Thursday, September 13, 2012

Face Off s3e4 Alice In Zombieland11 September 2012

Last week on Face Off the only challenge was to create a Chinese Dragon inspired look.  Working in teams of two, they incorporated their Chinese Zodiac signs into the final look.  Glenn Hetrick stated that only Derek & Tommy honored the challenged and met the brief.

It's not what you think, they're just happy to win.

Watch out, Derek, your smile is about to dissipate.

Eric and Sarah were on the bottom, and Eric was deemed
the worse offender of the two, for adding the horns.

It's morning in L.A., and the contestants seem well-rested.
PR ought to take a lesson, me thinks.

The make up artists head on over to ... 

a boxing ring?

I sure hope that the guy on the right was paid EXTRA
to stand there and take all the abuse that he did!

McKenzie Westmore introduces ...

L A I L A   A L I   ! ! ! !
Eric Clapton and Matt Groening can relax,
there'll be no bad jokes here.
I don't want to get hit. 

There is FINALLY a Foundation Challenge, 
 the remaining contestants are to showcase
1977 Rocky Balboa realness in their work.

Nicole places #2 out of 9.

 Jason wins!  Ali states that it is the
most real, although not most elaborate.

Eight of the contestants get their final work shown.

Why doesn't Roy?  Shenanigans!

McKenzie Westmore:  These flowers and hanging cards grew here naturally, as did I.

Actually, McW introduces the Spotlight Challenge:
Create a completely original take on a Resident Evil T-Virus
infected Alice's Adventures In Wonderland character.

The contestants are thrilled beyond beliefe.

You had me at Alice.

Resident Evil?   O  M  G      Tommy has a PR6
Nicholas Putvinski meets Bob Mackie Depends moment.

Here's how the AAIW inspiration breaks down:

Alice • Nicole
Cheshire Cat • Derek
Cheshire Cat • Sarah
Hatter • Jason
Hatter • Laura
Queen • Rod
Queen • Roy
White Rabbit • Alana
White Rabbit • Tommy

Nicole shares that it's "really important to have a good design, before you go in and make a piece (???) ... it's easier to execute.  (I'm) maybe wanting her to have the Rabbit in her hands, and she's just nawin' away on it.  It's really dark and I'm gonna make Alice more my style."
Nicole gets (overly) excited about her pulsating brain. 

Let me just hold you and stare at your open brain for a while, okay?

Alana has (you guessed it) a crisis, she drops the cowl on the ground, ear first, and has to figure out a way to make them adhere.  Moments later, there is no more crisis.  Shenanigans 2 !!! 

The contestants show off their work:


Sorry, the hair reminds me of Tom Petty.
Oh, wait, was that on purpose?

Nicole • ALICE  







The judges make their way over to inspect up close.

All that complaining about Nicole's work, but nothing on Tommy's? 

The judges rule as follows: 
Sarah The Mennonite (who never heard of Resident Evil,
nor Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Elvis Presley,
Harry Potter, Barack Obama or Justin Bieber) is SAFE.

Wait, I wanna live in a world without Justin Bieber!

How long has Jason been wearing glasses?
Jason is SAFE.   I guess there was no need for immunity this time around.

Alana, she of the crisis every episode, is SAFE. 

Kurt Cobain as The White Rabbit?  The judges say that
Tommy hides his ideas under "Fun Fur," not a wise strategy.

 The Hatter uses his intestines as measuring tape!

 Roy's Queen is mutating into her adornments, due to the virus.
The judges go wild.  Well, as wild as they get, I guess.

 I don't know, I still see Happy Swiss Cheese.

Nicole played off of the 'Eat Me' / 'Drink Me' idea ...
 but a bad paint job ruins any judge excitement.

The brain pulsates, but the judges think that's all that's going on.

 Derek places top 3.

Rod's look isn't so much T-Virus infection as merely old lady murderer.

Roy's make up mesmerizes Ve Neill.

"Well done!" booms Glenn Hetrick.  Laura makes top 3.

Derek places top 3!

Roy wins!
You don't have to hide your face anymore, Roy.

Uh-oh, bottom three time.  =o(

Nicole is eliminated for her horrible paint job.

Nicole has to comfort Tommy?
Tommy's just relieved that HE didn't go home.

Ve Neill states that she can see that Nicole has talent,
and to keep plugging away.
Without Ve's help, I assume.


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