Thursday, September 6, 2012

PRs10e8 • A VERY Minor Spoiler • 6 September 2012

In real life, tomorrow, Friday, September 7, 2012, the designers still in the running over on PR in TV-time will all show at NYC's Fashion Week.  That means that the top eight contestants will all show.

So, how did it go in other seasons?

PR1 • 4 showed, 3 competitors and 1 decoy

PR2 • 4 showed, 3 competitors and 1 decoy ••
PR3 • 4 showed, all 4 were competing ••••
PR4 • 5 showed, 3 competitors and 2 decoys
PR5 • 6 showed, 3 competitors and 3 decoys ••••••
PR6 • 3 showed, 3 competitors and no decoys
PR7 • 10 showed, 3 competitors and 7 decoys
PR8 • 10 showed, 3 competitors and 7 decoys
PR9 • 9 showed, 4 competitors and 5 decoys

... and now ...

PR10 • 8 will show

••  The scuttlebutt is the spectators felt the decoy was better than the others

••••  Some spectators felt that there was an obvious 'decoy' meaning one was substandard in comparison to the rest 

••••••  Some spectators felt that there were 3 that were fully finished, and 3 that were NOT, however, they didn't correctly correspond to the final competing three and the three decoys.  (One decoy was perfectly finished, one top three finale collection had construction issues.)

Who are the 9 left at this moment?

Ven Budhu

Fabio Costa
Gunnar Deatherage
Melissa Fleis
Alicia Hardesty
Christopher Palu
Dmitry Sholokhov
Elena Slivnyak
Sonjia Williams

Now, don't bring personalities into it, or Ven won't stand a chance at showing, or of living, even.

Who do you think (without knowing tonight's challenge, or how anyone fares) ... who from the above list do you think should NOT show at Fashion Week?

I am personally having one HELL of a time trying to decide from whom I do NOT want to see a finale collection.  If I can't factor in Ven's personality, or behavior, I guess I'm going to have to say Gunnar or Alicia, but, the truth is, I *do* want to see more from them.

In Tim-speak, my brain is bleeding.

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