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PRs10e7 • Oh My Lord & Taylor • 30 August 2012

Last week on PR we all fell in love with the kind, professional, sweet, affirming, supportive  and compassionate Ven Buddhu, who listens to his client and tries to go the extra mile to meet her needs.

Last week on PR we found someone to hate more than Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebelia, Irina Shabeyavah, Ivy Higa, Bunim-Murray, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney combined.  Just imagine what the world might be like if Ven could use his power for good, and not evil?

Too over the top?  Alright, I'll try again.

Last week the remaining designers were tasked to make over a real-life client, brought to Parsons by a friend.  Most of the designers took the challenge seriously, and treated their new model with respect.  Most 'honored' the challenge.  Elena's heart grew three sizes to meet the assignment.  She valiantly saved her client from color.  Her good attitude was a pleasant surprise.  Fabio Costa won the challenge, while Nathan Paul McDonald was auf'd.  NPM's look was bottom-worthy, but not as bad as Ven Buddhu's.  At least his outfit didn't make her look too much worse than before.  Ven's did a genuine disservice to his client and yet they kept him.   Drama potential over talent, gotcha Bunim-Murray.

Heidi was not amused.   I   you HK for that.
Wait, not in a Daniel Franco way.

Go ahead, Ven, roll those eyes in front of Heidi.
Mistreat your model.  Mock the judges.
Tell them you know better than they do.

It's morning in NYC, and Sonjia is complaining how all the male contestants need to go.  But, wait, is she really saying that ALL male designers period are lacking?  Sexist?  You bet!

"At this point we just need to find the way to get some more guys out of here.
I'm so tired of the same **** that they make.
I think that men design clothes that they want women to wear.
Women design clothes that women actu-really want to wear.
Like, what we create is way edgier & harder than the, like, beautiful ''Silk Chifonnies.'' "
(She means the current male contestants.)

Actu-really?  Are you TRYING to make Ven seem less sexist?   To be fair, you'll have to try a lot harder than that.

Over in one of the guy's rooms, Gunnar is putting on guyliner.  Okay, I can buy that, but, please tell me, why is Dmitry ironing his chest?

I understand this, but ...

Please tell me why Dmitry is ironing his chest.

Wait, please don't!

On the runway, Heidi lives up to her STS aesthetic as she shares a bit of the coming challenge.

 Tim really needs to pray with his hands pointed UP to God, eh?
No WONDER why PR hasn't been firing on all 8 cylinders lately!

Tim Gunn and Bonnie Brooks from Lord & Taylor present the challenge:  They must complete a 10th look that goes with a collection of dresses that were designed by prior PR contestants.  The winner of this challenge will have their outfit put into production along with the other nine.  As for them, most use black, a couple use a brick red, and one uses a royal blue.  Nothing is too 'out there' and many would be flattering in a variety of sizes.

Melissa is an emotional wreck the entire time.  Why?   She's using her comfort zone color, black.
I'm starting to think that Andre Gonzalo had a sex change and is competing again.
C'mon, when did you see someone as expressive, huh?

Sonjia is on the edge as well.

Tim consoles Sonjia, telling her to sell her **** on the runway.

Geez, remember when we had designers finish with time to spare, and they were proud of their work?

 Hey, Heidi 'bought' this pink disco ball of dress.
Maybe they'll like your labor of love, er, stress.

Fabio Costa
#2 of 9.
Should be #2 of 9.

Melissa Fleis
#4 of 9.
Should be #5 of 9.

Gunnar Deatherage
#9 of 9 — but kept in!  Hallelu!
Should have been #4 of 9.
He played it safe design-wise, but it fits in VERY well with the others.

Elena Slivnyak 

#3 of 9
Should have been #6 of 9.

 Christopher Palu
#1 of 9.  The winner!
This should have placed #8 of 9.

Sloppy construction, the main idea here is foreign to the rest of the collection,
and the bare back is so LY.  The color doesn't mesh with the prior 9 looks.

Alicia Hardesty
#8 of 9.
Should have been #4 of 9.  This fits in beautifully with the entire collection.

Sonjia Williams

Safe, in the middle.
This should have been the VERY bottom, right Peach Carr? 
Dinner napkins on her hips, right Michael Kors?
Please, judges, remember how you've ruled in the past.  

Ven Buddhu
In the middle, safe.
Should have been #7 of 9, in the bottom.

Dmitry Sholokhov
In the middle, safe.
This should have been the winner.
It utilizes the color, and the design ideas of the prior nine,
without merely copying them.   

Dmitry, Sonjia and Ven are called forward and labeled safe.


The challenge was to supply the 10th look of a collection.  That means that the whole idea is to find what design elements & ideas, fabrics & colors are in use, but not overused already, and to work within the context of what has already been made.   Also to be taken into consideration is just how much money each will retail or cost to make.  Bonnie Brooks shares that the outfits will retail for $200-$300, which should give the contestants an idea of what can be done.   It isn't mentioned, but one might also consider whether the design would flatter a multitude of sizes and shapes, certainly taking into account whether the prior nine outfits do so.

Christopher and Ven should be on the bottom merely for the amount of labor involved with their tops, and that the central design ideas (the tops) are not represented in the collection elsewhere at all.  Christopher introduced a new color as well.  

I'm at a loss, does the current Lord & Taylor customer want what Christopher made?   Does his really match the collection better than all of the others?

Well, I still am quite disappointed with Ven.  I can hang my head on that for a while.


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