Friday, November 30, 2012

PR s11 News!

I'm currently working on a ''Meet the RPDR s5 Contestants,'' and the latest episode recaps for PR All-Stars and PR Australia.  So, I was looking over at, trying to see if their pics are any better than mine, for the PR All-Stars recap, and what did I see over on the Lifetime website?

Thursday, January 24, 2013, the new season starts! 

I know what you're thinking.  I am, too.  Let's do some math.

 Because math makes EVERYTHING better!

Fashion Week is February 7-14, 2013.   Casting seems to have taken place back in September.  Perhaps filming was in October?  If it starts airing on January 24th ... uh-oh!   They only have two episodes before Fashion Week starts!  That means that 14 of the 16 (if they have a typical 16) contestants will show at Fashion Week. 

What the ????

Isn't this going just a BIT too far?  Do you really trust that they did something ELSE?

I'm ready for an Austin Scarlett deep sigh.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RPDR All-Stars e6 • 26 November 2012

Last week on RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars Team Shad won the Dynamic Drag Duo challenge.  They get to become comic book characters.  (They weren't already?)  This put Jujubee and Raven against each other.  Ru couldn't decide whom to eliminate, as each appeared to have done equally, so they ALL advanced to the final challenge.  Top four, woo-hoo!

It's morning in the pink workroom, and Shannel is thinking the main challenge will be a video, as it has been for the prior seasons.  Nope, it's a triple-threat!

RuPaul tells them that they are to meet with celebrity journalist Mark Malkin, then they will be whisked over to a yet-to-be-revealed location for a public appearane (Hamburger Mary's) and then to The Comedy Store where they will perform stand-up.  They are expected to have a different look for each event, and they will change in the 'drag-mobile.'  These are tasks that each should excel in.    Don't you love it when the drag stars SHINE?

Cheri Oteri (formerly of SNL) coaches them in writing and performing their stand up routines.  We see each contestant show potential in the coaching session, so it's hard to know what to expect.

When they are sent off to their celebrity mass interview, we get a glimpse of two former contestants OUT of drag.   Hey, that's not fair.  They look fine, but Delta Work and Ongina are STELLAR in drag.  We were ripped off, folks.   Boo.

Did I miss something?  When did Converse become work attire?  So much for me to learn.  I swear, some days I don't think I'm ready to be 18 (again.)

Doesn't Jujubee seem confused about what to do with her legs?

Shannel overpowers the others at the interview, but only Jujubee seems to suffer because of it.  The way Ru explained this portion of the challenge, Shannel might actually WIN this part.  They were to stand out.   Monopolizing the conversation, well, that does help one stand out.

The all-stars accept keys to the city and talk about getting a burger named after them at their next stop.  Each seems to do extremely well.  So, at this point, Jujubee might be 4th out of 4, but that is all I can tell so far.

Then they are sent over to The Comedy Store.  As expected, each nails it.  Jujubee is exceptionally funny.   Will it be enough to make up for the interview mess up?

Let's take a last look at them before we get into the judging:




Chad Michaels

The judges were pretty much what you might expect, they are all so talented, how will we ever decide, blah, blah, blah.  Then the strangest thing happened:

Santino and Michelle have been replaced by pods.
They didn't "know" who Chad was last season.
Suddenly they do now.
She was too professional or polished
last time around, so much so that she couldn't
get out of her box (of competence?)
but now she has grown so much?

Is this Michelle Visage?

Is this?

How about this?

Oh, puh-leeze.  Chad is just as awesome as she ever was.  She hasn't exponentially grown.  She has merely been uber-wonderful, just like she was last season.  Does she deserve the win?  You bet.  Did the judges have to say that she has grown tremendously?  I don't think so.  It sure doesn't ring as true.

Sorry, I got ahead of myself.  Shannel and Jujubee are set free, but I couldn't tell who was #4 and #3, but wikipedia has them each at the # they placed at their original seasons.  Isn't that cute?  Then Raven lip synchs against Chad for the win, and they both seem to do alright.  Raven places #2, which is just how she did last time out for her.  Oy, the poor girl.

Before this All-Stars season started, I wanted Nina Flowers, Manila Luzon and Chad Michaels in the top 3.  I didn't know who I wanted to win.   One of them won, so I will have to count my blessings.  Oh, plus the obvious, that all top four did very well this time around.  Shannel didn't self-evicerate, and Jujubee did well on the stand-up.

I will do a 'meet the contestants' for season five soon.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

PR Australia s4e7 • 19 November 2012

Last week on PRA, the contestants were challenged to make outfits from recycle (shopping) bags, featuring volume and circles.  

 William nailed the brief and won.

Savva was set free to whine about his place in this world.

1991 called, but they don't want you back, beautiful though you may be.

Savva was a bit melodramatic, but he is
somehow finding the strength to carry on.

So, the designers meet up with Megan on the runway, where they are told that they will be designing outfits for one of the biggest days ever.
Wait a minute ... is Cristina being influenced by Mila Hermanovski?  Or is it just that they each appreciate the avant garde color block aesthetic?  Or, did she purchase a Mila garment?

Damn, I want Mila back.

Of course you do, honey.
Everyone does.

So, they enter this building, but not everyone knows what it is.
 Jamie is all excited, he thinks it's a nursing home and they will be designing for:

Nursing Home Couture?


Maybe next week.  This week, Mr. Perry welcomes them to the "stunning boutique reception venue quote quota."  What?  Maybe he said, "Quad Quada?" "Al Qaeda?"

 I'm sorry, Alex, I can't understand what you are saying.
Where are you?  And, WHY are there sunglasses
embedded into your skull?

Now all I can think of is THIS:

No, that's not Suede Baum when he was cool, er, young.  It's TV talk show favorite of the 1990s, Joe Mimard.  Now, HIS name I could find, but the locale for Alex boasting the current challenge, I could not.

At any rate, Alex informs them that they will have one day and $1,000 to make prom dresses for six lovely young ladies.
Wait, $1,000 EACH?

No, of course not.

William (winner of last week's challenge) gets to choose
which designer gets which amount of money.

William, of course, gives Leah the lowest amount that he can.
Leah interviews that she doesn't understand.
The melodrama continues, eh?

The clients get to choose corsages, and each has a designer's name on its underside.

After they are paired up with their monies and clients, the designers sketch with the clients.  Then they shop with the clients.

Was that to throw them off of their game?  To give the clients more TV time?  To create friction?  Oh, who knows.  It was mostly unnecessary.  Like sunglasses on your head, at night.

Don't even.

Don't expect a beautiful garment.  William wouldn't give me any money.

So, they get back to the work room and Jordan is especially freaked out that they moved all of their work tables into one big table.  I'm sure that it is easier for the camera people, yes?  The main things you need to know are that Cristina thought she and her client were the same exact size even the model is nearly a foot taller.  Yeah, and white chocolate is chocolate.

Oh, and William's fabric changed color when he got back to the workroom.

Hey, it happens.

William, sadly, thought that that meant he had to abandon it, and use the lining as the outer fabric.  Sound like a recipe for disaster.

I know (disasters.)

Hey, I just noticed something.  During the intro to the show this season, the following four designers are the only ones who get to speak:  Cristina, Jamie, Leah and Tristan.   They are in the top six.  Do you think they did the intro AFTER they filmed the challenges, and just had the top four speak?  Hmmm ..

Let's see how they did:







So, how did they make out?

The judges were underwhelmed by Jordan's work, that it was too easy and simple.   The judges LOVED the orange color of Leah's dress.  They liked the cut outs,  which weren't too much in their eyes.  Okay ... it's for a teenager, please.  The judges rightly ripped on William for the puckering mess, and for using the lining for the dress, instead of the original fabric he had chosen.  Claudia Navone hated the neck treatment the most.   Megan did like the design that Cristina did, she only faulted the construction.  Peter Morrissey complained that time management was an issue for her every single time.    Jamie's was a mixed bag, the front was too bulky, and the hem at the feet was crazy bad.  They did like the back, though.  Tristan's color palate was praised, but the train needed to be even longer, according to Claudia.   Megan thought the fit was off, but a beautiful design.

Here's how they placed:

1. Leah (win #2 for her!) (all the others have had one win each.)
2. Tristan
No #3, as there was a tie for 4th
4. Cristina & Jamie were tied, but the judges deliberation showed that they were in the bottom, not the top.
5. Jordan
6. William

We say goodbye to William, who has said in the past that he is all about designing and NOT about execution.  Look, mister, they are BOTH important.  People want to wear clothing that has good design AND is well made.  We're worthy of each.

Of the designers left, Tristan is the only one who has never been in the bottom.  Leah and Cristina have been there each once only.  Jamie was there three times, and Jordan four times.  I had to double check, for seven challenges I would have thought he had been in the bottom twelve times already.

Who, at this point, do you want to see a final collection from?  It isn't likely, but I really would LOVE to see one from Jordan.    I assume Tristan and Leah are a lock for the final, with Jamie and Cristina vying for spot #3.  Yeah, I assume Jordan will be eliminated next week.  I have NO idea what the challenge will be, but it's unlikely he will push his designs while he is fearful about the time constraints.  (Yet, when he dares to push, I LOVE what he does.)  I guess I want Cristina and Jordan in the finals, and perhaps Tristan.  I want to be wowed by ideas, I don't want them to play it safe.  I can go to my local stores for safe.

Did you think William allocated the money correctly?  When he had his meltdown, were you screaming at your TV, too?  He had 3 hours left that night, and 1-2 hours left the next morning.  Shouldn't he have started over with the original fabric?

Upon rereading all that, it sure seems like I'm bitter about this season.  I'm not.  I'm grateful to be seeing it.  What a blessing PRA has been this year.  I always appreciate them not telling me who the winner and eliminated designer will be in the first two minutes.  PR USA seems to have to say who it is right away, which is a shame to me.  I want the Fashion Olympics, not a story arc for The Real World.   You know what I mean, more of 'live' coverage, or a documentary, and less of a written plot that they must fulfill (s9!)  Well, Christmas is coming, I an always (delusionally) hope, eh?