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PRA s4e1 • 8 October 2012

Dear Gentle Reader,

Before I get into this, I have a couple of apologies, a question and a problem.

APOLOGY #1:  I'm having trouble finding PRAs4 to view in a timely manner.  I located PRAs4e1, but only a full 5 days after it aired.  I'm still a die-hard fan, so I will blog as I am able to view.

APOLOGY #2:  Leah, I am so sorry.  I really am.  I'm uber super sorry.  Your pre-show photo led me to believe you were a complete mess.  You're not.  You are SO put together in every way, except for the hair.   TRESemme can help you out.  They're right there, aren't they?  Beg if you have to, although I suspect they are up for some product placement.  Wear a t-shirt with their logo on it and your done, right?  As for the hair, it's the color that needs to be addressed.  Get something uniform all over, please.  None of this 'roots growing out' look, okay?  Then you'll be perfect.  You probably don't even have to explain anything to them, just walk in and point to your hair and say, "Help!"  They ought to be able to take it from there.  Again, I got it (mostly) wrong, and I'm SO sorry.

QUESTION:  Why does Jordan appear to need a good power wash?  Savva ain't looking too clean either, but I can smell Jordan from way over here.  Please.  Nobody has to live like that.  Help him out.  Don't leave him suffering on the side of the road.  Stop and give him aide.

PROBLEM:  What am I going to do with you, Alex Perry?    Sometimes, like when you asked if everyone was serious, you're so over the top, you come off like a spoiled child, or, worse, like you have a Napoleon Complex, or Short Man Syndrome.   I swear you're gong to beat the crap out of the contestants, you're such a bully.  Other times, when I anticipate needing to jump into the TV screen to hold you back, and to dry the contestant's tears, you're professional and reasonable.  Is it your medication?  Do you suffer from M.P.D?  You do realize that when the producers ask something silly of you, like if they ask you to be a prick, you can ignore them and just act like a decent human being, yes?  (Please don't tell me that that is how they lost Henry.)  Oh, and if you can't wear the right size shirt, how can you clothe someone else in the right size garment, eh?  When you wear something 2 sizes too small, you come off like you're looking for tail at a gay bar.  You're on PRA to mentor fashion designers, not to get laid.  I guess one could argue that there would be a great deal of overlap between those two worlds, but I'd like to suggest to you that there is NONE.

So, the designers meet up at 11 p.m. outside of Rathdown Fabrics, with Alex Perry ready to beat the crap out of anyone who isn't serious about the competition.  What?  Geez, they grow 'em tough down under, eh?

Oh my God, I'm scared.
Why isn't Greg from s2 of TBL here to hold me?

Um, because I'm straight & married?
I have taste?   I'm not desperate?

What a minute, Leah walking the streets of Melbourne reminds me of something. 

Remember this?  It was the cover of the CD single to the big 1999 CCM hit by Jaci
Velasquez, "God So Loved."  Here's a shot of Jaci playing around in her bed sheet.

Maybe she wanted to be on Project Runway s9e1, huh?  Never mind this was shot 12 years earlier than PRs9e1 was.

I wonder if Crystal Lewis is singing on the roof of Rathdown Fabrics?

Oh, get this, Leah states:  "I have no idea where I'm going or why."  Yeah, right.  Alexandra interviews that she doesn't know what is going on.  Uh-huh.  

Be very careful, Alexandra, you're blending in & matching the dummies.
Quite well, in fact.

So, they go in the back entrance to Rathdowne and it surprises some of the contestants.  Oh, please.  I sure hope that you aren't trying to become actors from your stint on PRA.  Or, brain surgeons.

Hey!  It could happen!

Where could we be going?
What show did we sign up for?

Alex threatens that they will have $400 and 12 hours (3 right now and 9 tomorrow) to create an outfit of their choice to showcase their point of view as a designer.  The (new!) judges have already seen their portfolios, so they will know if they veer away from their aesthetic.

I'm too distracted because I keep thinking that one of the workers looks like Tony Geary a little bit.

 Luke Spencer to you, bud!

Or, maybe Devon Gummersall.
Maybe it's just the hair.

Isn't Savva just a little short-sighted and whiny when he finds out that Jordan is using a fabric that he wants to also use?  I'm sure it's a big store with a plethora of other choices.  Oh!  OH!!  When Savva was interviewing about himself, didn't he remind you of Tim Godbold from last season?  I mean, no concept of humility.  Oh, okay, maybe if I had any talent, I'd drop my humility, too.

Leah, when you head on over to TRESemme, could you bring someone over with ya?
Never trust someone who can't keep up with their roots.
Especially when their root color is past their EARS.

I'll just hide a pin in here, they'll never see it, right?

Alright, let's get to the runway:

Oh, yeah, I'm still on the show, but no more immunity.

 Three wins & you are automatically in the finale.
Somewhere Jerrell and Michael C. are turning green.

On with the show!







 Yeah, Megan, I couldn't see any detail on his black on black either.





... or was that Matcho Suba?

Megan calls forth safe: Sasha-Rose, Matcho Tristan,
Jordan, Cristina, Alexandra and Natashya

Megan can clearly see that it is Natalie's work.  They are
incredulous that she has a train on something day-wear.

The judges LOVE that the jacked was merely cotton.
They don't love that Savva said he held himself back
on a 'show your own point of view' challenge.

The judges LOVE the execution on Leah's garment.
Claudia Navone loves the color scheme.

You'd think they would pick on the entire outfit that Mladen made,
but mostly they are just upset at the top, and her hair.

Very polished & modern with nice details ... 
and exquisite pattern making!
Megan calls Jamie out on the pins in the front.
New judge Peter Morrissey states that there are too
many ideas going on, and that William forgot the woman.
Host Megan Gale thinks she'll be noticed only
for seeing butt cheeks and white underwear.
Savva, you're the winner!

Savva, can I touch you?  Maybe it will rub off on me?
It was ME !!!
It's been SOOOOOOO long, I've missed you!

Did you see that coming, fans?
William & Natalie, the bottom two, go head to head in the next challenge.
One of them will go home during the next challenge.
In addition, someone else will be eliminated, the typical worst scorer.

So, everyone is still around for the next challenge, woo-hoo!

Well, unless Alex Perry eats them.

 STOP!  I am the one who eats designers.


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