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PRs10e6 • Fix My Friend • 23 August 2012

Please tell me Bob Barker isn't the guest host.

Last week 11 designers were divided into two teams to design capsule collections for Marie Claire at Work.  The fair Melissa won with a huge collar serving as a dress.   Suddenly, all I can think of is Mitchell's beautiful collar (& nothing else) from PR s6e1, and, forgive me, Jeffrey's neck.  Raul & Gunnar were in the bottom two, with Raul getting the double kiss of death from the Kluminator.   Raul really tore into Elena in the back room.  Foreshadowing!  The preview for this episode showed Gunnar and Fabio looking very sad on the runway.   More foreshadowing!

It's morning.  Sonjia and Christopher both whine, "Oh my God-duh!"  Geez, is that any way to embrace life?  Oh, wait, they don't get enough sleep for even one R.E.M. cycle while on PR.

I am not dreaming of Raul.

Christopher is woken up by Ven pushing him, and we get a cheap shot of Ven's poorly covered ass.    Somehow, I suspect that this is MORE foreshadowing.

Honest, it looked worse on my TV.

I bet we get a winner's/loser's edit before too long.  Today's events are being spoon-fed to us.

Over on the runway, Heidi Klum fakes out the remaining 10 designers by bringing out friends of the new clients first.  They are told to give each a complete makeover.    Well, Heidi asks if they will help out, and Dmitry jokes, "Do we have to?"

More foreshadowing:  Not every designer does.

What was Melissa doing here? 
Are the clients leaving by the power of her hand?
Is Christopher praying for the designers next to him?
Will the ladies float away unless Christopher holds them down? 

L'Oreal Paris's Johnny Lavoy joins Tim Gunn in the work room as Tim tells the designers that their new clients were assigned randomly.

Sure Tim, if you say so.

For the most part, the designers seem to take the challenge, and the new models/clients, seriously.  Even Elena is charming and professional.
 Foreshadowing Payoff #1

Elena has had an attitude & personality transplant.   She's nice to real life people. 

However, Ven is complaining from the get-go that his client is way too big to be making clothes for.   He specifically states that she isn't model size, and that it will be unfairly difficult for him.  Shall we cut her down to size for you, Ven?

 Foreshadowing Payoff #2
Ven can't seem to fit himself, and he can't seem to fit others over 100 lbs.

Um, earth to Ven:  People come in all shapes and sizes.  Money from non-models (for your clothing) works just as well as money from those who are waif-model-size.  Oh, and your model was lovely, beautiful, and you were lucky to have her.

Oh, and there is this, too.

On the Tim-thru, nearly everyone is incredulous as Ven complains about his clients size IN FRONT OF HER.   It's ridiculous how Ven is acting, and the other designers are showing it.

We get plenty of reaction shots from other designers ...

and a stern look from Mr. Gunn.

My God, Ven, you pissed off Tim, and you scared femme fatale Elena so much that she is uncharacteristically nice.  You are powerful, but not in a good way.  More like sulfur.

Setting Ven straight isn't enough at this point.  Ven makes his client cry, which just about makes me wish I could kill through the TV with laser vision eyes.  Well, without getting caught.  Or, ruining my TV.   Priorities.

Uh-oh, Fabio, you be careful!   You are getting the winner/loser edit, another means of foreshadowing!

Can someone explain why Gunnar is using his stylus in this manner?

Isn't that how a little kid holds his crayon?  Or is this a special HP technique?

On the runway we see ...

Ven Budhu
It seems too high waisted.  The top is too plain.
This is not her skirt, either.
This is one of two looks where the client looked better BEFORE the makeover.
#9 of 10

Fabio Costa
Fabio's client was dressed in lumberjack chic (minus the chic) beforehand, so, a genuine transformation was inevitable.   Still, he managed to keep the client's point of view, while upping her style ten-fold.
#1 of 10

Gunnar Deatherage
Gunnar wasn't afraid to embrace a non-model sized client,
and it showed.  Good fit helps here.
#2 of 10

Melissa Fleis
The judges wished they could have seen the dress.  Ah, perhaps 'black black black" Melissa knew what she was doing, hiding the dress?   She was safe anyway, since she had immunity.

Alicia Hardesty
Not necessarily showing Alicia's point of view, but her client enjoyed the short, light pink dress, and it did flatter her.

Nathan Paul McDonald
Nathan Paul's design showed too much skin, including the side slits, but even worse, the construction was quite poor.
#10 of 10 and the auf

Christopher Palu
Thoughtful design, and real nice to see two pieces.  Why is this only safe?

Dmitry Sholokhov
The fit seemed better on TV than in this still.  I wondered if Dmitry was going to win,
but there was to be no foreshadowing for poor Dmitry.
#3 of 10

Elena Slivnyak
What, no monster shoulders?  Elena cured the poor girl of any color, eh?

Sonjia Williams
It looked great on the dress form, but for the client the proportions are off.  Way off.
#8 of 10

Melissa, Elena, Alicia and Christopher are called out as safe, leaving Ven, Fabio, Gunnar, Nathan, Dmitry and Sonjia on the runway.

 Foreshadowing Payoff #3
Fabio and Gunnar place in the top three, even though the previews had them appearing to be in the bottom three.  It's the fake out that never manages to fool anyone.
 Foreshadowing Payoff #4
Yea!  Fabio got the winner's edit, not the loser's edit!   Don't call your boyfriend Jason again, next time you might not be so lucky.

When the bottom three are left, Nathan Paul is auf'd.  Heidi states there might be a second elimination.  Thank you, judges, for giving Ven a fake-out and a shake-up, leaving him alone on the runway, not knowing if he will be in or out.  Thank you times a million.   I'm so glad Ven isn't being rewarded for being a jerk to his client.

Tune in next week when Tim predicts one of the designers will work themselves into a psychotic breakdown!

As long as we get a Swatch sighting, and Ven becomes a polite, professional adult, I'm good.

I'm not holding my breath.  It seems from the preview that Ven isn't only sizist, he's sexist.  Get your torches, folks.


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  1. It occurred to me that Gunnar might hold the stylus—and his pencil—like that because he is naturally left-handed and was forced to write with his right hand. I've known many natural lefties who held a pencil in a similar fashion in order to increase their right-hand control.