see that Leah is the one actually making it happen.  What?

Over on Team Savva, Alexandra's model shrank overnight, and the bodice isn't fitting at all.  Savva offers to finish hers if she'll finish his (presumably to better use their talents.)   Okay, we've been fooled.  This Savva is much nicer than the one we met a few episodes ago.  Maybe being on the bottom not long ago inspired the change?  Or maybe it's the editing room, I don't know.

 Maybe Savva just wanted some, um, upper frontal action?

Yes, Alexandra, hot glue is indeed hot.

On to the runway, shall we?

QUESTION #1:  Why is it that we are only NOW seeing Megan Gale?  The show is more than half over.  We miss you, Megan.

How did they do?  Let's take a look!

Fifth Look First





Fifth Look First





The judges keep everyone out, but they don't necessarily tell each contestant how they rank while being critiqued.  The only ones who can tell they are safe are Tristan and Jamie, as they seem to be the only ones that answered the demi-couture brief.

QUESTION #2: Why isn't Leah called out for the fit of the fifth look, or the rippling near the waist?  What about the sheerness near the lady bits of her own look?  Or is seeing the underwear on purpose?  At least William is called out for NOT opening the jacket and showing the work underneath, not the lining of the jacket per se, but the top underneath.

God, I love Peter Morrissey for calling Leah out for stating she tried to follow the group when in fact she was Gretchening the team.  Okay, that was a bit extreme, I'll take it back.

Team Savva has to explain their look, but, they just don't like the messiness of the fifth look.  They find Jordan's too simple, although the top fits perfectly.  Isn't that always the deal with him, part of his work is WONDERFUL, and another part is lacking, yes?  Alexandra's fit is called out.  Isn't that Savva's fault?  Although, he redid her upper frontal area, and the judges are complaining about the waist.

QUESTION #3: Why isn't Savva called out for the threads on his pants hem?

The judges want Jordan to aim higher, to do more.  They want to see a real POV from Alexandra.  They are disappointed that Cristina gave a sick look this week after winning last week.

Team Dragonfly is the winner!  It's because of the cohesion.   The overall winner is Jamie.   Well, we know Cristina is safe now.  It's between Jordan and Alexandra and it's Alexandra who is let go.  

SURPRISE #8:  As she is interviewing about being eliminated, Alexandra rips on Jordan's aesthetic, saying everyone will have to brace themselves for tons of eyelets.  Hmmm ... Jordan didn't eliminate you, the judges did.  You might want to rethink that, honey.  It's good that you were polite and professional to the judges' faces.  Feel free to extend that to peers and cohorts.  I don't think Jordan is going to offer you a job at this point.

Who do you want to compete in the final?  I do think that Tristan will be there.  I assume Leah will be, too.  I think the 3rd spot is up for grabs.

I love you, guest judge Toni Maticevski.  THIS is how it should be.  If you are a designer, you should wear your OWN designs on the show.  One should always self-promote. Thank you.  I'm proud of you, even if it is only doing the obvious.  Now I want to know why the coat was so long.  I'm intrigued, Mr. M.

That is a suit coat that is longer than normal, yes?
It's not just a regular dress coat because it's cold, right?
Je l'adore.

SURPRISE #9:  A-ha!  Alex is a producer, too, not just the mentor.  NOW I get why he is getting more and more air-time and Megan is getting less and less (and she isn't wearing any Alex Perry creations.)  Wait, that STILL doesn't make any sense.  Mr. P. should be making all the contestants wear his designs, eh?

So much for me to learn.  Still.


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