Thursday, September 27, 2012

PR All-Stars is coming Thursday, October 25, 2012

PR "group" shots are always Photoshopped badly, huh?

The contestants cast for the latest season of Project Runway All-Stars were announced recently:

Wendy Pepper • s1#3
Andrae Gonzalo • s2#6
Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie • s3#5
Ulrike "Uli" Herzner • s3#2
Stephen "Suede" Baum • s5#5
Althea Harper • s6#2
Emilio Sosa • s7#2
Peach Carr • s8#12
Carlos Cassanova • s8#10
Ivy Higa • s8#8
Anthony Ryan Auld • s9#7
Laura Kathleen Planck • s9#5
Joshua McKinley • s9#2

I consider the seasons a bit differently than they do over on Lifetime.  To me, season one was filmed in May 2009, and aired in August 2009.  Daniel Vosovic (s2#2) won the whole thing.  So, calling last years' All-Star season "Season One" seems false.  Since that was the second season to me, this will be season three.  Or, should I refer to the new season as PRASsbs3n2, as in Project Runway All-Stars: Should Be Season Three Not Two?  Let's see what happens.

I had the smallest brush with fame last year, sort of.  Peach Carr sent my mother a birthday letter last Fall.   Peach was my mom's favorite contestant.   My mother finally passed away last Summer.  It's going to be SO difficult to be objective and impartial, but I'll do my best.

If s1 of PRAS was created to award Danny V. the win, and s2 to award Mondo Guerra the win, then just whom was PRAS s3 created for?  Uli?

Last year I was so curious to learn if Kenley Collins had been edited poorly, or had changed her behavior, grown up.  This time around, I want to know if Wendy Pepper is any different.  I have heard about the other 'villains' (meaning Ivy Higa and Joshua McKinley) through the years, but I haven't seen Wendy Pepper all that much.

I really do wish to see more from most of the participants.   All except Peach Carr showed at Fashion Week, whether as a bona fide contestant, or as a decoy.  So, who has grown the most?  Who improved the most?   Do you want Laura Kathleen and Anthony Ryan to be teamed up like they always seemed to be over on PR s9?  Or, do you want an implosion from a team of Wendy Pepper, Ivy Higa and Joshua "I Will ... Not Have It!" McKinely?


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