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PRs10e1 • A Times Square Anniversary Party • 19 July 2012
First off, dear reader, thank you for stopping by.  In all fairness let me share my credentials: NONE.  I'm here neither as a fashion expert, nor as a writer.  I'm merely a fan of Project Runway, in all its incarnations.    Here's to hoping this can lead to some personal growth, and where to find all the international versions available.

Hmmm … bring a dress, make another to match.  Didn't they just do this on Project Runway All-Stars last year?   Is that why the ratings were a mere 2.013 million Thursday evening? I was hoping the news of recycled challenges meant the s3e6 Waste Not, Want Not challenge.  Still, it's nice to see them being celebrated and promoted for season 10.  And, all in all, I'm over the moon that PR & KKGG are back.

I guess I should just be happy they didn't have a Bright Light Pillow as inspiration for a dress challenge.  Oh, wait, they did with PRASs2e9, huh?  I am sick of the commercial … does this lighted blanket or pillow REALLY appeal to anyone on the planet, I mean, besides Kooan?

"This isn't Project Obnoxious!"  Oh, honey, yes it is, Gunnar made it so.  Did you enjoy seeing Cain & Abel fight?  Or, was it more like Joy Behar & Rush Limbaugh?

This week I'll just make quick comments, since the most important parts of the episode seem to be the spoilers for upcoming episodes, and Gunnar Deatherage trying to live up to his name and KILL the competition with his brattiness.

Dumpster diving?  Yes, we had Kayne mention it a bit in season three, but I just automatically thought it referred to clothing and/or furniture.  At first I thought of Fabio Costa as Osama bin Laden's fabulous gay little brother, but now I'm having visions of Dr. John Zoidberg.   Time for Latrice's five G's!

A quick aside … who designed and fitted that dress for Heidi Klum?  When you make the model look like she has a baby bump (no HK fertility jokes, heh) you've screwed up.  I mean, just ask Alison Kelly or Pamela Ptak, right?

Ven Budhu
Cohesive, with interesting detail.  #2 of 16.

Fabio Costa
Beardo weirdo has two nice, cohesive looks.  Now I feel guilty for thinking he looks like a pretty terrorist.  Safe.

Gunnar Deatherage
Very cohesive, not special enough to match the smack talk and attitude.  Safe.

Melissa Fleis
Black, black black, black black black.  Nice, but not entirely new, but the judges are fooled.   #3 of 16.

Lantie Foster
Cohesive?  Not entirely, but at least there are ideas in the 2nd look. #15 of 16.

Beatrice Guapo
Not really cohesive (no pattern on the 2nd,) but what really kills it is the lack of design.  The show was edited to highlight her lower level of construction skills, so it should be no surprise that she was #16 of 16 and auf'd.

Alicia Hardesty
Cohesive and interesting.  Safe.

Buffi Jashanmal
Cohesive, not terribly fresh.  Safe.

Andrea Katz
Cohesive, yes, but who wants to wear a lamp shade skirt?  I mean, outside of Whoville?  Scary & safe.

Kooan Kosuke
Same aesthetic and yet NOT cohesive.  How did he do THAT?  With a point of view that screams "I'm a 6 year old girl!" just how long will it take Nina to bring him down?   Not long.  #14 of 16.

Nathan Paul McDonald
Cohesive by construction, not color, which is fine. Why are they shown out of order?  Both looks are nice.  He is safe.

Raul Osorio
Not getting the cohesion.  He is safe.

Christopher Palu
Cohesive, yes, but why did B/M edit it to show the companion look first, and the original outfit second?  It gives more of a wow effect, than if they were shown in correct order.  Is that what gave him the win?  Shenanigans!  #1 of 16.

Dmitry Sholokhov
Not cohesive, but interesting, at least.

Elena Slivnyak
Cohesive, yes.  Still loving the look, but fearing the judges will think it is too costumey.  It is safe.

Sonjia Williams
Quite cohesive, more pieces, could be one to watch.  Safe.

So, from the coming attractions do you believe that Fabio Costa is the one to crack?  Sure, now that I'm getting into his work, he's having a meltdown.  It broke my heart to see Elena crying, that has to be a red herring, please, not a genuine early auffing.   

Maybe my top designers are Ven B., Fabio C., and Elena S.   There are several that I want to see more from (especially Sonjia,) and several that can go home.  Time will tell if my top 3 can actually make it to the finale, and if I can acquire any blogging skills.


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  1. Always happy to see a new blog on the BPR 'Looza List (don't worry about credentials, there is no MFA in Blogging Reality TV) - and liked your comments, thanks!