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PRA s4e4 • 29 October 2012

Last week we saw the 10 remaining designers create white shirts to be sold in Witchery stores to fight breast cancer.  Tristan won the challenge while Mladen was sent home for crazy lines and darts.  Savva tried to throw others under the bus by stating they all made blouses, while he made the only shirt.  Uh-huh.  You ought to be careful or we will start liking Ven more than you, Savva.

Just don't let Ven near me, I know it can't be good!

We join the 9 designers at The Olsen Apartments, where Savva is missing his only fellow straight friend, eliminated Mladen.  The pain, oh, the pain is SO serious that Savva has to get his own drama cam.  Yes, because Mladen being kicked off the show wasn't embarrassing or crushing for HIM, but you losing Mladen is horrendous for YOU, Savva.  Folks, I don't mean that Savva was missing his buddy, but, geez, he's gifted at whining and grumbling.  Even better than I just was.

That's so unfair.   I'm the one who is suffering here.
No one knows my pain.

It's so hard to be here without Mladen to
hold my hand and tell me how special I am.

Then the contestants are driven to a construction sight where they have to wear hard hats, and they meet Megan and Alex, who are too cool to wear said hats.
Megan Gale blows a whistle while Alex Perry laments his clothes shrank in the wash.  Suddenly out come a bunch of construction workers and the competitors realize it's a menswear challenge!  Tristan gets to pick his client, because he won the last challenge, and then he gets to assign the others their clients.  Except for Cristina, who gets the guy she wants, we don't see anyone get mismatched, or get what they want.  Is Cristina getting the Winner/Loser Edit?

With 10 hours and $140 (Aus) the nine designers are to create an outfit for a tradie, meaning a tradesman, or construction worker.  It is to be fashion forward, but it is to please the client as well.  Or, as Mr Perry states, it is to be "on trend, suitable for a night out on the town.  The client MUST be happy."

The main things you need to know are that Jordan's background IS menswear, so he ought to do well.  In fact, he ends up giving advice to several of his cohorts (solicited?)   Mentor Alex Perry is still unable to wear clothing that fits.   I still want him to pick on the designers for fit issues.  He also still cannot remove the glasses off of his head to either use them for his eyes, or to put them away.   Keep him in prayer, won't you?  Lastly, during a client fitting, Alex Perry thinks that the designers didn't listen well enough, or ask the right questions, so he brings the clients back after telling them to ASK, not TELL them what they think.  Wait, was he just giving them a second chance?   Ah, NICE Mr. Perry came to work today.

What do you think Savva?
Should we make blouses or shirts?

Ha. Ha.   Watch your back, William.

How did they all make out?

Yes, please, we ALL want to know.










The judges kept all nine out on the runway for Q&A.   William's client asked for a leather jacket, and he got it, so he had a killer runway walk, and the judges noticed.  Alexandra's client was happy with his look, but she made an excuse for the poor hem on the top, stating it should be laser cut in a factory.  The judges ripped on Sasha-Rose's client's outfit, the proportions were so off, it looked like women's wear on a guy.   Peter Morrissey states he will be laughed at.  Savva's entry is solid, they like the details of the shirt, but complain of the length of the sleeves.  Jordan's jeans are a knock out, but the jacket is a mess.  Leah knocked out 4 pieces, and while they fit, the shoulders were too big.    Some judges were impressed, some wanted her to do 3 better than 4 not so good.  Jamie's look for his client was fashion forward, but not very appropriate (too feminine) for his client.  Tristan, in addition to Jamie, just put his own style on his client, but somehow the judges enjoyed it on the model.  The judges love Cristina's use of various blacks, but my file is a mess and I can't really make heads or tails of it.  Most of the others, I can see what they are talking about, but I can barely make anything out but the silhouette, and that there are long pieces hanging out of the sleeves on Cristina's, which reminds me of Althea's finale collection (s6.)  Oh, to be able to SEE what they are talking about!

After deliberation, the judges call out safe William, Savva and Jordan.  Top three are Leah, Tristan and Cristina, while bottom dwellers are Jamie, Alexandra and Sasha-Rose.

Cristina is the winner!
All that worrying for nothing, eh?

Sasha-Rose was sent home for not
making something appropriate for the
client, and not fitting the client either.

It was hard to tell whether Sasha-Rose or Alexandra would go home, but, at least Alexandra's pieces sort of, kind of fit.  

So, Project Runway Australia seems to be consistently getting it right.   Thank GOD.  Just like last year, PRA is getting the judging right, while PR & PRAS aren't.  

So, do you think anyone WILL win three times and automatically get to the finale?  Who are your favorites?   I suspect that Alexandra will be leaving soon.  Jordan is my pick for leaving next.   He makes killer pants, but that's it.  What happens if he HAS to make an evening gown?


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