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PRs10e9 • It's All About Me • 13 September 2012

Last week on Project Runway ...

The remaining 9 designers, in 3 teams of 3, raised their own funds
in order to make 2 cohesive fall looks, with at least one piece of outerwear.

The dream team was Christopher, Gunnar and Sonjia, 
as they got along and did decent work.

 Sonjia won for her meticulous work on her coat.

 Alicia was eliminated.  Elena is grateful it isn't her.

Okay, before we start, I have a question.  Isn't this Fabio Costa doing a cartwheel behind the screen at the beginning of each episode?  This corresponds to something that legitimately happens on the show, yes?  In years past, this would represent a weekly challenge win.  We didn't see this when Fabio won before, so ... does that mean he will win another challenge?  I've been watching like a (blind) hawk, but I haven't seen anything yet.

Maybe it's a fake out?  Maybe Fabio doesn't win another weekly challenge?

Who drew this?  It's ADORABLE, huh?

Christopher interviews that he can't believe that they are at the halfway point.
That's because you're three quarters of the way through the weekly challenges, honey.
There are 12 episodes before the finale.  This is episode 9.
9 is NOT half of 12, not even during season eight.

I'll give you four guesses who gets the Loser Edit & goes home.
The first three don't count.

You are going to learn SO much about me and Gunnar this episode.

Oh, please, Dmitry is going to make the same old simple dress.

Hello, designers!

Why are we even here?  You won't tell us the challenge.

We will!
Is this where I do the "Cabbage Patch" dance?

No, not just yet.  First we have some product placement.

That's to buy my latest design.

That's ...
and THAT is how it's promoted, sweetie.

The designers pose for pictures at Mood.

Elena has the time of her life, skipping through the aisles.

I'm not really a bitch, I just have been playing one on TV.

I'm not making a dress — wooo!
I'm listening to what the judges say.
Finale, here I come!

Like season eight, they import family members to throw the designers off of their game.

For the most part, it doesn't work.
In fact, everyone manages a decent print,
and nearly every one stays focused.

No canceled crotches this time around.

Elena DOES have a heart of gold, eh?
Or, maybe she's hugging harder than we think.

How can Ven hug his sister?  I mean, she's not model size.

In the Name of Jesus,
you, fowl attitude
towards "Real Women,"
be GONE !!!

Dmitry and friend Iryna (not s6 Irina)
catch up with family on the HP.

Are they being silhouetted because they are in a 
witness protection program?

... to still be alive?

Why do they have to look at each other through the HP?
Can't they just look directly at each other?
Oh, product placement, yes.  Silly me.

Did Gunnar really say he wanted to get his mother a BOOB job?

Christopher interviews that he doesn't know his cultural heritage.
See how he can't hold his head up straight.
No matter how hard he tries.
Can you say it with me?
No, that's not Ping.

Don't talk to me about Christopher!  He's a hot mess!
Most of the contestants plug away at their work.
Christopher whines that he can't come up with anything, 

Christopher is overwhelmed by it all.

When he shares that his grandmother was covered with ladybugs ...

is *this* what he meant – a
dead body covered with bugs?

Somehow this looks a bit too juvenile of a print for that.

Why did they make me wear Gunnar's print on my head?

This isn't how Sex Ed made it out to be, Fabio.

Why is Sonjia using herself as the dress form?
It's MORE Ping!

Can I just use my fabric to play Twister?

FINALLY, a Tim-Thru!  Tim will save us
from all the silliness that's been going on.

Tim shares that Sonjia must execute her look perfectly.
Whew, that was sane and normal.

Uh-oh.  Tim has a melt down due to the well-promoted sound bite "Menstrual Cycle."

"How could you do this to me, Ven?"

"I can't believe you did that to Tim!"

I am trying SO hard not to laugh my face off.

You've GOT to be kidding me.
The hibiscus is my country's national flower.
I'll get all "Real Woman" on you if you dis me any further!


Is it just me or am I vagina-phobic?

I can't believe Christopher's design is SO simple.
I can't believe Ven is paying homage to the menstrual cycle.
I can't believe Elena has a heart.
I can't believe I finally get to show myself without hair adornment.

Over on the runway, we see COLOR in the prints.  Woo-hoo!
Take THAT, season nine!

Sonjia Williams

Elena Slivnyak

Christopher Palu

Ven Budhu

Is he *really* using that tortured rose idea AGAIN?

Fabio Costa

Do I really see what I think I see?

 Melissa Fleis

Gunnar Deatherage


Dmitry Sholokhov

When the designers are called up to the runway ...
Fabio and Elena are called out safe.
Melissa, Sonjia and Dmitry are the top 3.
Christopher, Ven and Gunnar are the bottom 3.
That makes sense.  But .. what happens next?

Tim breaks his own rule and shares over on the runway, at HK's insistence.
Tim has always asserted that he wouldn't be talking to the judges
about what goes on in the work room.

Then we REALLY see something bizarre ...

Heidi designs for little children?
Isn't Truly Scrumptious copyrighted?

Someone's gonna hear from my lawyer!

Wait a minute, RABIES "R" us?

Oh, okay, I get it, HK is doing her STS for little children, yes?

I think the Urban Dictionary would call this "Prostitot" couture.

It's never too early to dream of being a ho.

As for the winner ...

Dmitry finally wins something!

Sonjia does NOT approve.

Gunnar & Ven are the bottom two.

Now is not the time to be hitting on Gunnar, Mr. B.

Ven, we are mad that you do the same thing over and over again.
Your print was BORING.  You are in.

Gunnar, you made a heartfelt, interesting print.  You are out.

Heidi, I'll do something fresh and new NEXT time.

Oh, as long as we can't see the beaver, you're alright.

Gunnar is auf'd ...

The top 7 are so happy for him (to be leaving.)

I didn't come here to win ..

I came here for a commitment from you, Tim.

Dream big or go home!

Okay, *that* I can understand.

This, I cannot.


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