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Face Off s3e10 • Scene Of The Crime • 23 October 2012

Last week on Face Off, the artists were tasked with creating a cyborg from parts found at a junkyard. 

Nicole won for trusting her instincts.

Sarah was the only one in the bottom, due to her inability to settle on a concept.

The four remaining contestants are brought to a forest, or, to be more precise, to some fake crime scenes.

McKenzie Westmore and Grimm actor Silas Weir Mitchell
introduce the Spotlight Challenge (again no Foundation Challenge, huh?)
which is TV Show Grim related:
Designers, er, artists, you are to choose one of the four
'crime scenes' and figure out what Grimm human/other creature
has caused the damage.  The challenge is explained
well enough where no one really needs to have
seen the show to 'get' the challenge, or do well. 
The have 30 minutes to choose a scene, gather evidence,
take notes and pictures.

Good challenge?  You bet!  So, why am I so pissed off?  Because they already are giving us the winner and loser edits to Roy and Laura, and, while I don't know which is which, I'm bummed, because those are my two favorite contestants.  Roy has pushed himself the hardest throughout, and Laura has been the most consistently good.    Derek has been all over the place, and Nicole was eliminated and brought back.  To be fair, Nicole has been on fire since coming back, so, in my mind, Nicole, Laura and Roy should be in the finale.

Without seeing their work on this particular challenge, I want Derek to be eliminated.  He has been near the bottom way more than anyone else.  Some have NEVER been near the bottom.  However, that's not how it works.  Let's see how they do.  We already know from the edits that Laura wins and Roy goes home, or the other way around.   Nicole and Derek will be in the middle either way.

Let's see how it plays out:

Derek chooses the biker with
slash marks and claw marks.
He wants to do a wolf-type character.
After he claims the number to make it his,
he sees a left-behind claw, and feathers.
He doesn't want to do another bird.
Can he do something different?

Nicole finds a picnic scene where an adult female
has been slashed, and there's a baby shoe and 
gray tufts of hair.  The body has lots of slash marks.
Nicole claims it, convinced it should be a werewolf.
When she sits down to sketch she realizes that
she has to come up with something FRESH.

Laura finds someone killed by venom/injection
and thinks "snake!" and runs away to
see if she can get something else instead.

... so she goes over to the last crime scene,
where she finds Roy, but grabs the yellow tag
before he does, nabbing the scene as her own.
It's not a snake, so she is happy.
Upon inspection, she sees many spiderwebs,
a bite mark on her arm, and some sort of
allergic reaction, but is especially interesting
is that she was collecting samples, something
from some sort of insect creature. 

So, Roy get stuck with the snake,
being that there are fang marks in 
the body, and an empty egg nearby.
Roy's concept is of the mother snake.

Look, it's Oscar winning special effects make up artist Barney Burman.

BB loved that Nicole had her creature only
shifted part way from human to wolf.

BB suggests to Derek that the paint job on the mouth can fix
the sculpting mistakes ... where have we heard that before?

Roy confirms he has been listening to the judges
by concentrating on the make up this time around. 

Laura explains her multi-colored make up
a Barney agrees she is on the right track.

Didn't you worry for Nicole when she took eliminated contestant Sarah's old model, only to have the SAME PROBLEM she had had — namely, working with her upper frontals, because, for some reason, the cast they have in the work room is not accurate.

I don't think this model needs a boyfriend, with all the action she has had from
the artists having difficulties placing things all around ... well ... you know.

Um, Roy, you didn't finish yet.
You could take it off.
Take it off!

Judging time!

Laura Tyler

Roy Wooley

Nicole  Chilelli

Derek Garcia

What did the judges think?

Don't you find it funny that Glenn Hetrick states EACH week
that he loves how Derek simplifies his design for the FIRST TIME?

Glenn loved Laura's paint job, which should have been too difficult to work.  

The judges didn't like that her fangs were poorly placed,
or that the wig was coming through and ruining the side portions
of the make up.  It probably didn't help that he COVERED most
of the make up with the clothing and hair, which wasn't 
necessary to tell the story, to sell the idea.

The judges were split, some loved that it was shifting from human
to wolf mid-stream, and some thought the clothing was pathetic.

Laura wins and is in the finale!

Derek is in!

Nicole is in!  Woo-hoo!

We say goodbye to Roy, who was a serious threat throughout
the competition, until this challenge.  You'll be missed.
You did great work earlier in the season, mister!

So, did your top three of the season make it to the finale?  Two of mine did, so I am happy.  

Even though we had all of the episode to get used to the idea that someone good was leaving, it was still hard to see Roy go.  But, then, the clouds parted, and we had the most wondrous thing happen.


Well, no, his name is Tudor Boloni, and he was a contestant on the following program, Hot Set.  Still, for one brief moment, I was able to laugh through the tears.  Who the hell would name their kid Tuna Bologna?  Or, who would willingly answer to such a thing?

Yeah, I know, Tudor Boloni is pretty funny, too.  If only he were on HGTV.  


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