Friday, August 10, 2012

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

It was so nice to read online earlier this week the contestants who are returning for Drag Race All Stars.  Who will compete?

Nina Flowers
Jorge Flores
s1 • #2 of 9

Bryan Watkins
s1 • #4 of 9

Tammie Brown
Keith Glen Schubert
s1 • #8 or 9

David Petruschin
s2 • #2 of 12

Airline Inthyrath
s2 • #3 of 12

Pandora Boxx
Michael Steck
s2 • #5 of 12

Manila Luzon
Karl Westerberg
s3 • #2 of 13

Alexis Mateo
Alexis Mateo Pacheco
s3 • #3 of 13

Yara Sofia
Gabriel Burgos Ortiz
s3 • #4 of 13

Mimi Imfurst
Braden Chapman
s3 • #11 of 13

Chad Michaels
Chad Michaels
s4 • #2 of 12-

Latrice Royale
Timothy Wilcots
s4 • #4 of 12

I don't know HOW I am going to get through it.   What I mean to say is, I adore nearly every single one of these talented entertainers.  Every episode, someone I revere will be kicked to the curb, right?   It will be interesting to see what sort of format is used, since they only ordered 6 episodes.   Will it be a double eliminations each episode?  Or will everybody get a prize?  How do you want it to play out?  I definitely want to see what Tammie Brown can do — I've read so many reviews about her being a super talent that did not show her abilities on RuPaul's Drag Race.

All I can say for sure is, the world is a better place, thanks to RuPaul, and I will be blogging.  Never you mind that I have no drag queen evaluation skills.

Can anyone guarantee me that there will NOT be a Shangela-In-A-Box?


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