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Face Off • Monster Twist • 2 October 2012

Last week on Face Off ...

Wait, before we get to that, how about I pitch a dream of mine, we'll make it into a show.  How about a reality program where I gently kidnap a dirty celebrity and give them some sort of a scrub down?  I don't mean anything romantic, I just mean that some famous people need to be introduced to the wonderful world of soap.  Billy Bob Thornton springs to mind immediately.  How about Angelina Jolie?  Can you think of someone worthy of discovering cleanliness?

Yes, Glenn, you'd be a candidate, that's for sure.
Maybe even a two-parter.

Okay, with my weekly rant that Glenn appears dirty to me being out of my system ...

Last week on Face Off, Derek won for his terrific thug for the Dishonorable video game.

It was his 2nd Spotlight Challenge win of the season.

Tommy and Sarah landed in the bottom with their weak looks.
Oh, look, it's Tommy with a big Band-Aid on his forehead.
Instead of waving him goodbye, they converge upon Tommy and ate him.

It's a new day on Olvera Street in Los Angeles, and, Hallelujah, there's a Foundation Challenge.
Hey, it's Patrick Tatopoulos, taking a break from 300 part II
to judge the Foundation Challenge.

Patrick tells the remaining six artists that they
will not be participating in the challenge.
WTH?  Is he jet lagged or WHAT?

He's about to lose his lunch isn't he?
No, the UNdisqualified eliminated contestants are back
 to compete to earn the right to re-enter the competition!
C'mon, Nicole, c'mon Eric!  One of you two has to win this!

Tommy, CC, Eric, Nicole and Jason, woo-hoo!

The task?  To create an original Day of the Dead themed make-up.
Not much is stated, other than to source their materials
from what is immediately around them,
but, Patrick states they are to push and be original.
Keeping that in mind, who do you think should be
the one to come back?  Who do you think did the best?

Source materials:

The final results:




Nicole is deemed the best for her original thought
and well executed work which pulled enough of
the tradition, but didn't compromise her design.
Patrick states he did enjoy everyone's work, though.

This sure ain't Project Runway.
The contestants all rush over to hug Nicole
and welcome her back into the competition.
Sportsmanship.  Look it up, Ivy Higa.

So, for the Spotlight Challenge, a bunch of little people come in for a make-over.

Well, no.  Some children have drawn monsters.
The artists have to use the sketch to turn the idea
into a movie monster make up.
The child picks the artist.
Then, the two work together on the direction
that the work will take.
What this means is, each original child's sketch
is rather, well, childish and simple,
but, some actually envision a more reality-based,
genuinely frightening concept,
while some are seeing a kid's version.
Or, some see a Nickelodeon or Disney adorably cute creature.
Some see I Am Legend scariness. 

Right at this point I'm SO curious about a few of the contestants.  Will Rod be thrown a character that has the same thick nose and frown that he has been accused of showing week after week?  How will he please a client if he has to deliver that while convincing the judges that said product has a thin (or no) nose and a smile?   How about Alana and her weekly melt-down / crisis that leads to naught, to being perfectly safe, or to a win?  Derek has been all over the place during the season.  He just won last week — does this mean he will do poorly this week?  Exactly how will he do poorly this week?  Sarah did very well the first two challenges and then fair to poor since, how will she do now?

It's the Face Off Reveal Stage!








What do you think?  How do you compare silly, cartoony work against serious and dangerous monsters?  Or, is that not an issue?

When the judges critique, they "massively differ" on scoring everyone.

You used enough of the color red, though.

Glenn sees the eyelid as only being half-operational.
Ve sees the joy of extra eyes.

Nicole is called out safe.  Welcome back!

Sarah is called out safe, too.
That's a step up for Sarah.  Good on ya!

Glenn is impressed with the design, Ve thinks the sameness of the paint job kills it.

Ve loves it and the other two call Rod out
for using the same face shape time & time again.
Rod defends himself by saying his protege client
wanted it like that, but the truth is, he could
have steered it in a number of other directions.

Laura's monster is a dragon/vampire/baby that throws rocks at people.
The judges fawn over it because it delivered everything that the child wanted,
plus, it honored the brief completely, it was a CHILD's monster.
It helps that it was interesting, detailed, and original,
and didn't have an faulty parts (hi, Roy!)

Ve loved Roy's extra head on the hand, and the eyes,
but Glenn couldn't get past the eyes not working correctly.
I can't get past the fact that this outfit looks like bad clothing,
rather than bad monster hair.

Derek's bad bat wings, and lack of detail, not to mention
overuse of red, did him in this week.

The artists place thusly:
Roy is top 2
Laura is top 2

Is Laura numb or on drugs?
Laura gets the win, her first of the season,
after coming in second several times.
You earned it, Laura! Congratulations!

Bottom three, and designed a thick nose and frown
when he didn't HAVE to.  Should be worst & eliminated, eh?

Bottom three, followed her kid's direction to the "T" so
she should be cut some slack, eh?  She's always been safe before.

Derek is bottom three.  His concept honored the child's vision,
but his final product was poorly executed and too flat, one-color.
He has produced stellar work, and utter crap, in prior weeks.

Dear God, PLEASE let me go home,
my wrist is in TOO much pain to stay.

Rod,  I hate seeing your same face
week after week even more than
seeing soap and a washcloth.

I'm only too happy to go home!
Send me home!
My wrist has been KILLING me for WEEKS.
The bottom three —
Derek is anywhere on any given week,
Alana is usually safe in the middle
Rod usually makes a thick nose and frown and is in the bottom.

Are you sick of "The Judges Have Spoken" in d minor?
Whatcha gonna do?
Ya can't make a monster without a thick nose.
All monsters have to frown, ya know.


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