Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Face Off s7e13 Creature Carnage 21 October 2014

Last week the top five contestants created beautiful fairies inspired by tragic natural disasters.

Cig won with his ice fairy.

Stella was let go for her wingless work.

Before we get into the latest episode, let's take a look at some statistics.  Here's how the top four have done all season on a simple point system, 3 points for winning, 2 for top 2, 1 for top 3, 0 for safe, etc.

Is that pretty much how you are thinking about their work thus far?  Dina & Cig are inevitably in the finale, right?   The only question will be whether it is Drew or George joining them.

The last four contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Universal DC Stages to learn of their next challenge:  Create an oversized monster  (think King Kong or Godzilla.)  The choices are Yeti Crab, Mantis, Sloth, Squid and Pterodactyl.  No one picks the Pterodactyl.

"Why didn't anyone pick the Pterodactyl?"

Clifton Collins, Jr. joins McKenzie to give some advice (originality, attention to detail,) and then they are off to sketch.   Each seems to have a reasonable vision.  They head back to the work room, start sculpting, and suddenly —

It's Westmore Time!

George gets color advice, and maybe an 'it was nice knowing you' handshake.

Michael likes Dina's face work. She gets painting advice, too.

Drew is told to score the inside of the neck area, so the model can move freely, believably.

Cig wants to make the Yeti Crab ape-like.   Mr Westmore tries to steer him back to the main idea, away from the gorilla look.

On day two George doesn't like how his chest piece is still soft.   He moves on to polyfoam.  One moment he is dreading the horrible paint job, and another he is saying how proud he is of it.  Ugh.

On reveal day, Drew finds a ton of imperfections in his cowl.  He will still use it, the holes are on the 'burn' side of his look, so it will work.

George struggles to get his model into the suit.  Ha!

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page is Clifton Collins, Jr.





Glenn calls Drew's work successful, but he wants a better burn area.  Lois deems him wise for focusing on the head and hands.  Neville doesn't think it reads 'giant."   Clifton thinks the head looks real.


Lois admired Cig's face, and profile.   Neville doesn't see enough crab, he sees bumble bee.  Clifton likes the back.

George's guy is a genetic experiment.

"I resent that!"

Nevilla likes the profile, and compliments his sculpting ability.    He doesn't like the color, though.  Clifton loves it. Hmm.  Glenn compliments his enthusiasm.  What?  Sounds like they are trying to let him down easy.

The judges love the eye work that Dina did.  Neville applauds the completeness of her work.

Dina is the winner and advances to the finale.

Cig moves on to the finale.

And, Drew makes it in as well.

Drew won the season's fan favorite contest, and the corresponding $10,000. 

Poor George.  Glenn has kind parting words.

Is that how you saw it going down?   I knew Dina & Cig were moving forward, but I was having trouble guessing between Drew and George, even if Drew was improving and George was recently in the bottom.

Next week:  Does Dina take the crown?

"Of course she does."


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Project Runway s13e13 Finale: Part 1 16 October 2014

Last time on Project Runway the five remaining contestants created street chic looks, 

and also transformed losing looks of their peers into winning looks.  Well, they were *supposed* to.

Char, Amanda, Sean & Kini advanced to create finale collections.  Judging was mixed for most, with Kini earning the most praise.

Emily was let go because Nina couldn't see her personality in the Samantha Plasencia evening dress reconfiguration.

"I am designer.  Please insert fabric."

This season, instead of sending them home to work, Tim took them on a field trip to Rome, Italy.  They spend $9,000 on fabric there, and at home.  When they get home, they have five weeks to put together their collections.

On the home visits Kini's attention to detail is admired.

Char is urged to make her looks cohesive. 

Amanda hears "whirling dirvish."

Sean has to axe half of his collection!

And there was that.

When they all come back, the judges want to see three looks from each.  Funny, they never had to do this before, to someone who was genuinely moving forward to show at Fashion Week.   Don't worry, no one gets eliminated.

"It's so unfair!"

Let's see the three looks they brought before Heidi, Zac, Nina, and mum Tim:





Sean's collection was inspired by Cesar.

"I get it!  The fringe represents the hair of a Lhasa Apso *and* a Komondor."

Well, no, it is supposed to represent the life & death of Julius Cesar.   Evidently he consumed a great deal of citrus, as the orange portions are to represent his blood.

Heidi calls it fresh, modern and young.  Zac calls it exciting, and likes the styling, too.   Nina likes that he used separates.  She hates the overuse of fringe.  (She ain't the only one!)  Nina accuses him of going one-note with it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

"You be quiet.  I'll be back soon enough to take care of you!"

Char wanted her collection to be youthful, fresh, sleek and fun.  Heidi likes it, but doesn't see any cohesion.  Nina hates the middle look.  Zac likes the B&W number.  Heidi and Nina want to see Char's personal attitude and style in the collection.  Zac agrees.

Amanda loved all the details of the buildings in Rome, and the graffiti, too.  Zac LOVES the jewelry that Amanda designed.  Nina likes the first look the best.  She wants the zipper reworked (no more overt zippers, take that seasons 7, 8 and 9!) 

Poor Kini gets beaten up by the judges.  The hair & makeup are all wrong, and the collection seems to be made for an old lady.   Nina tells Kini that pieces could be salvaged if paired with the right new pant or top, that Kini has yet to make.

Poor Kini breaks down in the back room.  I don't blame him.

Will Kini rise to the challenge?

Will Seth Aaron and Valerie Mayen be able to cope now that the exposed zipper is passe?

Will the designers do so poorly that the judges have to bring back Korina to win the whole thing?