Thursday, September 20, 2012

Face Off s3e5 • Supermobile • 18 September 2012

Previously on Face Off:  The artists created original zombies inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Roy's terrifying queen carried him to victory, and Nicole was sent home.  Now eight artists remain. 

Roy's win was well deserved.

Nicole had stiff competition for the elimination,
but somehow Tommy evaded his demise.
The only way Tommy will continue is if
there is a team challenge and a strong competitor
there to carry him along.

Oh, wait, that's what happens this episode, eh?

It's morning in L.A!
Alana misses Nicole, and she thought Tommy should have gone home.
(Good, it's not just me.)

Tommy thought he was going home, too.

Do you recognize Adam West's Batman Cave entrance — Bronson Caves?

The remaining eight competitors are here not only to
admire McKenzie Westmore and a hole in a mountain,

they are also here for their Spotlight Challenge.

They are paired off into teams that are actually pretty fair:
A strong and a weak competitor.  McKenzie Westmore
states that it is random.   Not buyin' that, but liking
that it is as even as possible.

The challenge is to create a superhero & sidekick, that would use whichever vehicle they pick.

Dodge Charger

Tatra T87

AJS Motorcycle

Lamborghini Gallardo

Space Mole

Humber Pig Armored Truck

Season 2 Face Off winner Rayce crawls out of the cave
to aid the contestants with their conceptualization.
Surprisingly, they need it.  I don't know,
I don't have the background, but it would seem
to me that this would be the sort of challenge
where everyone would do A+ work.

Man, was I wrong!

Roy interviews that Alana is talented, but might not be fast, or focused.

During the Ve-Thru, Rod is told that he does the same face every time.

Rod's 1st challenge output.

Rod's 4th challenge work.

Alana swears her "Fire" chick won't be ALL red.
Ve later tells McKenzie that Alana & Roy are the most cohesive.

Ve thinks that Laura & Tommy each have cool characters,
but doesn't believe they go together.

Ve suggests removing the scar that Rayce had earlier suggested.  Oy!

Maybe I should change up my look?

Ve runs back, "Aqualine!"

No droopy, round-faced guys!

Alright, put yourself in Rod's shoes for a moment.

If you had been told you were doing the same look
over and over, would you change it?
Would you know *what* to change?
Even if you weren't sure, wouldn't you just make a mental checklist and switch everything?
Male • Okay, make him female, or at least feminize him.
White • Okay, make him another ethnicity.
No droopy, round-faced guys? • How about a taut,
skinny or triangular faced girl, or an alien?
Just run from the sameness, right?

Do you think Rod was able to change his look?

Who wants to wear a banana peel on their head?
Super Chiquita?

It's judging time!

When Kevin Smith is introduced, all I can think is ...

This man refuses to grow up and wear a suit.

Laura & Tommy

Laura's hybrid human alien super hero.

Tommy's sidekick injured army escapee.

Rod & Jason

Rod's brainiac physically handicapped super hero.

Jason's physically superior sidekick.

Sarah & Derek

Sarah's 1940's super hero

Derek's sidekick.

Roy & Alana

Alana's super hero is the Devil's daughter, "Fire."

Roy's sidekick is "Chaos."

Okay, before we get to the judges' decision, what do you think?  Did Rod answer Ve's concerns?  Were the teams fair or even?  Do the judges get the winner and loser correct?

Let's take a closer look.

It's still a Rod face to me.

Laura carries Tommy.  The judges rave
over her detailed work, but they aren't
as impressed with Tommy's sidekick.

Jason's "brawn" guy is covered up.  His concept is 
completely hidden between the suit jacket and 
the poor face paint job.  If the point is his strength, 
then let's SEE the muscles, whether real of prosthetic. 
Rod's "brain" look isn't much better.

Don't hide the muscles!

Rod's trilogy of similar faces is complete now, eh?

Derek's look is falling apart.

Talk about drop jaw!  Argh!

The judges think this team is the ONLY one to answer the challenge.

Very cartoony, which is a good thing for a super hero, yes?

The clear winning team, with Alana taking top honors.

Now THAT is the way to get eliminated, 
with a job offer from Kevin Smith!
Or, was he just making a joke?

This is the first week where I have COMPLETELY agreed with the judges.  I don't want to let my guard down JUST yet, but this show feels more 'real' than Project Runway.  In other words, they don't seem to be keeping personality or looks over talent.  Whatever happens, happens, as far as the workmanship goes, and they are rewarded accordingly.  

Of course, I could be dead wrong on that.  We will see.


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