Saturday, September 29, 2012

PRs10e11 • It's Fashion Baby • 27 September 2012

Last week on Project Runway the seven remaining designers were asked to come up with a new outfit for the Rockettes.

Heidi beamed as she kicked along with them.

Christopher won with inspiration from the NYC skyline. 

Ven proved he was lost without his tortured origami rose point of view.
Guess what he did with his decoy collection for Fashion Week?
I mean, besides cheese off PR fans everywhere.

Have we seen Fabio do this yet?
I don't think so.
Therefore, I predict he does this (and wins a challenge)
either this week or next.
The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection,
Season Two, Or Iman Will Eat You
did this sort of thing (Danielle winning while standing next to Calvin,
showing it in the opening each week,
and it never happening till the last 
regular challenge.  Oy!)

God, I miss Calvin.

You DO?  What is WRONG with you?

The designers walk over to an address that turns out to be ...

Another design for a Heidi Klum line challenge!
C'mon, you saw it coming.

I love you Heidi for pronouncing it DAW-SEE-AY
as opposed to Tim's DOH-SEE-AY.

The 6 remaining designers are tasked to create outfits for  ...

Ricky Lizalde and ...

Janeane Marie Ceccanti

Well, really, it's TODDLER-WEAR

Do Richard & Robert Sherman know about this?

I certainly hope so!

The designers are tasked to create outfits
to go along with Heidi's Babies R Us line.

Examples from Heidi's line.

The designers not only get to design a toddler's outfit,
they also get to take care of a toddler doll for 24 hours.
Hilarity ensues.

Tim explains that they will have to rock, feed and diaper change their babies.
Fabio takes the relationship with his doll a bit too seriously

Some embrace the challenge ...


— at all.

Heidi must have really been concerned that 
there wouldn't be a decent winning look
if she supplied all of the fabric, right?

... not to mention redesigning for the contestants.

Remember Melissa's white jacket from last week?

Do you see it here now?

How about Jonathan Peter's model's 
"toilet paper" dress from season seven?

Bitch, please!

Oh, by the way ...
make an outfit for the toddlers mother,
but it won't really count,
plus, raise the kid,
bring peace to the Middle East,
have Obama and Romney get along, and
inspire Ivy Higa to apologize to Michael Costello.

Who do these people think I am?

Elena seems about as committed to this as Johnny Sekalis
when he was doing a crossword puzzle, huh?

That evening, the designers are still taking care of their dolls.

Okay, Fabio is bonding with everyone and everything, amirite?

Time to dump the dolls and do some work!


Tim gathers up the toddler dolls
and the designers finish up their looks
for the mothers and toddlers.

Let's see how the make out on the runway:

Fabio Costa

Melissa Fleis

Dmitry Sholokhov

Sonjia Williams

Christopher Palu

Elena Slivnyak

Okay, the models are all kinds of adorable.

The judges are wowed by the toddlers.
Actually, they are wowed by the work, too.
It helps when the fabric is supplied,
and the designs are dictated by one of the judges.

Both Sonjia & Christopher win!

Bottom two are Elena and Melissa ...
Elena for her "sample sale" aesthetic
(nothing went together) and Melissa
for her dress that rode up to show the diaper.

Elena is auf'd.

Melissa is safe!

Elena get's the air kiss of death.

Wow, Tim is all kinds of choked up, eh?

I never heard Tim beep as much as the Road Runner!


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  1. "Do Richard & Robert Sherman know about this?"

    Better still to check in with the ghost of Ian Fleming, who managed to get away with giving one of his Bond woman names to the heroine of his children's book.