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Face Off s3e8 • Who's The New Who? • 9 October 2012

Last week on Face Off the (un-disqualified) eliminated contestants returned to compete in the Foundation Challenge:  Create an original make up inspired by the Day of the Dead.  Nicole rightfully earned her way back into the competition.   The Foundation Challenge was to bring a particular child's vision of a monster to life.  Laura won, while repetitive Rod was sent packing.

 In the running for the finale, don't you think?

 Creative, detailed, and it honored the challenge.
Of COURSE Laura won last week.

 Maybe now his injured wrist can heal at home?

 Depression Hurts.

Alana opines to Nicole that she misses her buddy Rod.  No worries there, you'll have all the time in the world to chat with him soon enough.

The remaining six artistes are brought to the Universal lot, or, rather, to Whoberg,  
 Guest Judge Brian Grazer & McKenzie Westmore
aren't dressed for Winter
but there is snow on the ground, right?

The contestants are told about their next Foundation Challenge:  Take a character from Dr. Seuss's "Sleep Book" and half-way humanize them, as Grazer did in his film versions of "The Cat In The Hat" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."  They are challenged to use inspiration from their own model.
 How did I miss this one?
I had Yertle the Turtle.

McKenzie & Ve are here!

Alana is freaked that her inspiration is
(comparatively) (and she is correct) shallow and simple.
Ve suggests going more feminine, girlie.

Ve loves the yellow wig.
Didn't they have dirty yellow where she grew up,
when she grew up?

Nicole is all freaked out because her inspiration
is all yellow, and everyone is using yellow.
What is SHE going to do, huh?

Can't leave before diggin' in on Nicole
for using lame Fun Fur.

                                 SARAH:  McKenzie, what does this big word mean?
                                 MCKENZIE:  Word?  What's a word?

Derek finished with 2 hours remaining.
Geez, couldn't you find something 
ELSE to do, to fix, or to add to it?

I'm SO confused.
I thought little children WEREN'T supposed
to play with plastic bags.

On to the challenge, okay?



Snorter McPhail




Top 3
She met the brief and transformed the Fun Fur

Consistently over-aims and pushes himself, this time successfully

She honored the challenge, using her model to humanize the Seuss character.
The judges loved the airbrush work on the sides of her head.

Bottom  3
Ve loved the hair in one room and hated it in another.
The makeup was messy, the proportions were off.
Derek is capable of anything, both good and bad,
and that is not a trait to have at this point in the game.
I predict he and Sarah are the next to go.
She was in tears before the grilling began.
She knew she played it too safe.
Ignoring the body by hiding it behind pajamas is a strategy to admire?
The judges didn't like that the only thing going for it was the smile.
I predict she and Derek are the next to go.

Okay, so we saw this coming a mile away.  Nicole wins for humanizing her Seuss character, for making the Fun Fur a little more interesting, and for rightly paying attention to detail.

Oh, Alana, week after week you had crisis after crisis, meltdown after meltdown, yet you kept trying.  You persevered and churned out consistent work.  Well, until the last 2 weeks when you won, then placed bottom two.   Wait a minute, you're only 20 years old?  When did that happen?  Damn, I love that you kept plugging through all the whining.  You don't have to be a super genius to thrive, you just have to keep trying, keep thinking, keep digging deeper.  This was that one week where you knew you hadn't thought or designed your concept far enough, but stopped right there.

 And so must Ve Neill if she can make a job offer like that.

If you can't find a job in 10 years, call me.    I'll
introduce to you a new concept:  A staffing service.


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