Monday, October 1, 2012

Project Runway Australia Season Four (PRAs4)
Premiers Next Monday
October 8, 2012

Lifted right off of the Arena TV press release ...

Mladen, 43
Western Australia
At 43 years of age Mladen is determined to show that he’s still got what it takes to make it in the world of fashion.  Mladen is a Bespoke Designer who enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques. Recently launching his menswear label "Glytch," his evocative twist on urban menswear is an open invitation to celebrate the perfection of the imperfect.   From Busselton in WA, Mladen is married with three children working as a freelance Gerber CAD Pattern Grader. He has a Diploma in Men’s tailoring and an Associate Diploma in Fashion. He also teaches pattern making at TAFE and University.  Mladen’s strengths are his strong pattern making skills and his unique approach to using fabric and trims.

Sorry, all I can see is Chris Elliott.  I'd call him the token straight, but there's more than one this season.  That's to make up for none last season, right?  My heart already belongs to token straight Brent from season 1, so Chris, er, Mladen (is the M silent?  Must Google.  I *think* we pronounce it, maybe m'LAYdn?) will be flying without my inordinate support.  Somehow he will trudge along.

Savva, 40
At 40 years of age, Savva is one of the most experienced designers in the competition this season. With over 25 years working in the fashion industry he has launched two labels and now designs for his own boutique fashion store in Brisbane.  Married with a six-year old daughter, Savva has left his family behind in Brisbane to take his fashion career to the next level.  Savva describes his designs as wearable avant-garde women’s wear for those who like to stand out in a crowd.  Inspired by designers such as Karl Lagerfield, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, Savva’s strengths are his speed, attention to detail, creativity and fit.

Read that last sentence.  Isn't that EXACTLY what one needs for the show?  Were that the truth, he'd be top 3 for sure.  So, this season will be a test of whether he can live up to his bio.  Good luck, Savva.  Oh, God, I'm rooting for another straight guy.  Oy vey! 

William, 39
New South Wales  

Originally from San Francisco, CA, USA, William moved to Sydney 12 years ago.  He has a BA Design Certificate IV Costume and Diploma of Fashion which he completed last year.  William spent 8 years working for a telecommunications company in sales and marketing and has swapped the corporate suit & tie and turned his attention to a career in fashion.  William designs edgy, cool, urban clothes and enjoys working with unconventional materials, color blocking and in keeping with his history of costume design incorporating theatrical elements.

I'm so sorry, William, all I can see is:

"At least MY eyes WORK, Gianni."
Okay Shannen, point taken.
Although, the prosthetic eye works.
People usually have to be told it's a fake.

Tristan, 31

Hailing from the UK Tristan has studied extensively and has a BA in Fashion Design from London University.  Tristan is currently employed as a Fashion Designer for a well known Australian brand, the company that brought him to Australia three years ago.  With an already established career in fashion, Tristan’s area of expertise is his strong work ethic and his ability to fit and design for all shapes and sizes.  Tristan’s designs are sophisticated, edgy, glamorous and sexy for the strong confident woman and his future ambition is to launch his own fashion label.

Alexandra, 27
After studying Fashion Design at the Canberra Institute of Technology for two years, Alexandra is women’s ready-to-wear designer keen to pursue a career in fashion.  Drawing inspiration from Jane Birkin, Lauren Hutton and Grace Kelly, Alex’s passion is to design sleek, sophisticated and chic clothing and accessories for the everyday woman.  Designers Alex admires are Stella McCartney and Valentino and believes her strengths are design, proportion and style. Classic, effortless and chic designs interpreted by individual style.  Alex would love to launch her own label and introduce her design aesthetic to the fashion world.

Leah, 25 
New South Wales 

Graduating from the Sydney Institute of Design in 2007 with an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design, Leah aims to have her own successful bridal and evening wear business.  Since graduating Leah has worked for some of Australia's leading Bridal and red carpet brands honing her pattern making, construction and design skills.  Leah has already had a taste of the celebrity limelight with actress Emma Booth wearing one of her designs on the red carpet at the 2012 Logie Awards.  Designers Leah admires are Riccardo Tisci, Stephane Rolland and Alexander McQueen.

Huh?  That hairstyle reads as professional?  Geez, to me it comes off as unable to keep up with 'quickly' growing roots.  That can't bode well for a reality show where time is of the essence.  Perhaps a hat would be in order?  Or a wig?  I'm scared for Leah, and a world where inattention to detail is rewarded with a ticket home.

Sasha-Rose, 24
New South Wales
Born in Western Australia and growing up in the small town of Denmark WA, Sasha-Rose moved to Sydney to embark on a career in fashion.  After graduating from East Sydney TAFE in 2008 with a Fashion Design Diploma, she set about starting her own fashion label “Sasha-Rose” and launched her first collection earlier this year.  Sasha-Rose’s designs are influenced by vintage 1940’s tailoring, her grandparents and op-shops. Her incredibly sleek collection embodies masculine form whilst oozing sex appeal.  Sasha-Rose has aspirations to have a flagship store in Indonesia and to sell her label internationally.

You'll have to take my word for it.  There was some day event circa 1994, and Sara Gilbert came out looking like her, only in black.  So, I'm calling Sasha-Fierce, er, Rose "Albino Sara Gilbert."

She's only going to design in white, isn't she?

Natashya, 22
Graduating from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane last year with a Bachelor Fine Arts (Fashion) and Bachelor of Business (Advertising), Natashya wasted no time in making good use of her double major degrees.  In partnership with her mother Kim, Natashya is the creative director of two stores - Miss Manfield and Mr Manfield in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. They are currently producing a Miss Manfield and Mr Manfield line designed and sampled in house, as well as local and international designers.   Natashya loves to play with print and color, working bold fabrications into clean and feminine silhouettes. Always inspired by the past her strengths are in her ability to make nostalgia look and feel modern.  As a designer and entrepreneur, Natashya loves mixing business and fashion and her vision extends into a brand that she plans to represent Australian fashion internationally.

Sorry, Natashya, every time I see your face, I imagine you are getting ready to shoot an arrow, or a movie.  Go easy on me.

Natalie, 22
New South Wales  

Recently graduating with a Bachelor of Fashion Design from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney, Natalie is an aspiring Women’s ready-to-wear designer.  With a strong passion for styling Natalie loves working with printed fabrics, bold colors, layers and accessories taking inspiration from tribal and Japanese fashion.  Natalie has an interest in fashion buying and styling and one day hopes to have her own fashion label.

Jordan, 22
Jordan has recently completed a Bachelor of Design in Fashion at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Melbourne.  A menswear designer who describes his design aesthetic as elegant European meets modern rock; Jordan’s strengths are his pattern making skills and fabric manipulation.  Currently working as a cocktail barman and part of the design team for his mother Gabrielle’s label ‘Collecting Pretty Boys’, Jordan has also completed work experience at Quicksilver and Scanlan & Theodore.  Designers Jordan admires are Yohji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Rag & Bone.

As Miss Doherty so politely pointed out earlier, I do not have the best of vision, so, perhaps I don't see it accurately.  Does Jordan have a little bit of blue in the front of his hair?  Now all I can think of is that he's the brother of Betsy, er, Becky Ross.  I'm ready to beat up Joshua for you, Jordan.  I've got your back.  You stay and design your heart out.   We all love and affirm you.

 You don't have to be my brother to be my brother in fashion.
Or, something like that.

Jamie, 22
New South Wales  

Jamie is a high end women’s ready-to-wear designer and has completed a Diploma in Fashion Design.  His design style draws influence from modernism with tailored, edgy, clean lines, sexy yet masculine for the modern woman.   As a former interior designer he is making the seamless transition from designing spaces to designing original garments with strong functionality and attention to detail.  With his own self titled fashion label ‘Jamie Ashkar’, Jamie would one day like to take his label globally and have his own international fashion house.

I'd say, "Back off, he's mine!" but, well, distance, age, finances, brains, gender and orientation preclude that from happening.   Jamie Ashkar ... gee, all I'm coming up with is Jeff & Akbar.
Do we like Australians?
You certainly had your eye on Greg from season 2 of The Biggest Loser Australia.
Oh, that's right.  Why am I still with you?
He was straight.
I could bring hm around.  I could set him free.

Cristina, 22

Making a very brave decision to quit her job as a milliner with Marianna Hardwick to be part of Project Runway Australia, Christina is very determined to make it big in the world of fashion.  Christina completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) at RMIT with first class honors and describes her design aesthetic as underground, experimental and avant-garde.  She specialises in constructing garments through non-conventional techniques.  Designers Christina admires include; Hussein Chalayan, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Maison Martin Margiela.

Hmmm ... all I see is someone's hairstyle from 1972:

As soon as I saw Cristina's pic, I remembered this shot of Karen Carpenter.   Ugh.  Such a great voice.  Not such a great fashion statement.  Is that the Optima font in the title?  There, I feel better.  Now to find Cristina's "h."  And, maybe return Carole King's song, eh?

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