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PRA s4e215 October 2012

Last week on PRA, Alex Perry wore his sunglasses to an 11 p.m. contestant beating outside of Rathdowne Fabrics.
All my beatings are done in blue light.
It's in my contract. 

Matcho Suba is back!  No, it was just Tristan Melle channeling Matcho.
Or is that being overly referential?

Savva Argyrou won for this croc-inspired cotton top.

As for the bottom two ...

 I assume they were both equally heinous because 
Natalie Cook and William Kutana were each kept on the show.

Am I losing my mind or is Alex Perry looking a little more ... normal here?  His clothing ... it ... it FITS.  How did THAT happen?  Of course, Jordan is wearing little girl's pyjamas, and he can't be bothered to face the camera?  What the hell is he doing anyway?

Yes, I still stand by my prior statements in other posts, there is NO shame in a shaved head, Alex, and the glasses don't hide it.  You're looking positively sane here.  Go with it.   Mayne it's because so many of the contestants are hell-bent on looking mentally deranged.

Dear Natashya, you cannot be serious.
These two prints do not go together.
Each is fine on its own.
Pair with something more plain,
in a matching fabric.

Listen, TinTin, er, Tristan, tuck it in.
Dress up for TV.    You look inebriated. 
Although, that would explain some of the looks. 

Natalie, honey, you've dressed like a 6 year old gone wild at Goodwill.
Is that your girl?  Where is she going in bright pink leggings,
a too-short light teal skirt and a dingy fur-trimmed jacket
with costume jewelry outside it?

Megan, you already look fantastic ALL the time.
You did NOT need to make all of the designers dress like
technicolor homeless people in order to look good. 
You ALWAYS look wonderful.  ALWAYS.
Now, Megan, be a love, and give
the two thirds of the designers that are in dire
need of a make-over some help, and pronto!
Oh, hell, they ALL could use some help, eh?

It's morning in Melbourne, and all I can think is that the contestants are trying to murder each other.  How else do you explain the slices out of Sasha-Rose's sleeves? 

Are you picking on me, too?
I looked good in the opening!
Never mind that I pranced around like an idiot.

Look at the back of Alex Perry's shirt.  Yes, too tight.  Oy.

Alex Perry meets the designers at the Highpoint Mall.  For some reason
the contestants are all kinds of excited.   Okay, they were able
to get out of the work environment, I'll give them that.

See how the shirt doesn't fit, under the tie?
I'm going to crack up if he says anything about fit during his Alex-thru's.

THE CHALLENGE:  To create a sleek and sophisticated runway look from anything and everything in "The Reject Shop" which I infer is a sort of cross between WalMart and The Dollar Store.  Decades ago it had knock-offs and damaged goods, but since the 1980s it has had first run merchandise.  They get $100 Australian and 15 minutes in the shop.  For the entire challenge, they get 12 hours in the work room.

I'm above "The Reject Shop."

Yeah, and Milo/Snowy is barking nearby that TinTin wasn't
above going into ANY shop to follow up a clue.

Okay, maybe I'm just pissed off because Tristan is doing a 
better TinTin that Steven Spielberg could come up with
for that recent movie.   Argh!

Because he won the last challange, Savva gets a five minute
head start in the store.  Jealous, Natalie?  Or just mad
that they woke you up before Noon?
Or is that your sexy look?

Yeah, yeah, plates, got it.  The real point to ponder here is ....

Would you have hid another designer's favorite item to work with
in the name of saving yourself on a reality show?
Really, William, was hiding a few dog collars actually going
to sabotage Jordan all that much?  Weren't you
way too late for that ship?

Um, it's not a videophone, honey.

So, by and large, the designers have decent ideas going.  Leah goes for canvas, Savva for plastic plates.  Sasha-Rose has a pink Snuggie.  Natalie squirts silly spray at Savva.  Alexandra goes the garbage bag route.   Leah asks Jamie if canvas is too much like fabric.  Don't ya think?  Jordan thinks his post-apocolyptic-edged style isn't meeting the brief.  Natalie is trying not to go over the top (crazy.)   William states that he is comfortable with the challenge.  Sasha-Rose has decided to go with dishwashing liquid encased in plastic.  It looks interesting, but will it stay in, or will it leak?  Natashya is throwing a lot of self-painted plastic flowers onto a cabinet matt dress.  It's going to make the wearer look big, I predict.  Ha!  Model fittings for everyone but Leah, and Alex Perry asks her about it.  1.  Alex and clothes fitting.  FUNNY.   2.  Leah doesn't get her model.  She just has to deal with it.  That's annoying! 

Do you think Cristina's red cellophane skirt will get her the chop?
She certainly does!

RUNWAY TIME!    Natalie and William go head to head.  One is eliminated, the other joins the others for a regular elimination.   Remember  — sleek and sophisticated runway look.

Alexandra Ovijach

Sasha-Rose Hartley

Mladen Millicich

Tristan Melle
Please notice the fit, or lack thereof!

Jordan Court
Jordan knew he didn't nail the brief, but he never course-corrected.  Why?

Christina Exie
Poor Cristina, all she can see is the tape all over her messy skirt.

Jamie Ashkar

Savva Argyrou

Natashya Manfield

Leah Da Gloria

William Kutana

Natalie Cook

As the designers are called forth ...

Only Mladen, Alexandra and Jamie are called safe and sent out back?

Then Cristina is called forth ....

We haven't cried this much since 1989 with "Beaches" and "Field Of Dreams."

The judges loved the top so much that they overlooked the messy cellophane bottom.
Cristina is safe.  Woo-hoo!

The judges think Jordan spent more time
on his own hair than on the challenge.

The judges LOVE the Sydney Opera House dress
made out of canvas and cabinet matts.

Notice the impeccable fit.

Natashya explains her aesthetic ...

... and Peter Morrissey explains that she jut hung herself for the poor fit,
and for making her model look bulky with all of the flowers.  Overkill!

William's had ideas, while Natalie's was deemed too safe.

Since William & Natalie were head to head, Natalie is out.

Leah, you're the winner!

It should have been me.  Me, me, me.  I am the world.

Both were convinced that Jordan was going,
but Natashya was eliminated for making her
model look much bigger than she was.

We say goodbye to the Nats this week.
Don't you like how everyone is seemingly getting along?
Good on you!

It was so nice to see an unconventional materials challenge, and one where most did a bang up job.  Of the few that didn't, some of them had brilliant ideas.  Very few played it safe.   I am enjoying PRAs4 immensely.   Sure, I miss the judges and contestants of prior years, but this season is firing on all cylinders.  Now all I have to do is figure out Alex Perry and I'll be alright.  Oh, and get a makeover for the designers who don't own mirrors.


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