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Face Off s3e11&e12 • Immortal Enemies & Live Finale • 30 & 31 October 2012

Last time on Face Off, the four remaining make up artists chose fake crime scenes as inspiration for a Grimm character, someone who transitions from human to another creature.   Laura won for her Insectoid, while Roy was sent home for his Snake that was covered in clothing and a bad wig.

It's morning in L.A., and, after a bit of Skyping with a loved one (to put them off their game?) the contestants are brought to the work room to be explained their final challenge.  It was quite simple in concept, yes?

 We blew them away with these awesome graphics.  Big monitors rock!

The way it was given to them was as follows:  In celebration of the live voting for the winner on Halloween, create a demon, and also create a good witch inspired by one of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water.)    Then the eliminated contestants are brought back to help.  Ah, the twist!  Do you pick someone who was good, but recently eliminated, and might have a bit of jealousy that you are still competing and he isn't?  Or, do you pick someone who left so early that they will be all smiles, just happy to have been picked or remembered?

Nicole is up first, and picks Roy.
Laura quietly beams.
Derek thinks, "Really?  You're giving the win to one of US?"

Be careful, Nicole!

Nicole chooses Roy and Sarah, Laura picks hurt wrist Rod and Tommy, and Derek selects his fraternal twin Eric and Jason.   Derek stands a chance at this after all, eh?

Pretty soon, Nicole is confiding to Sarah that she is all stressed over Roy's horrible attitude, having just been eliminated in the prior challenge, but now having to work for her, to help her win.  Sour grapes?  You bet!

Can Nicole overcome Roy's grumbling?

Did you ever see this sort of thing?
All I can think of is ...

Roy, I believe you, but I don't believe you.
Shut your mouth and put a smile on your face.
Don't you want to get hired by someone watching the show some day?
You are burning bridges, mister, don't ya think?

Not to get TOO sidetracked, but where were you before this episode started?  Laura had never been in the bottom.  Derek had been all over the place with regularity, meaning he could deliver crap or brilliance at any point in the competition.  Nicole was eliminated in, what, episode 4, brought back in episode 7, and has been the best ever since, very determined & strong, winning a majority of the remaining challenges.    Surely the public will vote with their hearts, yes?  Or will they merely vote on the work of this last challenge?  None of the 3 remaining contestants come off as jerks, so I think that their personalities won't come into play here.  Yet, do you root for the underdog who needed a second chance, or do you go for the consistent one?  What if Derek is able to focus and present a work that is clearly better than the others?  All this is playing in my head while we watch, and I'm thinking, "Oh, God, just let the voting match what the work is."

Because this is the end of the season, not the beginning, for the most part their work is excellent.  So, you can just pick out the few mistakes and call it a day.  What we can glean is that on Derek's the model's eyes/eye area and his real teeth are visible, when they shouldn't be.  This is an obvious, a glaring mistake.   Yes, Derek is the one who created the jaw that practically fell to the ground a few challenges ago.  As for Laura, the judges are impressed, but they aren't sure that the witch and demon live in the same world.  That makes sense, I guess.  So, I'm rooting for Nicole, but I'll be alright with a Laura win.  And so, I'm at peace, the work matched the work of the season.    I was fearful Derek would pull an upset, but it didn't happen.  Now I'm on pins & needles to see how the country voted.

Oh, and Tommy (Team Laura) accidentally knocks over Roy's (Team Nicole) staff for the water witch.  I guess all witches have staves?    Nicole's would have been the most elaborate, in my opinion.  She decides not to use the broken piece, rightly so.

So, how did it go?  Let's take a gander:

Laura Tyler
ORLANDO, FL  •  28

Nicole Chilelli

Derek Garcia
MIAMI, FL  •  32

 So, how did you vote?

Help me out, why was this so briefly and poorly explained?
All I learned was that the poor girl won some competition.
Oh, and that they couldn't be bothered to light her.
Oh, and if one should ever compete on Face Off,
dye the head hair magenta,  It's de rigueur.

For the live finale, we get some unseen footage of various contestants being their silly selves, we learn how some of them have advanced in the business and we get some viewers' questions posed by host McKenzie Westmore.  No real surprises.  Ve Neill is off working on the next Hunger Games film, so she only has a short videos message at the end (10 seconds?) but otherwise it's pretty much what we anticipated.

I'm sorry I can't come to the show right now.
We're trying to film the sequel to The Hunger Games in
Hurricane Sandy but the storm keeps moving on us
It's just another day in show business.

Thank GOD, the right person won, Nicole.

 Congratulations, Nicole!
You won the prizes, and you won our hearts.

No fear, another Face Off cycle begins in January!  Woo-hoo!


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