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PRs10e10 • I Get A Kick Out Of Fashion • 20 September 2012

Last week on Project Runway, the eight remaining designers were tasked to create a print based upon their cultural heritage.  Some used their ethnic background, some used a personal experience as inspiration.  Dmitry won, more for his jacket with strategic peek-a-boo strips, and Gunnar was auf'd for poor use of a decent inspiration.  Ven further irked the viewers with a print that was beyond basic.

But, first, before it's morning at Atlas, I have a question:  Why was last week's episode edited to make Michael Kors look like he was ripping on Sonjia's outfit, when in fact he wasn't?  Do you think that it is alright to edit for the sake of entertainment, or to more closely match an upcoming scenario?

If I didn't say "disco," it wasn't what I said!

 With THAT print, Pac Man is eating her crotch.

Really?   You said THAT?

Now it's morning over at Atlas.  Fabio missed Gunnar so much that he slept in his bed.  Good thing we know that Fabio has a boyfriend at home, or I'd be thinking of Danielle sleeping in David's bed from 2010's The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, season two, Iman will eat you.

God, I miss Calvin Tran.

Didn't you want to see Tim Gunn dance with the Rockettes, rather than Heidi Klum?

Yes, I glossed right over Heidi's dream of a lifetime, to be a Rockette.

Linda Haberman states that they are to design a new look, one versatile enough to wear year round.  Former outfits are shown, so that the contestants don't go in the wrong direction.

Dmitry shares that he was a ballroom dancer from age 6 or 7 till 18, so he knows exactly what he wants to do.

Fabio wants to create a tone on tone look.  We never see him again.  No he's not eliminated, he is merely too safe to show up on camera.

We'll miss you, Fabio.

Christopher is motivated to up his game,
so he isn't in the bottom three like last week.

I'm lost without black.

The designers have $250 at Mood, and two days.  Elena suddenly loses her math skills, and tries to purchase nearly double what she can.

Was this product placement for Radiant, or ...

Do we have Elena getting the push to win the entire season,
like Anya had last year?  Think PR9e10 "Sew 70s."

Yeah, he's lost it.

A very strange thing happens:  Tim says they are going out for a nice dinner on the first day, at 7:30 p.m.  What?  No working till 1 a.m., and then getting up at 4 a.m?   Something is amiss.  Did Linda Haberman think they looked too stressed to come up with something decent?

Contestants eating, relaxing, having a stress-free evening.
Project Runway has jumped the shark!

In another bizarro move, Ven, Dmitry and Elena all bond.  Yes, BOND.

Okay, I like that Elena grew a heart,
but we know she probably just stole one.

On day two, with the Tim-thru, it gets even weirder.  Tim, seemingly on the spur of the moment, sends them BACK to Mood to purchase more stuff, to make better work.

It's all just SO bad that I need to throw more money and time at you.
If you don't do stellar work NOW, I'll send in
Kara Saun, Mondo Guerra and Seth Aaron Henderson to construct for you.

Fabio, Ven and Dmitry refuse the extra money and extra Mood trip.  They prefer to spend the time putting together their garments.  Is this wise?

Then Sonjia gets the W/L Edit.  No!  We LIKE Sonjia.  Don't talk to anyone, Sonjia!  You can't go home if you don't get any camera time.

That's it, Melissa.   We can't see you if you hide.
You're invisible now.

Don't do that, Sonjia, or you might be going home!

Another question:  Does Heidi always walk out to "Runway in g minor"
with the bells playing Eb, D, Bb, D, C, D?
Has anything else EVER been used?
Argh, more viewing research is ahead of me.

On to the runway!

Dmitry Sholokhov

Melissa Fleis

Ven Budhu

Elena Slivnyak

Christopher Palu

Sonjia Williams

Fabio Costa

Melissa accidentally color blocks a big #1 on her outfit.

The judges don't like Ven's hem, or that his outfit is so plain.

Remember Zulema's output on PR2e2?

Marry me, Christopher!

I love you!

But whom will they eliminate?
Purple turkey, high school band, or the invisible outfit?

Here's how they place:

1. Christopher
2. Dmitry 
3. Melissa
4. Fabio
5. Sonjia
6. Elena
    and who is auf'd but
7. Ven

Bask in my glory, bitches!

I can't believe you're leaving me!

Back off Heidi, I have to go torture some roses.

Tune in next week when Tim Gunn gives parenting skills to ...

Designers with faux cabbage patch dolls!

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Hey, that was MY catchphrase!


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