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PRs10e14 • Finale Part 2 • 18 October 2012

Last week on PR Tim visited the final four as they had a whopping 5 weeks and $9,000 to create a 10 look collection.  When they came back, they showed a mini-collection of 3 looks and the judges were disappointed in each of them.  At the end of the day, each was moved forward, so all four will show and compete at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week.  We know from scouring the 'net that all top eight designers showed, #s 8-5 as decoys, evidently.  Elena's seemed the best of the bunch, although I will say that Gunnar at least tried to do something different from his normal aesthetic.

So there are two more days and dapper Tim comes in.  What will he say?
Designerssss!   I had my nails done and I just had to share about it with you.

Fabio starts to interview something, but all I can see is ... well
I don't know, Fabio looks more and more like Neptune every day.

Tim gives them 30 minutes and $300 at Mood.  No extra challenge, it's just that they all were so bad, meaning, CHRISTOPHER "The Chosen One" wasn't going to win at this point (see Anya, s9) and that just HAD to be rectified.    Now, to be fair, each designer had been told where they were weak, and each took the judges words seriously.  That's nice to see.  Before we see how it all played out, let's take a look at a few random moments ....

Christopher,  you seem to have enjoyed being the teacher's pet 
just a bit too much this year.  I'm back on team Gunnar now.
FYI, if Nina has a problem with your collection, she is
probably correct.  Your collection is probably lacking.
Oh, and probably means definitely.

WTH?  You must love me!

Was this scratch a bit of foreshadowing?

Was Swatch anointing the winner? 

I realized Christopher was The Designer Formerly Known As The Chosen One
(TDFKATCO) when Dmitry stated he was going to edit something out of his collection
and Christopher asked for the items to be thrown his way.   Ha!

What the hell are you looking at ME for?
You're giving me a tension headache.
And why do I have to wear a shirt
designed by Kenley Collins?

Project Runway debuted on December 1, 2004.  Why does Heidi Klum think that season 10 means that this is the 10th year anniversary?  Now, if we had had one season a year, then it would be, but we did not have one season per year, plus, we had a non year season (all-stars.)  
I guess math was never her forte.

Christopher Palu

Melissa Fleis

Dmitry Sholokhov
Is anyone else craving imitation banana flavored Italian ice?

 Fabio Costa
How about imitation blue raspberry Italian ice?

This was fairly easy.  Christopher's dark blue jacket (#5) didn't seem to fit in, and his gown (#10) didn't seem to fit in or be finished.  I'm not even talking about the work he did at the last minute when a model damaged a lower portion of the dress.  Pretend that didn't happen and that that wasn't an issue.

Forget the bottom, the lining up of the deconstructed sections is what bothered me.

What I mean is, when you play with deconstruction, you have to make sure everything looks like it was done on purpose, not because you forgot or you didn't catch it.    Or, when you go the deconstructed route, you run the risk of looking like you didn't know what you were doing or, that you made a mistake.  Or, there's a reason why you went from being CHRISTOPHER "The Chosen One" to #4.   To all future PR contestants:  What makes you think you can deconstruct your way to the top?

Also, Melissa, what part of your model walking in look #7 made sense to you?   People like to walk in the clothes they wear.   You earned your #3 spot.

Don't even look at me!

So, we are looking at Fabio and Dmitry, and each improved from their mini-collection showing.  Jennifer Hudson mentions to the others that Dmitry is going to be fine whether he wins or loses.  Fabio needs to win, though, because his aesthetic or niche is too narrow.  Shouldn't we merely be rewarding the better designer, regardless of how wacky or normal they are?

 Dmitry, you are the winner!

Fabio, we are crying for and with you.
You listened to Tim and the judges.  You grew.
You made your collection MUCH more sophisticated.
You deserved to win, just like Dmitry deserved to win
for making his collection much more youthful.  We do
love you.  We still wanna take you to the barber, though.

All I can say for sure is, this isn't a travesty like season 8, and, well, at least, both #1 and #2 could sew sleeves.  In that sense, we, the viewers have a victory.    I am proud that Dmitry won and that Fabio had a kick-ass #2 placement.

Now all I have to do is worry that Ivy Higa and Joshua McKinley don't win All-Stars.  I understand Suede no longer refers to himself in the third person (from one of the commercials.)   Thank you for that, Jesus!  


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