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PRA s4e3 • 22 October 2012

Last week on Project Runway Australia, all 12 remaining designers were sent to The Reject Shop, which hasn't had knock offs or damaged goods since the 1980s.  (Think Dollar Tree, but as nice as Target.)  The contestants were asked to create a sleek and sophisticated look out of items purchased for $100 Aus.

They changed their concept (no more rejects) back
in the 1980s but never bothered to change their name?

Leah won with her chic, well fitting canvas and cupboard mat dress. 

Natalie was eliminated for her safe output
that didn't resemble her previous work. 

Natashya was let go for making her model look big
with plastic flowers and poor fitting cupboard matts.

Or maybe they just wanted to get the Nats out of the way? 

Everyone was so happy that Savva didn't win. 

Not EVERYONE, sweetie. 

Over on the runway, Megan Gale explains that the 10 remaining designers are going to have to learn that fashion is all about the give and take  ... and then my copy of the show jumps to the intro (This is Project Runway Australia, Fashion Is In My Blood, etc.) and suddenly, the 10 are all bundled up and walking outside in Melbourne ... somewhere ... I'm sure all the Aussies know where it is, but, I am so sorry, I do not.  Google ain't even helping. 

Do his shirts need to be surgically removed?
My foot bandages aren't wrapped THAT tightly.

Alex Perry introduces Madison editor Lizzie Renkert and then states, "Behind us is your next challenge."  Then over the hill come the entire Whitehouse cafeteria wait staff.  It's a uniform redesign?  Sasha-Rose is excited to be doing zombie couture.  Wait, is that deconstruction?

Jordan beams that he is wearing brown underwear?  I guess he is much younger than I thought he was.  Ah, that would explain the looking like he needs a bath, but now I have to figure out if the beard.   A fake, yes?

Suddenly "Elimination in C Minor" starts to play.
That's just not funny, music production people.

Alex explains that the challenge is to raise funds to fight ovarian cancer.  So, they are tasked to create a woman's white shirt for the Witchery White Shirt Campaign.  It must be for women, be on trend, and, most importantly, it has to be commercial.  Then they're told to create an accompanying outfit that best showcases the white shirt.  The winning white shirt will be manufactured by Witchery, and sold in stores nationwide.   All monies raised go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

They get 15 minutes to sketch while sitting on the wet lawn, with only William and Jordan sitting in chairs.  What's up with that?  They get 12 hours and $150, except for Leah, who, since she won the last challenge, gets $200.  15 minutes in Rathdowne and Savva is harassing the cutters.  That's the way to get them peons moving.  Ugh.

Mladen interviews that some have picked off-white.  Will that put them at a disadvantage?  Savva thinks that they aren't allowed to do anything other than a man's shirt.  Um, Alex stated it was for WOMEN and it had to SELL, to make $$$.

So, they get four hours to finish out the day, and eight hours the next.

Alex Perry introduces Paul Wreakes, head women's designer for Witchery.  He states he is here "to reiterate what we're looking for.  The Witchery woman is about ageless femininity, combined with modern style.  This white shirt has to sell.   The more shirts we can sell, the more money we can raise for this incredible cause.  There's a femininity within our hand-writing, bra-friendly does tend to do a lot better for us.  We actually use a whole variety of fabrics .... so many different body shapes ... so many different ages .... "   well, that certainly narrows it down, doesn't it?  Female, white shirt, sell a bunch.

I love a man who wears glasses on his NOSE, not on top of his head.

In the interest of time, we're going to have Savva do the mentoring today.

I like your concept.  You may continue.


Well, I'd be stabbing him with the scissors
if he came around to critique me, too.

What is that smell?

I didn't ask for your advice, Savva.

Keep going.
(Yes, you, too, keep going, out the door, down the stairs,
out of the building and directly into oncoming traffic.)

I have no competition here.
I am the best.
I am delusion personified.

Curtain fabric?
Is that what women want to wear now?
I'm gonna get kicked off, I only made a man's shirt.  Oh, no!

"Sometimes you don't know if Savva is being nice or
if he is Savvataging [sabotaging] things."  Heh, cute.

"Ew!  It's green!"
"Ew, you're an egotistical asshole."

"I like helping other people.
It's in my nature."

I get that a lot, too.

Who would wear that?

I mean, it wasn't designed by ME!

That crotch is INSANE !!!!

Honey, that's trademarked, STFU.

This isn't the KFC challenge, that's NEXT week.

I have a couple of questions:

If this is a white shirt challenge, why is the all-knowing Savva covering it up?
Why did Mladen slash off his jacket sleeves?

Oh, and why can't Alex Perry wear clothing that fits?
Or, stop wearing glasses on his head that NEVER
get used in front of his eyes?

Runway time!  Oh, and a quick THANK YOU & HALLELUJAH for not using the strict winner/loser edit so we already know who is top 3 and bottom 3, and who will be the safe 4.

Jamie Ashkar

William Kutana

Alexandra Ovijach

Sasha-Rose Hartley

Savva Argyrou

Jordan Court

Tristan Melle

Mladen Millicich

Leah Da Gloria

Cristina Exie

The results?

Called forth are Alexandra, Savva, Jordan, Tristan, Mladen and Leah.  That leaves Cristina, Sasha-Rose, William and Jamie as safe, and the leave for the back room.

#3 of 10.  
Wait, she never made a shirt before?
Does she design for people who only wear pants?
The judges thought she nailed the brief  -  fitting into Witchery.

#9 of 10.
Capes are in fashion for whom?  Superheroes, Dracula, and whom else?

When you're drowning, take all the others you can down with you, eh, Savva?

I can't believe he said that!
It's like he's a villain on TV or something!


Honey, if you had made a blouse,
that still would have been a load of red crap!

#8 of 10.
The judges LOVED the pants and hated the treatment of the shirt.

#1 of 10.
The judges looked the other way with the slit.
They liked how the top could be worn two ways.

#10 of 10.
Messy, odd, not a great shirt were
just some of the judges comments.

#2 of 10.
The judges thought this was ideal for Witchery as well.

So, THERE, Savva!

Blouses are NOT shirts!
You just do not understand!
I am pissed off and now I have
every right to sulk and whine.

Help me out.  Is that a bunch of booze, or cough syrup on the table in the back there?

Tristan, you're the winner!

Get your Tristan shirt now!

Mladen, you are being released to find your long-lost sleeves.

Wait a minute!  Does this mean that OTHER people are making Alex wear clothing that is 2 sizes too small?  I'm confused.  Shouldn't Alex Perry be wearing Alex Perry creations?  Oh, wait, I get it, he only does women's wear, yes?   Finally, I've figured SOMETHING out, regarding Mr. Perry.


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