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Face Off s3e9 • Junkyard Cyborg • 16 October 2012

Last week on Face Off, using guest judge Brian Grazer's work on various Dr. Seuss feature films, the contestants were to create a hybrid Whoian/human from Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book.  Nicole won, while Alana was sent home.

Nicole later opined that she stopped trying to please the judges,
and started trying to please herself.  It's working, Nicole!

Alana was stumped with her 'difficult' inspiration.
On Face Off, one can never stop trying.
Those are words for life, too, eh?

This week the contestants are brought to ... a salvage yard?  Huh?

McKenzie Westmore states the task is to create their own cyborg, in the tradition of Terminator and Robocop.  In other words, whatever mechanical pieces are utilized will have to be explained, make sense, on some level.  The simplest of explanations will do.  Just throwing a bunch of stuff on the model and calling it a day will not cut it.


They only have 30 minutes, but that does NOT seem to freak out any of the artists.

Roy is on cloud nine with every find.

Same with Laura, but ... 

Sarah interviews that with her Mennonite background,
she doesn't know all that much, although she 
has indeed seen the Terminator movies.

Please.  It seems to me you could have just listened to the challenge.  Half man, half machine.  You must be able to explain the machine portion, even if it is in very simple sentences.  Think:  Man fell onto machine, both still work.  That's almost enough thought, as long as it looks cool.  There just has to be A concept.  One can't throw stuff at the wall and merely hope that it sticks, so to speak.

Duck lips won't save the day either, Sarah.

Roy interviews that he goes for the biggest model,
as he has a ton of 'stuff' to put on him.  Hmmmm ....
is this the way to judge Glenn Hetrick's heart?

Laura's original concept.

Roy's idea.

Derek's creation.

It's a cute extension cord!  Done!

Nicole's original sketch.

Sarah's concept .. a girl who ... grabbed some wire?

Laura concept #1.

Laura concept #2.
Is there going to be a pattern here?
NO!  Laura has been in my top 2 for the season (along with Roy)
and there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm letting her mess up and get
kicked off.  NO WAY.  

Okay, is Roy doing what Viktor Luna used to do over on PRs9?
Once he finished the challenge, but still had time left,
he'd create a corresponding outfit out of the same materials for himself.
Is Roy doing the same, creating a cyborg look for himself, too?
Oh, if only.  He's just goofing around.

It's giving Glenn a migraine, though.

See my idea, Glenn?

This.  THIS.  This is TOO MUCH.
It. Has. To. Stop.
Too many ideas.
My head hurts.
You almost make me want to take a long bath,
too many ideas makes me feel dirty.

One little idea, cleverly employed,
I LOVE IT !!!!!

So my mold broke, I can still make it work.

Laura Concept #1.

Laura Concept #2.

Laura Concept #3.
Aw, geez, how long can this go on?

I don't know, it's never appropriate to grope a model on camera, right?

Did you buy this drama?
All he wanted to do was use the facilities.
It's not like he was running away and Laura
was going to be disqualified, or kept
from changing to a FOURTH concept, amirite?

No, I'm that mean.

What, you were telling the truth?

Man, she reminds me of someone from the
sorry SNL s6 ... maybe Gail Matthius? 

It's judging time, woo-hoo!






When the judges go up to inspect, they LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicole's, and rightly so.  Glenn is perturbed by the overabundance of work by Roy.  Oy.  Aiming high is the ultimate sin, since when?

Nicole, kicking you off and bringing you back
has been the best thing ever for your work.
I made you great.  Me, me, me!

... and then the strangest thing happened ... "I just want to bring you to Comic Con ..."

"Omigod!, I've never been to ..."

"Wait, not YOU, Nicole, just the model, she's SO cool !!!"

So, Derek is declared smart and wise for having one simple, smart idea.

Oh, and Nicole wins two in a row.

Roy and Laura are both considered middle of the pack.

Sarah is the only one in the bottom, therefore she is eliminated.
She saw it coming, she couldn't come up with a decent concept,
or even get NEAR one.  It's a shame because she did so well in the first
couple of episodes, and from there she spiraled downward.
At least she won some money in episode two.
Best wishes to you, nice lady.


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