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PR Australia s4e6 • 12 November 2012

Last week on PRA, the contestants were inspired by a trip to the museum.
 Team Dragonfly beat out Team Savva.

Jamie was the individual winner, while Alexandra was sent packing.

I was none too pleased about it, let me tell ya.

Before they even get to the runway, we spend 45 minutes with William exposing how he has to up his game, we meet his extended family, get his entire life history, hear how he is battling cancer, well, not quite, but almost.  You know what that means folks, it's the Winner/Loser Edit.   William is either winning this next challenge or getting kicked out.   It's a lock!  He was in the bottom two the first week, but has been safely in the middle ever since.  Which way do you think it will play?
Jordan and William bond over conspiring to trip up Leah in the competition.
1.  Jordan, stay away from William!
He's got the Winner/Loser Edit this week,
and you don't even know WHICH one it is yet.
YOU have been in the bottom so frequently, you
can NOT afford to be near any kind of Loser Edit.
2.  How wise is it to state you're going to do
something unethical ON CAMERA?
Or, was that William's attempt at humor? 

I am going to have to up my game if I'm to wreak havoc and go undetected.


When the seven remaining contestants meet host Megan Gale on the runway, she states that they will have to change gears and kick their design skills into overdrive.  Oh, no, not another car parts challenge, huh?   Yes, I should just be glad that they let Megan Gale in on the delivery of the challenge.  Thank you, Fremantle.

The designers meet up with too-cool-to-tuck-in-his-shirt Alex Perry over at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, plus three Kia Rios.  Sadly, they aren't Aardman talking Kia Rios.  Oh, damn, it really IS a car parts challenge, again.  We lost Keith Bryce on the 1st car parts challenge.

I'm sure he's stopped crying by NOW.

Why doesn't anyone remember that I left on a car challenge?

Honey, we barely remember who you are.  =op

Really, the heartbreaking elimination was on THIS car parts challenge.

Don't even get me started on Rio. 

Alright, Mr. Perry, just tell us it's another car parts challenge.

Alex states that they are to create a "showstopping look featuring volume and curves."   They will have 11 hours to complete their outfits, but only five minutes to grab materials from the back of the vehicles. 

Thank GOD there was a twist — they held recycling (shopping) bags, not car parts!  Woo-hoo!  It's almost fresh.   Since Jamie won last week's challenge, he gets to pick from some nicer bags in the glove compartments as well. 

All this time I'm yelling at the TV:  Hey!  You're taking too much!  They're gonna make you use EVERYTHING.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Jamie was wise to grab a boatload of bags.

Oh, EVERYBODY has a lot, not just me.

And then the unbelievable happened.  I gained respect for Mr. Alex Perry.

Hey, Tristan, how are you feeling about getting national
exposure for your designing talent on TV?

Sh** !!   I deserve so much better!
Don't they KNOW who I AM?

Me, too.

A bad designer blames his tools.

Or tilts his head like a dog, eh?

 You can't even iron this CRAP.

You "people" are LUCKY to be working with plastic recycled bags and
not with tissue paper, or even genuine literal crap.  Shut up, and do your job.
Your future employers and customers are watching your behavior.

Pretty much the only other thing you need to know is, Leah is told by William and Alex that her current look refers to her 2nd challenge look too much.   She shuns their words.   Yeah, ignore the mentor.  He has no more experience or brains than you do, Leah.

So, how do they make out on the runway? 








The judges keep all seven out while they critique.

 The judges adore Jordan's work.  Megan thinks it is his
best work of the season.  Guest judge Glynis Traill-Nash
states it is the coolest look up on the runway. 

 While they didn't like the shoulder pads, otherwise the
judges liked the outfit that Tristan put together.

(They LIKED your work?)

The judges ripped on Leah for copying her "Reject Shop" look.
The guest judge, who hadn't seen the prior look, did like it, though.

Claudia Navone was incredulous that Jamie put the extra
volume on her hips and Megan Gale was surprised
he treated the upper frontals in such a strange manner.

The judges loved the avant-garde nature of Cristina's look,
even if it was a difficult silhouette.  They raved over the
top, and appreciated the origami bottom, even if it
wasn't quite the right proportion. 

 The judges went for blood with Savva's 1980's inspired outfit.
The problem?  He thought it was fashion-forward.

The only part they liked was the Christopher Stroub-like
petal undies, which one wouldn't see normally.

When asked if he ran out of time, he told the truth,
that he had had hours to spare.

The judges adored the work William did this week.
Yes, I guess it fit the brief.
Oh, and you can't fight the Winner Edit, right?

William wins it!


Savva is eliminated for being too Eighties.

I'm never good enough!
I've been at this for 25 years.
That's it, I quit. 


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