Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Walking  2 22 May 2018

I walked a couple of miles early this morning in the fog.  Now to dry off in front of the A/C & the fan.


Friday, May 18, 2018

RuPaul's Drag Race s10e09Breastworld17 May 2018

Last time on RPDR the queens paid tribute to Cher.   Here's how they placed:

(1) Kameron Michaels, (2) Eureka O'Hara, (3) Monét X Change

(4) Miz Cracker, (5) Aquaria, (6) Asia O'Hara

(7) The Vixen placed last and was sent home to rage against Eureka forevermore.
After The Vixen's elimination, the six remaining queens go back to the 'werk' room.   No one can figure out if The Vixen meant 'triumph' or Pres. Trump.'   Or, ''IHATEEUREKA.''
Asia interviews that being in the bottom two has reinvigorated and reconnected her to drag and to excel at it.   We'll see.   She's certainly getting a big edit here.
On the couch, Kameron blurts out that it feels weird that she won.   She does Cher impersonating in real life.   Shouldn't that make it easier for her, not harder?   Is Kameron over-focusing to the point of
 missing the big picture.    She did win the Cher challenge, after all.  Shouldn't she have had some peace that, at the very least, she wasn't gonna be in the bottom two?   Odd.

Kameron interviews that she wants to be a doer, not a talker.  She didn't share with anyone (except Eureka, right?) that she was known for doing Cher back home in NY.  She didn't want to have to deal with the expectation of her winning the challenge.   Hmmm.

Aquaria is mystified that she was 5th out of 7.   The others mention various reasons why.   I guess it doesn't occur to her that she might have a closer score to the winner than the loser?  I don't know, but she doesn't either.   XD
Next day in the work room, Miz Cracker jokes that Aquaria's talent only appears when no one is watching, like Michigan J. Frog on the W.B.

Hey!  The Pit Crew grew!   It's 'Concentration' just like it was a few seasons ago.  But, this time it is a different underwear sponsor:  Rounder Bum.

I guess I can get behind that.

Aquaria wins!   But, there's no prize for the win.   Will there be a pay off later?
The maxi challenge is to act in the new, edgy, confusing TV cable drama "Breastworld."   Ah, there IS a pay off for winning the mini challenge:   Aquaria can divvy out the roles.  

She takes a back seat and lets everyone pick their own parts.   Aquaria ends up with a part with hardly any words.   Ruh-roh!
On the Ru-thru, Aquaria is questioned as to why she gave out the roles the way that she did.   Ru reminds her to stand out, even with few words.   Ru seems to be telling each queen to put themselves into every single role.
Ru compliments Monét on the wig she is wearing.  Ru reminds her she hasn't won any challenges.
Eureka chose her part because it was someone loud.   She can do loud.   Ru tells her to make sure it pops.
Ru asks Kameron how she thinks she won the Cher challenge.   Kameron doesn't really answer the question well.  Ru tells Kameron that now is the time to break out.  No being timid!
Asia will play Para Sailing (Sarah Palin.)   Asia explains why she is comfortable with the conservative side of things.   Ru reminds her she missed out on an opportunity during Snatch Game.  (Going with someone else from Destiny's Child OTHER than Beyonce.)   She asserts that Asia has to remember who she is.
Miz Cracker is Julie the hostess.  (Think Jule the cruise director from The Love Boat.)   Ru asks her why she hasn't won any challenges.   She tells Miz Cracker she can tell that M.C. prepares, but that she is not in synch with the others when she performs in a group setting.   Ru tells her not to use her cleverness as a tool to keep people away.   Wow.

They film with Michelle & Ross directing.  
Finally!   Some tongue—and foreshadowing, too, eh?
Miz Cracker doesn't know about The Love Boat at all.   Youth.

When Eureka uses the hair dryer to shoot someone, there is no build up.   (Remember, if it is an acting challenge on RPDR, it's an OVERacting challenge.)  Eureka is acting timid.
I swear, I put more into it when I swat at a fly.

Eureka has to say the name "Ivy Winters" but she can't say it like all of season five, RuPaul and LaToya Jackson have all along.   I wonder why?
Not "I Wonder Why."
Eureka doesn't get it, even after the rest of the people in the room do it in unison.   Oy!
Aquaria has to be told how to intonate on "Okrrrrrrrrrr!" like LaGanja used to do in season 6.   Wow, does everyone kind of forget what happened in past seasons?
Kameron struggles with diction through her wailing.   Ross & Michelle seem to let it slide without correcting her every single time.
"I will sell this house today."  Ha!

When Asia comes on set near the end, she breathes life into the room.   Ross & Michelle are over the moon.   Hmmm.   Guess who will be winning this week, am I right?
On the runway, Ru is joined by Michelle, Ross, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson.  They watch the acting scene, and the runway theme is 2069, to show how they will look in fifty years.  Or, fifty one.

Miz Cracker

Asia O'Hara

Monét X Change


Eureka O'Hara

Kameron Michaels

No one completely fails the acting challenge, but Eureka seems to miss many chances to shine, and Kameron hasn't dialed it all the way up to ten.    That can't be good.

Miz Cracker killed the runway.   Ross is glad she was prepared for the acting challenge, but Ross found her unable to take direction, she was thinking about it all too too much.
Michelle had fun with Kameron's runway look & antics.    She calls Kameron's acting one note, instead of multi-layered.   Michelle is especially upset that she didn't milk the epiphany monologue for all it was worth.   Ross thinks K's tattoos should have been covered up for the role.
Abbi & Michelle praise Monét for her work, it was very funny.   Michelle loved her ad libs.  Abbi didn't even realize they WERE ad libs, which is a HUGE compliment.
Michelle can't find any age on Aquaria, she looks great, but not fifty (-one) years in the future.)   Ru is giving it a pass.  Abbi calls her acting her favorite performance.   She could tell Aquaria was having fun with it.  Ilana found the robot Dyslexia relatable.  Wait, what?
Ross asks Eureka to explain her old age look.   She responds by sharing about her love of the coat.   (Any age could wear the coat, except maybe toddler.)   Ross says he could tell that the coat was not chosen for it's use on an old-age runway look.   Michelle notes Eureka didn't seem connected, on set or in the final cut.  Michelle notes that she still kind of popped, but Ross is mad because he knows she is SO much better than what she gave.
Michelle ain't buyin' Asia's runway look.   Abbi likes the top, if not the bottom.   Ilana loved the acting portion a great deal.   Ross is glad it wasn't so 100% spot on Sarah Palin, but a mix of SP and Asia O'Hara.

Over on Untucked, Eureka and Kameron are convinced they are bottom two, but no one else seems to agree.

Monét X Change is safe, placing third..
Asia O'Hara wins the challenge, and—
a 4 night stay at Frog Meadow Farm, Newfane, VT.
Frog, get it?
Aquaria is safe, placing second.
Miz Cracker is safe, placing fourth.

That means Kameron & Eureka are the bottom two.   I am *guessing* that Kameron fared better than Eureka, solely from the editing.   Plus, Eureka's runway was weaker.
Kameron & Eureka lip synch to Patti LaBelle's 1985 #17 pop, #3 soul, #1 dance hit "New Attitude" from the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

It seemed just average to me, but Ru was compelled to keep BOTH of them on.   That's right, no one went home.   

Ru seems to think they were both stupendous.  I am guessing maybe they didn't do TOO TOO badly on the challenge?   I don't know.   At least Kameron got the runway right.   Seems to me like Eureka could have gone home at this point, even if I am truly in awe of her talent ... usually.

Will someone go home next week?   Will it be Monét or Miz Cracker as rumored?   Who are you rooting for?   Do you want The Vixen to come back?