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Face Off s3e6 • Dishonorable Proportions • 25 September 2012

Last week on Face Off the eight artists were tasked to create a super hero (or a sidekick) inspired by a specific motor vehicle that said characters would use.  Alana won for her super hero, while Jason was eliminated for his.  What was most surprising was that nearly all of the work was lackluster and sub par.  Every contestant should have hit a home run on that one, yes?  I mean, unless they had a tricycle for inspiration, maybe.

Calm on the outside, freaking out on the inside.  Trust me.

Satan's daughter is the winner!

The bottom four:  Each earned his spot here.

Jason was let go for his muscled sidekick — hiding under a blazer.

It's morning in L.A., California, and we are graced with something very rare and special, an actual Foundation Challenge!  They're becoming as rare as rain in SoCal.

Tommy didn't think it would play out the way it did last time.

Tommy leads the group into the Foundation Challenge.
Careful there, Tommy, you could be getting the Loser Edit, eh?

It's a BEAUTY Foundation Challenge at that!

McKenzie Westmore introduces Lisa Stewart who shares the parameters of the task.

They are to create beauty make up to match the avant garde outfits the models are wearing.

All I can think of is Anthony Capon at this point.
I'm all kinds of happy.

 Tommy gets praise for using the dress design.  Really?
There's no difference between avant garde and ugly?

 Derek places second for his work.
Wait a minute, are those wee-wee pads?

This is after several other attempts.
Rod is grateful it's not an elimination challenge.

The winner!
Roy wins immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.
He incorporated the swirls from the outfit into the model's face.
Pretty, yes, but not conventional.  Good goin', Roy!
 The Spotlight Challenge is revealed to the remaining seven designers.

 McKenzie Westmore tells them about an upcoming video game release.
The artists are to recreate one of the characters in the game's world, with exaggerated proportions.
I assume they mean even further exaggerated than they already are in the game?

Each of the contestants pick a character class and sketch.  Alana doesn't quite get the Steampunk reference. 

"Sarah Explains It All" will debut as a mid season replacement.
Remember this?
... and this?

... and this?

So does Glenn Hetrick, and hes had enough.
Rod didn't believe Ve Neill last week?

I don't believe Glenn has discovered shampoo yet
Glenn has one last word for the artists.
They've been too timid and have aimed too low.
 Exaggerate the proportions! 

Let's see how they did:
 Alana is safe.

 Laura is safe.

Top two!

 Derek wins!  Woo-hoo!

 Roy is safe.

I'm pretty sure Tommy's character isn't Columbus, Ohio.
Tommy has the worst look and is eliminated.
 Sarah is #6 of 7.  Bottom two for a 2nd week.

On this challenge the judges observe ...

 the first time that silicone ...

 has been used appropriately.
So, why is Roy only 'safe' for it?

 Let's rip apart Tommy's work, shall we?

I'm pretty sure skill with duct tape isn't that important to the judges.

I forgot to pain on my pupils!

 Derek wins for his thug.

 Rod has a strong #2 with his aristocrat.

Tommy loses for his weak thug,

 but he wins for his own look,
Joe Dirt Realness!


The work seemed much improved until I remembered, they were told to take characters that ALREADY EXISTED.  Last week, when they did poorly, they were told to create from an inspiration.  I don't know, it seems like this group (save for Roy, Laura, and to a lesser extent Alana) are idea challenged.  Or has it always been this way?  Maybe I was drooling at Rayce too much to notice his talent level?


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