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Face Off s3e2 Pirate Treasure 28 August 2012
Last week on Face Off we met the 12 contestants for season three.  Eric won the Foundation Challenge, and Rod won the Spotlight Challenge.   Joe was disqualified for walking off the set.    We assume that the weight of mistreating his teammate Tommy had finally gotten to him.  Don't worry, Joe, we still hate Ven Buddhu (PR10) more than you.

Rod won for his original concept, benefiting greatly from Roy's help on the exoskeleton.

Joe was infected by PR10's Andrea & Kooan.

Lisa Stansfield, er, Joe, we hardly knew ye.
Oh, wait a minute, you mistreated Tommy right & left.
We know enough to let you go.
Good luck in the real world with that skill set.

Morning!  L.A!  Contestants' house!  Rod is explaining how he worked so hard, he injured his left hand.  Aaah, you have another one, don't worry.

Laura finds a 'new box' on the table.  Sadly, all I can see is ...

The makeup artists pick keys from the mini-treasure chest, and head off to San Diego.  They meet up with McKenzie Westmore in front of the H.M.S. Surprise.

They get a particular inspiration, as each key opens a different chest on board, and they are matched up as follows:

Contestant • Inspiration
Nicole • Ship In A Bottle
Jason • Jewels
Rod • Seahorses
Laura • Shells
CC • Barnacles
Derek • Netting
Alana • Crabs
Tommy • Kelp
Roy • Dagger
Eric • Spyglass
Sarah • Sea Urchins

But, wait, there's more!  For the first time in Project Runway Face Off History!, There's a $5,000 cash prize that will be awarded to the winner of this Spotlight Challenge.  (Is that why there isn't a Foundation Challenge — they ran out of money for it?)

Didn't it just look like gold foil covered chocolate 'coins' to you?

The contestants sketch and plan for a while on the H.M.S. Surprise.   Hey, Keira Knightly could have been right there once, eh?  Or, at least Geena Davis.

CC is still in the planning mode hours into the challenge.  Ce n'est pas bon! 

Rod has a crises with his mold, but it comes out fine.

Well, fine enough.

 Alana has the crisis of crises, though.
It provides for great entertainment, but it can't be good for her psyche, right?
She also pulls through.   Perseverance works.

Tommy has a hair moment, and by this time I'm calling shenanigans.  In a few minutes all well be will for him, too.  Hedda Lettuce never recalls the wig.

Is it just me, or does Glenn always look like he needs a strong scrub-down? 

The 11 contestants present their looks.   Has CC always been the shortest one? 

Rod • Seahorses
Terrific look.  How innovative they are required to be, I'm not sure.  It looks sufficient for the challenge.   Safe.

Eric • Spyglass
Not much thought involved here.  The spyglass looks cheap and amateur, and yet it is the focal point.  What a let down from our Florida guy!  #9 of 11.

Roy • Dagger
Well thought out, sharp work.  It's interesting all over.  Only good enough for #3 of 11.

Tommy • Kelp
The kelp is utilized in the clothing more than in the face, but at least it is easy to grasp what the inspiration is.  Safe.

Nicole's masthead wasn't working as she had hoped it would.

 Nicole • Ship In A Bottle
There was a lot of effort put into this look.   Somehow she managed to just be safe.

CC • Barnacles
The barnacles didn't 'read' as barnacles, plus they were too uniformly applied.  The judges complained that she didn't put enough thought and effort into it.   They were right.  Worthy of the bottom.  #11 of 11 and eliminated.

Derek • Netting
 A middle of the road effort.  Okay, I take it back, nice netting effect on the forehead.  Safe

Sarah • Sea Urchin
Inspired by the cracked concrete outside, Sarah incorporated them into the look, imagining them to be where the sea urchins were growing out from the inside.  #1 of 11, our winner!

Jason • Jewels
There was a lot of useless work put into the model's appearance, without addressing the inspiration.  Holding a bunch of jewels in one's hand isn't going to cut it, Jason.   You're SO lucky you're still in!  #10 of 11.

Alana • Crabs
All that stress for nothing, huh?   Alana's crab-inspired look placed in the middle.  Safe.

 Laura • Shells
Laura's shell inspired look was strong, detailed, and yet it only placed second?  #2 of 11.

 The judges couldn't see the craftsmanship in CC's output.
They couldn't find any believable barnacles either.  
They don't really have synchronized formations in life like that.

Every time the Sea Urchin's contacts were on screen, all I could see was Yara Sofia!

Echa Pelante!

Congratulations to Sarah for her hit out of the park.   I would have only put this as #2 behind Laura's Shell look, but each was imaginative and had effort put into the entire look.

Tune in next week when they all go drag.  Oh, wait, that's dragon.  Ce n'est pas la meme chose.


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