Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars Wish List

I saw on the web last night some spoilers as to who might be involved with Project Runway All-Stars.  No fear, there's no sharing of spoiler information here.   It did get me wondering how it compared to my original wish list of PRAS contestants for the 2012-2013 season.

Limiting it to people who did NOT compete in the 2009 All-Star Challenge (which Daniel Volsovic won) or the 2011-2012 Project Runway All-Stars* (which Mondo Guerra won,) who would you like to see compete in the next season of PRAS.

My wish list of 13 ...
s1 Kara Saun
s2 Nick Vereos
s3 J. Kayne Gillaspie
s3 Alison Kelly
s4 Jillian Lewis
s4 Jack Mackenroth
s5 Joe Farris
s6 Althea Harper
s7 Emilio Sosa
s7 Amy Serabi
s7 Maya Luz
s9 Anthony Ryan Auld
s9 Bert Keeter

There are others that I am fully interested in seeing, but they didn't place as well as these.  I do assume that Maya Luz cannot compete, due to her dropping out of her original season, but, it's a wish list, eh?   Was anyone surprised that Kathleen "Sweet P" Vaughn participated in BOTH past versions of Project Runway All-Stars?   I didn't think that was fair, even though I enjoy her and her work.  Will she be in the next PRAS, too?  I'm going to have to start calling her Daniella Franco.

I've seen other bloggers request an all-winner All-Stars.  I'd love that.    I wish Jay McCarroll would earn the win again, so that he could truly accept the entire prize package.   Hey, that makes me wonder … you do know about the scuttlebutt that the PR All-Star Challenge was created to give Daniel Volsovic a win (to right the "wrong" that he lost to Chloe Dao)** and that PRAS the series was brought about to give Mondo Guerra a win (to right the "wrong" that he lost to Gretchen Jones.)   If one were to continue that line of thought … will Viktor Luna take part in the next PRAS, so he can have a win (to right the "wrong" that non-sewer Anya Young-Chee won PR9?)  What do you think?

Do you follow Top Chef?  Did you see Top Chef All-Stars?   I watched Tiffani Faison redeem herself in All-Stars by acting sweeter, more grown up, than how she did on her original season.   Following that, I watched Kenley Collins on last year's PRAS, and it was so nice to see her a bit nicer.   Do you watch to see not only how the contestants have progressed in their work, but also in how they conduct themselves?  Do you want to see if someone else 'grew up?'   Alright, part of me wants to know if Stephen "Suede" Baum still refers to himself in the third person.  Wouldn't that put a smile on your face if he never did that again?

So, now I need to know who is participating in the next PRAS.  Thank GOD for the internet, that I don't have to wait till it airs on Lifetime in the Winter.  

* I am going to refer to the 2009 PRAS Challenge as season one, and the 2011 filmed, 2012 aired PRAS as season two.  The next season will be season three.  The rest of the world disagrees and forgets that the 2009 PRAS Challenge existed.   I'm sure Daniel Volsovic doesn't! 

** I do NOT subscribe to this belief in any way or manner.   I'm on Team Chloe all the way!

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