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PRs10e2 • Candy Couture • 26 July 2012

Last week we met the 16 contestants on the Road To The Runway episode 0, and saw them present two looks in the Times Square episode 1.  Ven Budhu made a great impression, as did Gunnar Deatherage, but not for the same reason.  Christopher Palu won the challenge, while Beatrice Guapo was auf'd.    Dare I say the judging seems reasonable so far?

It's morning at the Atlas apartments and some contestants are saying that the wrong person went home.  Boy, was I off, huh?  Ven is confused because he didn't win.  That's right, and I'm confused that I'm not the Ruler of the Universe, or that Susan Dey hasn't proposed to me yet.  

Are some designers too shy to show their face?  Are there truly 15 people here?

Over on the runway, Heidi gives not so subtle hints as to the next challenge, to the point that a few designers guess what is the next task:  Design an outfit of their choice made of candy, supplies coming from the Dylan's Candy Bar (the owner being the daughter of Ralph Lauren.)   $250 to spend, and then Dylan Lauren says everything for them will be half off, so, virtually, $500 to use, so there should be no shortage of materials, right?  Let's take a look, eh?

Shopping is a contact sport, like Hockey, eh?

But first … why I am certain Project Runway is completely fake and false:

We all know that models don't eat in real life.

Ven Budhu
black licorice • crushed rock candy
Impeccable construction, "stained glass" inspiration, but did anyone immediately think of Althea Harper's newspaper challenge outfit?  #1 of 15.

Fabio Costa
sour strips • crushed rock candy
Strong concept, well executed.   Safe.

Gunnar Deatherage
licorice • candy foil
Nice enough idea, but the construction wasn't as flawless
as the editors would have you believe.  #3 of 15.

Melissa Fleis
licorice • silver twist ties
Convincing leather effect, very nice.  When will she be called out for using
only black? I'll go ask Christian Siriano and Irina Shabayeva.   Safe.
Lantie Foster
umbrellas • rain boots • hard candy
Using umbrella fabric as fabric, without much actual candy?
This was the obvious one to go.   #15 of 15 & auf'd.

Alicia Hardesty
jelly beans • sour strings • gumballs
Mimicking an exposed bra isn't a strong point, but even 
worse is that the muslin is clearly showing.    Safe.

Buffi Jashanmal
sour strips • tissue paper • cotton candy
The skirt idea is old for PR, but the top is interesting enough to save her.   #14 of 15.

Andrea Katz
candy dots • umbrella • tart candy
It is quite alarming that this could be so unimaginative & have such
poor shape, and yet be in the middle.  Safe.

Kooan Kosuke
cotton candy • licorice • jelly beans
Interesting save, after failing with the 'melted' cotton candy.
At least his point of view is still there, right?   Safe.

Nathan Paul McDonald
foiled chocolate • hand bag • candy boxes
If the model didn't have to hold it up, I'd say this was a solid, impressive entry.   Safe.

Raul Osorio
gummy strips • umbrella • Life Savers
It does look like clothing, but this is clearly merely safe

Christopher Palu
licorice • rock candy
Well made, straightforward design.   Safe.

Dmitry Sholokhov
sour balls • black t-shirt
Strong impact, great use of the sour balls as beading.  Is the over-reliance on the black t-shirt the reason this is middle of the pack?  Safe.

Elena Slivnyak
pina colada licorice
The outfit is falling apart, or, to be more precise, the licorice is falling off of the muslin.  What is alarming is that the bigger problem is that she is quickly becoming a one-note.  C'mon, Elena, branch out before it's too late!  #13 of 15.

Sonjia Williams
gummy sharks • jelly beans • gumballs
Well made, believable color story, a very strong look.  #2 of 15.

Are the editors playing tricks on us?  Did Gunnar have a personality transplant between challenges?  Is Ven getting the cranky Bert edit?   Are those being edited out now going to be in the finale?  (Think about season six.)    I have to say, my original favorite, Elena, is tanking fast.   My other favorite is still Ven.   Who will join him in the finale?   Will the judges ever get to a final three again?   Who will fulfill te roles of the spoilers we read about weeks ago?


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