Friday, August 17, 2012

The Season Three Face Off Contestants

Face Off Season Three Debuts On SyFy
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
9 p.m.

You thought I was unqualified to blog on PR?   

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Contestant's Name
Occupation • Specialty
Hometown • Current Residence

C.C. Childs
Special FX Make Up Artist • Character Creation / Beauty
Clearwater, FL • Marietta, GA

Nicole Chiletti
Special Effects Artist / Make Up with Mac Cosmetics • Creatures / Sculpting / Design
Long Beach, CA • Sacramento, CA

Sarah Elizabeth Miller
Corporate Administrator  / Special Effects Make Up Artist • Character Creation / Prosthetics / Sculpting / Foam Latex / Fabrication
Goshen, IN • Vancouver, BC

Derek Garcia
Freelance Tattoo Artist • Airbrushing / Painting / Sculpting / Sketching
Miami Lakes, FL • Miami, FL

Eric Garcia
Freelance Make Up Artist • Airbrushing / Application / Sketching
Miami Lakes, FL • Miami, FL

Rod Maxwell
Special Effects Consultant & Director • Special Effects Prosthetics
Newton, MA • Los Angeles, CA

Jason Milani
Freelance Special Effects Make Up Artist • Horror  /  Mold Making
Hopewell Junction, NY • Hopewell Junction, NY

Tommy Pietch
Special Effects Make Up • Sculpting / Foam Latex / Character Design
Columbus, OH • Columbus, OH

Alana Rose Schiro
Make Up Effects Artist • Sculpting
NYC, NY • Northridge, CA

Laura Tyler
Freelance Make Up Artist • Prosthetic Application / Sculpting / Airbrushing  Painting
Orlando, FL • Orlando, FL

Roy Wooley
Freelance Make Up Artist / Chief Make Up Artist  Creature Designer for Netherworld Haunted House
Goodsprings, AL • Tucker, GA

Some Initial Thoughts ...

I'm highly interested in seeing the work of Derek & Eric Garcia.  They have been involved with the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal  which all the locals rave about.

When the write up on the SyFy web page for a contestant is all about their personality or their family background, does that mean they don't have a work history or even a school history to write about?  Or, is it merely to identify the personalities and characters more quickly?

Do I root for the old geezers, Rod & Roy?  How about the Floridians, Derek & Eric, Laura and C.C?  Do I rely on someone else's expertise in this area to help me write this blog?

We Will See


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