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PRs10e8 • Starving Artist • 6 September 2012

Last week on PR, Dmitry was robbed of the Lord & Taylor win.  Christopher nabbed it with a shredded top featuring an open back.  


Alicia & Gunnar were the bottom two, but because everyone had 'met the bar of the challenge,' no one was sent home.  It had NOTHING to do with two other contestants quitting early in the season, yet only bringing back one contestant.

Sonjia was stressed beyond belief.

Still, she placed in the middle

Fabio joined a cult.

Gunnar thought he was going to win.

Instead, he placed 9 out of 9.
Lucky for him, no one was eliminated.
It was a Project Runway FIRST !!!    Strangely, no one
touted that catch-phrase of the last few years.

Elena's heart grew three sizes that day.
Don't worry, she won't be sick for long.

Before we start, let me rant gently share what is about to happen.   We will get the Winner/Loser edit, this week on four people.  It will happen by the time they are "half" told their challenge by Heidi on the runway.

This is the equivalent of predicting exactly when a traffic light will change.  It's all in knowing exactly where to look.  On the road, watching the perpendicular traffic light change will let you know.  On Project Runway, the W/L Edit will tell you within the first five minutes.


It's morning over at Atlas.  Melissa tries to get Elena up.  Don't get excited, the image is brief, it does not MEAN anything.

Sonjia:  The morning of the new challenge I'm just trying ta move awn from the catastrophe of the last challenge and just try ta st … keep my head in the game.

I see Mondo's finale s8 collection every time she wears something in her hair.

Gunnar:  I'm stoked that I get to be here, to see what we are going to do today.  When I was the last one on the runway, I mean, I thought I was out, huh.  I'm still here, huh.

Fabio: It's still the nine of us, so I think it's going to be interesting.

Christopher:  I wanted Nathan to stay here, you know.  

Ven: Yeah, me, too.

Christopher: Why couldn't they pick everyone to stay THAT time?  The judges picked this challenge to keep everyone? … and this is what they keep?  Gunnar?  The talent isn't even, across the board.

Ven: It's not even up to par, it's … just ...

Christopher: It doesn't even make sense.  I'm SO furious right now.  Someone should have ****in' gone home!

Gunnar:  Let's go do it, then.

Ven: Let's see what awaits us.


We're still in W/L Edit territory, even though we go now to Parsons for Heidi to wear something short, tight and shiny, and not really or fully explain the next task.

Heidi:  Hi everybody! 

Designers: Hi.

Heidi: For this next challenge, not only will you need your … creativity,  you'll also have to use your negotiation skills.  Who is a very good negotiator around you guys?  

Many raise their hands, albeit timidly.
Alicia clearly does NOT raise her hand.

Heidi: All of you?  Well, let's see about that.

 Alicia:  I've been on the bottom twice already,

Alicia:  ... so I just need to do something really, really dope.

Heidi:  Tim is waiting for you in the work room with all of the details for this very exciting challenge.  Good luck, and I'll see you back here on the runway.  Bye everybody!

Designers:  Bye!

Sonjia: (to Melissa) Negotiation!

The designers leave the runway stage, to go to the work room.


Okay, that's the end of the W/L Edit.  What do we know?

Sonjia, Gunnar, Christopher and Alicia got much more screen time than the rest.  According to my theory, the other five are safe.

Now, let's assume that there is only 1 winner, and only 1 loser.   We don't *know* that, but it is rare when there is anything double.  Heidi's threats of "one, or more of you, will be out" rarely pan out.  It doesn't even happen as much as once a season.

I have a guess.  It's just a hunch, but let's see how it plays out.  Christopher and Gunnar have a history of not getting along.  During different challenges it has been one or the other being rude, but whatever form it holds, it continues.  This inspires me to think of them as one unit.  So, perhaps C&G are merely featured to let us know that they are still fighting?  I am leaning towards Sonjia either winning or being auf'd, and Alicia being the other, being auf'd or winning.  This is a prediction.  If pushed further, I'd say Sonjia wins and Alicia gets kicked out, although both have been in the bottom before.  What I am certain of is that the winner and loser are each amongst Sonjia, Gunnar, Christopher and Alicia.  The other five are safe.

That's the way to do it, Christopher, greet Tim Gunn with a great big smile.

Tim shares the first part of the challenge — to create something to sell on the street, to raise their money to shop at Mood.  Wait a minute, you mean, like a Foundation Challenge?   That's where it went, since it wasn't over on Face Off!   

Melissa loves all this crap.

They will create merchandise and sell it to the public.  Specifically, they will work in teams of three to create designs on plain T-shirts, with dye, glitter, etc., supplied by production.  Then they will sell them to willing passers by on the street. They don't even have to sell the t-shirts, they can offer tailoring services, or even advice, in order to raise money.

The results?  A whole lotto crap!  To be fair, some were interesting, and we did get to hear Sonjia sing, and Elena interact all friendly-like to the public.   Now I'm convinced she's not mean to EVERYONE, just to the other contestants.

Need fabric to sew, we'll put on a show.
No need for food, just money for Mood.

Save fashion • Buy or Donate

Designers in a rut
Buy a shirt & strut

Designers in Need!!!
We are your best .... your best what?  Best Friend?
Best chance at finding meaning in life?
Best way of meeting Tim Gunn?

Team Fabio, Melissa & Van (FMV)
They get along famously.
They raise $800.48.

Team Christopher, Sonjia & Gunnar (CSG)
Despite the C&G feud,
they actually focused on the challenge,
not their differences.
They raised $684.

Team Elena, Dmitry & Alicia (EDA)
Predictably, Elena & Dmitry do NOT get along.
They fight.  They fight.  They fight, they fight, they fight.  
Oh, and they raise $500.

Next morning, Tim shares that they will be creating two outfits per team, with at least one of the two to include a coat.  The two must be cohesive, and be for Fall.  Please note, the dollar amounts   Normally they would have received $100-$300 per model.  So, one team has a normal amount of money to use, one has more than usual, and one has enough to outfit the King Family & the Duggar Family.   Well, almost.   I guess the last born can go nude, eh?

Melissa is stunned to learn there is a second part to the challenge.
She thought maybe they were keeping the money?

Team Itchy & Scratchy do, what else, fight the entire time.
Poor Sophie B. Hawkins is all quiet in response.

It's a Project Runway first!

I know, right?

No, I'm incredulous that Dmitry
would use darts in that manner!
What's an 'egads?"

Hide me till the vocabulary portion is over!

Tim points out Ven's skirt isn't cohesive with the rest of the pieces.

Lots of work down the drain.

Ven eventually decides to make another skirt.  Will it be too plain?

Sonjia is bored of Ven's tortured roses.

Tim enjoys the workmanship of Team CGS,
but is worried Sonjia is over thinking her design.

I'll make whatever pants I want to make.
She won't take my advice, so I'll just keep my mouth shut,
and let things happen as they may.

I love Yoplait!

Wait, what just happened there?
Cast-offs are getting commercials now?

I love cars.  I love every kind of car.

I'm gonna run you over, Alicia, just you wait & see.

Runway time!

Of Kors.

NINA: Here at Marie Claire, we use the phrase Marie Claire to describe any person, place or thing.
STAN: But doesn't that get confusing?
NINA: Oh, no, it's quite simple, Marie Claire, Marie Claire.

Team EDA
Elena made the coat on the left, 
Alicia made the accompanying top & bottom,
and Dmitry made the look on the right.

Team CGS
Christopher did the coat on the left,
Sonjia the coat on the right.
Gunnar did the dresses underneath.

Team FMV
Fabio made the shirts and the coat on the left.
Melissa made the white jacket
and Ven made the skirt.

How will it pan out?

Elena: I can't wait for a bus to throw Dmitry under.   He must be shot right this very minute!  Being auf'd is too good for him.

The judges loved Sonjia's coat.  She wins!
Damn, she looks like Tootie Ramsey.

Team CGS is safe, successful, and in!

Alicia gets the auf.  We never saw it coming.

Elena is crying from overuse of the W/L Edit.
Elena is crying over mistreating Dmitry.
Elena is crying over Ven's mistreatment of his client a couple of episodes ago.
Elena is crying over unrest in the Middle East.
Elena is merely blowing her nose.

We say good-bye to Alicia.
Why does her outfit look like a uniform for a gas station attendant?

The remaining eight designers all showed at Fashion Week this time around.  I won't be providing any spoilers, they are all over the internet.  My question is, what do you want each of them to do in order to EARN the right to show and compete at Lincoln Center?

Who would you put in the top 3 right at this moment, without seeing the finale collections?

I guess I would put Melissa, Fabio and Christopher in the top 3?  I want to see more from Elena and Dmitry.  I do believe it's time to go snooping on the web.   Let's see what we can find, eh?


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  1. Melissa also made the pants in the FMV collection; they were almost as bad as the ones Alicia made for EDA.