Friday, October 12, 2012

PRs10e13 • Finale Part 1 • 11 October 2012

First off, relax.  I've got a plan.  Why don't you take this spoon

and some Better Than ### peanut butter
(Although, in my world, it's not an either/or situation)

We are starting off with some food therapy.  If you don't like White Chocolate Wonderful, there is always Dark Chocolate Dreams.   Have the whole jar.  I have my own, and plenty in the pantry.  They are $3.74 at Walmart.  Life is too short to be cranky.  Make the investment.  Be happy.

Now as to the sorry state of PR?  Again, relax.  I've got it covered.

MIKE HOLMES:  I keep getting all these complaints e-mailed to me, even though they are for Bunim-Murray and Lifetime, but, ya know? — I'm going to take care of it.  The North American people have suffered with an inferior product for too many seasons and it's time enough that we set things right.  We're going to make Project Runway run on all eight cylinders all the time; we're going to make it run well.

I've assembled a team of professionals I believe you'll approve of, and you'll certainly agree with the changes we'll make.

First off, we need 3 competing at the finale, and, because there is precedence, one decoy.   There's no need to be handing out collections at Fashion Week to every third person that tries out for the show.  Let the prize of showing MEAN something.

How about upping the prize money to $200,000?  We want a high caliber of contestant auditioning.  That you have to beg people like Raul and Danielle to audition, only to auf them early, speaks volumes for the show, and for problems in more than one area.

Next, while it's alright to have famous fashion people as a guest judge, should such a person not be available, do NOT use a 'mere' actor.  Use someone from the fashion world, preferably an expert of some sort.   We do not need celebritards of ill repute filling the chair, we need those who have a skill set that is higher than the contestants — each week, that is, not just SOMEtimes.  Or, at least use a down on his luck former PR contestant who was adored and excelled on the show.

If season 8, 9 and 10 have taught us anything, it's that anything less than 2 months isn't enough time for a contestant to get his collection together.  Also, if Tim Gunn is going to have a visit, and he has advice to offer, perchance the contestant will need TIME to make any changes suggested?  Either that, or bring along Barbara Eden to fold her arms and blink them into being, eh?

Now cut that out!
There's way more to me than IDOJ

Finally, we're going to eliminate Heidi, Michael, Nina and Bunim/Murray.  I know that the urge to leave Lifetime is strong, but the truth is that Lifetime has promoted Project Runway heavily over the last four years / five seasons.  The Real World: Parsons has to end.    Project Runway doesn't have to.

I understand that the entire cast of season one of PR Australia is available.  

Oh, as to the episode, we started with four, they showed 3 looks from their finale collections to determine which 3 would actually compete for the prize and title.  Heidi, Michael and Nina couldn't actually do their job, so the four are all still competing.  In fairness, the work seemed a bit underwhelming.  I am SO curious as to what would have happened if they had had 3 months or 6 months.

Dmitry Sholokhov

Christopher Palu

Fabio Costa

Melissa Fleis

Hit & miss for all of them.  I do like that Christopher used the x-ray as a print.  I don't like how he used it.  So, he doesn't come out ahead with that.

Forgetting what we've seen, and just judging on the three looks, Christopher was the worst.  They're just not letting the chosen one get eliminated.

What?  Just give me my pre-ordained tiara already.

Oh, and, Mike?

MIKE HOLMES:  Yes, Gianni?

GIANNI RUBINO:  Why is Tim dressing in costume like he's 'Dandy' Patrick McDonald from Launch My Line.

PATRICK McDONALD:  First, I wouldn't wear such a garish outfit for a billion dollars, not even for charity.  Second, don't be fooled by the last name.  One doesn't wear red and yellow like that unless one's name is RONALD McDonald, and he wishes to send a message.  But, what message is Mr. Gunn trying to send, do you think?

TIM GUNN:  Save me from this awful show!

GIANNI RUBINO:  Oh, and Mike?

MIKE HOLMES:  What are YOU still doing here?

GIANNI RUBINO:  Um, it's my blog?

MIKE HOLMES:  You may continue.

GIANNI RUBINO:  What is the name of "Bicep Man," also known as "Mustache Man," one of the many adorable L'Oreal men?

MIKE HOLMES:  Don't you think that that is his strategy for anonymity when PR finally goes under?   That way he won't have to go down with the ship.

GIANNI RUBINO:  You just don't KNOW his name.

MIKE HOLMES:  Well ...



  1. Mike Holmes and Patrick McDonald. I am in reader heaven!

  2. Happy to oblige. =o)

    Now to get Mike Holmes to actually retool the show.