Friday, August 10, 2012

PRs10e4 • Women On The Go • 9 August 2012

Last week 14 designers worked as seven pairs, to create an outfit for a former PR contestant to wear to the Emmy's.   Since it was a one day challenge, the output was less than stellar.  Skinny people suddenly appeared to be fat, and both Kenley and Irina were able to steamroll right over their newer PR contestants/slaves   Funny, that actually helped them place well.  Kenley won for Ven, and Raul was auf'd for making chic Mila seem drab and dumpy.  Or, for pulling her hair out like a Barbie Cut & Style.   Dmitry and Elena each mentioned that they didn't like to work with anyone, and, to quote Elena, who does?  After the runway (be quiet, Zanna,) we learned that Andrea Katz was M.I.A.   Saw that one coming a mile away, due to the spoilers, eh?

Depression hurts.  Cymbalta can help.

Does one need to flunk an IQ test to be on PR?  I ask because Sonjia interviews that she had absolutely no idea what to expect when she was standing right outside of the new Michael Kors flagship store on Madison Avenue. 

Untie that headpiece and let your brain breathe a little, eh?   

Maybe it was a brain slug and not a scarf?

I'm sure that there is a joke in here somewhere, but it's eluding me.

Maybe I need to expect less reality in reality programming.

Thank you, Christopher.  A week later and you're still making me smile.

Tim Gunn: "Designers, on the last challenge you made the models look immense!  Remember, make them look skinny, like this."

Michael Kors: "You're upstaging me in my own store.  I vote for Ben de Lisi to replace you next season."

The designers are told to create a look for a woman on the go, with $150.  It's a Project Runway first!  Okay, not even a PR 4th or 5th.  They are also told that Andrea Katz quit, and that they assume she is alright.  Please.  She couldn't take the slightest bit of criticism from a fellow designer who respected her, and she went home to forget that PR ever even happened.  Frenemy Ven reminds us that such behavior is not becoming of a teacher.   But snarking behind one's back during an interview is just, good, helpful and right, eh?  

I guess it's as good as snarking in a blog.

Fashion is not for sissies.  Neither is color, for that matter.

Oh, change that thought.  Melissa Flies shares, "Even though Michael Kors store has a lot of vibrant colors, black black black black black black black."

Oh, Melissa, sweet delusional Melissa.  You are trying to make Irina's finale collection seem  varied and colorful, aren't you?

Melissa is crazy about black.   Or, just crazy.

Buffi interviews that she is trying to avoid pink.   That lasts about 2 minutes, eh?   My congressman is trying to avoid raising taxes, too.

After the Mood trip, Kooan has an announcement for everybody. 

"I think I should go get breast implants."

Kooan actually quits.  He hints at the cut-throat nature of the business, but I think what happened is that during the last challenge Irina broke his spirit.  They don't call her Meana Irina because she's all sunshine and rainbows.

Did one meeting with Irina inspire Kooan to become a used car salesman, or a WalMart greeter?  Nope, merely a youtube dancer.

Nina Garcia was quoted as saying that the season eight cast were quite fragile.   I think she was off by a couple of seasons, don't you?

Kooan later interviews that he wants to work his way into the fashion world on his own terms.    As he and Tim Gunn exit the room he exclaims, "Make It Work!™" but all I can think is … hypocrite.

Tim comes back in and declares that things happen for a reason, and that it is still a competition, so, in the name of fairness and equity, they bring back Raul.   We all knew this was coming, but Tim's words just seem a little OTT, even for me.

Anya remembers what you did to her, Raul.   She's not the only one.  

Is Heidi trying to audition for Flintstones III ???  

On to the runway!

Ven Budhu
A tan dress using the "Ven" rose pattern, and a meandering zipper in the front.  Yes, it meets the brief, but his POV is getting stale.  Safe.

Fabio Costa
I like the idea he had, but the bottom hem looks unfinished, the inability to line up the pattern in the back is silly, and the black jacket over the B&W wavy lines is a bit short, no?  #11 of 12.

Gunnar Deatherage
Okay, I'm back on Team Gunnar.   His outfit is clean, but not boring.  The variants in color and angle make it stand out.  Why is this merely safe?  Is it not sophisticated enough?  Safe. 

Melissa Fleis
Is a wizard's outfit appropriate for today's woman on the go?  It is not boring, but it is not meeting the brief exactly.  Kudos to Melissa for discovering another color than black — gray, or faded black. Safe.

Alicia Hardesty
White top & gray shorts.  The top is interesting, but it seems too casual for the challenge.  Safe.

Buffi Jashanmal
She couldn't stay away from the pink, and she couldn't hide her shoddy craftsmanship with it either.  Is the huge bag supposed to draw my eye away from the wonky outfit?  #12 of 12 and the auf.

Nathan Paul McDonald
Dark tan / light brown, it's well made, if a little plain.  Still, he honored the task at hand.  Safe.

Raul Osorio
Ouch!  The oversized lapels are killing me.   Raul has too many ideas in this outfit.  Was that a strategy?  #10 of 12.

Christopher Palu
Smaller black leather jacket over a black dress with a minimal line design.  It fully honors the challenge.  The silhouette is very nice.  #2 of 12. 

Dmitry Sholokhov
A simple black dress made interesting by the "X" design on the top.  Very believable for the challenge, if plain.  #3 of 12.

Elena Slivnyak
Linebacker chic outfit, but at least she discovered a rich, vibrant color to go with the black.  Oh, wait, it's just gray.   I know she likes to play with volume near the shoulders, but the lower portion ought to be fitted, then, to show off the top, yes?  Safe.

Sonjia Williams
A long sleeved dress, the bottom hem hits at above the knee.  The lines in the design are interesting and flattering, which makes up for the plain black color.  There's nothing to pick on, save for the safe color.  Sonjia finally nabs her win.  #1 of 12.

In general, the designers were playing it too safe with color.  Many had big open backs, which I find hard to believe is appropriate for work.  It was another one day challenge, and it looked like it.  Still, Ven, Sonjia and some others were able to actually finish, without construction flaws, if not design flaws.

Did you agree with the win & the auf?  For all my complaining about people's behavior, I did agree with the #1 and #12 positions.   Was Raul the right person to come back?  Do you respect Andrea and Kooan for leaving, and in the manner that they went?

I didn't think either A or K would make it to the finale.  Let's face it, Ven has this in the bag, just ask him.  Still, I did want to see more from Kooan.   

Seasons seven & eight each had 10 people showing (finalists & decoys,) during Fashion Week.  Season nine had 9.  Are you believing that the remaining 11 designers can supply a worthy 10 or 9 people worthy of showing at Fashion Week?  From whom are you yearning to see a finale collection?



  1. With the finale scheduled for September 7 they are on pace to have 8 designers show at Fashion Week, assuming one eliminated designer between now and then.

  2. OMG u r so funny!!!!

    "I think I should go get breast implants."

    Yazz! I quite cause to get breast implants!!

    Melissa "When?"
    KOOan "Right Now?"

    hahahahahahahahahaha. I still feel like i can't joke about the fact I left, but you just funny as hell

    KOOan (under construction)