Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PRs10e7 • Minor Spoiler • 28 August 2012

I was just reading over on Blogging Project Runway about the next episode of PR.

Did you know that Lord & Taylor has put together a capsule collection featuring one designer from each season, and that (I ASSUME) the 'prize' for PRs10e7 will be to be included along with the other 9 people.

Here are the looks already included in the collection:

Jay McCarroll • s1n1

Nick Verreos • s2n5

 Uli Herzner • s3n2

  Chris March • s4n4

  Korto Momolu • s5n2

 Gordana Gehlhausen • s6n4

 Seth Aaron Henderson • s7n1

 Mondo Guerra • s8n2

 Bert Keeter • s9n6
Some initial thoughts:

I finally have memorized Gordana's last name, Gehlhausen.   I also finally remember Marion Lee's last name (Lee) (s4n14.)  For whatever reason, I could never spell Gordana's last name, or remember Marion's last name.

Okay, some REAL initial thoughts:

Will the prize be that the winner gets to THEN design something to fit in with the other 9, or, will the prize be that the winning output of the episode goes into production?   I can think of a few s10 designers who could fit right in with the above, if they had some sleep, and some time to come up with something.   However, we don't KNOW that that will be how it goes.   So, assuming that the winning look of this particular challenge actually goes into production ''as is'' or reasonably close to that .... I'd want Christopher, then Melissa, then Dmitry to win.   I'm going by whom I anticipate actually winning the next challenge, without even knowing if ''fitting in with the prior 9 looks'' is part of the challenge.   Hmmm ...

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