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PRs10e5 • It's My Way On The Runway • 16 August 2012

Last week Andrea Katz was the epitome of avoidance and ingratitude, leaving the competition in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to anyone.  The 12 remaining designers were tasked with designing for the woman 'on the go.'  Kooan was so inspired by "on the go" that he up and went, leaving the competition entirely.  Raul was brought back, Sonjia won with a dark gray dress, and Buffi was auf'd for her poorly finished skirt with pink fabric thrown on top of it.

The designers are in their Atlas apartments.  Gunnar is bitching. (The sky is blue, the grass is green and the water is wet.)  Melissa is getting SO much air time that I swear she is getting the Winner/Loser Edit.  You know, ever since Kara Saun(ders) won the s1e2 "Envy" challenge, the show spoon-feeds us the results, instead of just letting us see who ends up being the best or the worst.   As if my griping would ever change things, but, please, don't tell me the ending until the ending, okay?

♥ Caffeine

Okay, back at the point:  Which will it be, Melissa?   Are you winning or being auf'd?  You've been safe for the last three challenges.  You've never been in the bottom, and you have been in the top 3 once.  I'm not buying your, "I don't want the next person (auf'd) to be me, no way!"  horse hockey.  No Melissa, you're just being sent to the other girls' room, since there are only 4 women left.  Mere consolidation, not elimination.

So, Elena rushes over to Melissa with a great big bear hug and helps her unpack.  Tears of joy are shed.  Okay, that didn't even happen in my mind, let alone reality TV, or real life.

Are Raul and Christopher an item?  I really wanted Raul to marry Nathan Paul, so he could be Raul Paul, like Sean Bean and Marcia Garcia.  Okay, I know Nathan Paul is actually Nathan Paul McDonald, but, hey, work with me here.

Raul ♥ Christopher

Christopher ♥ Kooan's Left Behind Comb

Gianni ♥ Shocked Christopher

Heidi holds the button bag as she strolls out on the Parsons runway, humming, and then calling over Nina Garcia to help deliver the challenge.

"Hello designers!," chirps Nina.  "Marie Claire recently launched Marie Claire at Work.  This branch of the magazine was created to showcase the strong, powerful and sophisticated women that embody fashion in the work place.  This is one of the fastest growing segments in the fashion world.  So, you will be creating a fashion capsule collection that will be editorial but that also work in the real world." 

Heidi shares they will be divided into two teams.  Several contestants interview how much they hate teams, other designers, humans, chocolate, money, etc.  Nina explains that there will also be a photo shoot that they are in charge of, and that photos they choose will be evaluated and considered in the judging.

Team Six

Not Team Emerald Six, Calvin

As I was saying, 
Team Six
Sonjia Williams
Elena Slivnyak
Melissa Fleis
Alicia Hardesty
Dmitry Sholokhov
Raul Osorio


Team Five
Nathan Paul McDonald
Ven Budhu
Christopher Palu
Fabio Costa
Gunnar Deatherage

While they were deliberating and caucusing, did you wonder if any of the people on Team Six had even SEEN s8e5 "There IS an 'I' in Team?"  [Team Luxe had split up the garments, which led to them being the bottom group.  Team Military & Lace had each person fully responsible for his own look, and they won.]  There are, of course, other factors involved, but wouldn't you think they'd remember that, and take it into consideration?

Team Suxe?

When Elena declared that her team was missing a bag from Mood, did you remember Kenley & her tulle from s5e12?    Why was this not followed up on?   Did Elena just adjust her design on the spot?  C'mon, Elena, find it in your heart to complain about it, eh?

That's Not How It's Done, Tim!

The more I think about it, the more I keep coming up with, 'How do you solve a problem like 'Elena?'"  Perchance it is merely the editing, but NO one seems to like her, save for blue-haired Sonjia.

Dmitry interviews, "Everybody hates Elena.  Even if they say they like her, they hate her.  I just don't think that Elena has the skills of working in a team because she can't control her emotions.  So I think it's a problem in the real world."

Dmitry, that isn't a concern on "The Real World - Parsons."   If Elena is getting the "Villain" Edit, it's a guaranteed ticket to the finale.  Ask Wendy, Santino and Kenley how it worked for them.  Okay, don't ask Ivy.  A 75% chance is still pretty good for a villain.

Raul opines, "This top represents who I am as a designer, 100 percent.  I'm feeling great about it, but there are a lot of things going through my head at the moment."

Um, certainly s6e7 isn't going through your mind.

Ruffles Ruined My Life

Oh my God, will someone please join me in obliterating the town of Yemassee, SC, so none of us ever have to worry about the town the women left?  Pretty please?  Name your price, I'm SO over that show, and I only see the commercials during PR.

It occurs to me that there will never be a show where all the men leave the women and children behind, huh?  Wait, that's real life in any major city, huh?

And, why, pray tell, is Billy Miller breathing like Darth Vader?  I mean, while scubaing is fine, but, why throughout the entire commercial?  Okay, if Andrea and Kooan can get sidetracked, I guess I can, too.  =op

On the runway, the judges find good and bad on each team, so there will be no winning or losing group.   Melissa, Dmitry and Fabio are the top 3, while Elena, Gunnar and Raul are at the bottom.

Wanna bet Melissa never uses a color again?

Strangely, they are mostly complimentary.  Who are these imposters, and when are KK&G coming back?

Guest judge Joanna Coles loves how the Team 5 collection is easy to wear (for corporate work.)  Heidi loves the softer fabric (the print) which makes it more feminine.

Nina likes how the Team 6 outfits are modern and editorial.

Melissa "black black black" Fleis uses blue for a change, and nabs her first win.  Will this inspire her to start using color regularly?

Raul gets the auf for his uninspired, overly ruffled outfits.

Shortly after, in the back room, Elena and Raul have trouble separating.

I Will Always Love You

Remember, dearies, it's important to burn all of the bridges you possibly can.  He who hates the most, wins.

Tune in next week when Ven complains about plus sized models.

It's Plus SEXY

Honey, just put them in black.  It makes fat people thin, and thin people invisible.  Melissa swears by it.


There's Always This, Ven

(I do believe it's time to stop typing.)



  1. discovered your blog as part of finding PR recaps that a few friends and i would enjoy reading as part of a little project runway fun & games. you're on our recap reading list! keep on entertaining us!

  2. Wow! I can't believe I'm not the only person with all of those earlier PR references going through their head (Team Luxe's 'piecework', Nicholas' and Louise's ruffles, Kenley's tulle, even Qristyl's 'plus sexy!') I seriously wonder if part of this season's screenings mandated having no knowledge of previous seasons ;-) Any reference to a 'grandpa sweater' would've convinced me outright.

    Thanks again for a very insightful and eerily nostalgic recap :-)

  3. Raul Paul! Ha ha! He could run for president with a name like that.