Sunday, October 15, 2017

Walking • 3 • 15 October 2017

I did some minor food shopping just now, in the middle of the night.  Three more miles to log.  Yipp and eee.  These next two weeks will be the busiest for packing/downsizing as I move (only 2-3 miles away from where I am today.)  Pray for me, wish me luck, whatever you can do, have mercy on me.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Project Runway s16e09  A "Little" Avant Garde  12 October 2017

Not sure how I managed to obliterate the entire post.
Life's an adventure when you're blind.   Trust & believe.
I had a post here late Friday night.
It was still here Sunday mid-day. 
By Sunday 2p it was gone.

What can I say, I'm gifted.

Last time on Project Runway we pick up with the cliffhanger:  The twin duel.  It didn’t last long, it was cut short with Shawn quitting, 15 minutes into the hour long battle.   That means Claire stayed.   Shawn placed 10th for the season.

The remaining nine designers had to design a print for a ‘woman on the go,’ with the print also being placed on a Dixie cup.   So, theoretically, said woman could hide that she was holding a cup, yes?

Claire won the challenge,

beating out Kentaro and Kenya for the win.

At that point Michael walked off the stage.

And, that brings us to *this* episode.

Michael spoke with production, and then with Tim, and Margarita butted in for a bit.

Meanwhile, Kenya was inspired to reenact Latrice Royale's "Large Marge" part in Hot In Tuckahoe's "Queens Behind Bars."   You know, 'Get those nuts away from my face!"

The judges aren’t too phased about Claire’s ‘being inspired’ by what is going on around her.  Yolanda Hadid admonishes the designers for focusing on other people are doing, as opposed to pouring their energies into their own work.  Nina and Zac chime in, agreeing.

So, Claire wins the print challenge, and $25,000.   Kentaro, Kenya and Margarita (thanks to immunity) are safe.   Bottom two are Michael and Batani, and Batani is out.

When Tim comes in to chat with everyone in the back waiting room, it comes out that Claire did indeed have a measuring tape in the apartment, and it was used.   Therefore, she broke the rules, does not win the challenge or the money, and is eliminated.

That means Batani gets to stay.

Sometimes in these over long, meandering recaps, I only present what I observe, without commentary.  But today, well, I cannot be on board with how Margarita and Michael acted through all of this.   I think Claire had a right to be confronted and eliminated long ago.   By not addressing the problem, however, but acting like a spoiled brat day after day is not the way to deal with it.

In other words, when there is a problem, you speak about it right away.  Not decades later.  And, yes, I can hear all of America referencing Harvey Weinstein.    I can’t imagine the trauma that someone goes through when they are sexually accosted, or even just verbally assaulted, but, when someone sins against you like that, it should be dealt with on the spot.

I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers.   But, when someone mistreats you, do not stay silent like a Type C person, smiling on the outside, but raging like a storm on the inside.  (And not even believably.)   And don't just speak another language around them.

Margarita and Michael are shown regretting that Claire left.   I'm sure they're crying for Harvey, too.   I do value their design work.  I don’t honor their behavior.

Tim had announced that there was no winner
with Claire's obliteration.  Don't you believe it.  

Dixie picks Brandon's print to go on the Dixie cups, and they show him sitting down with Bossong, and three of his designs.  He gets the exposure and the $25,000.  Is that real enough?

Next day the Shopkins have taken over the runway.   Heidi is sleeping in.  Tim divvies out the challenge.

"Hello, young lady."

"Hello, old man-ee."

Joining Tim on the runway are Kotomi Manjo, Shopkins U.S. Marketing Director, and seven quite young Shopkins Shoppies super fan experts.  They are to create an avant garde look, inspired by a Shopkins Shoppie.

"Don't you even—"

It’s a one day avant grade challenge.    They will have $300 at Mood.  But first, they sketch and kvetch with their super fans.   The designers are to be inspired by the conversation, and the particular doll that the fan brings to them.

Shopkins will put into production the winning garment (for one of the dolls) and the winner gets $5,000.  

Brandon is a bit overwhelmed with the chocolate dripping inspiration for his look.   Hmmmm.

The rest seem to be doing alright with their consultations.

Kenya even has time to promote the Pilot pens.
Nothing screams safe middle like promoting one of the sponsors.

Amy interviews how derailed she feels.   Isn’t that a little too early to be counting herself out?   Yeah, I think we’re being given a Loser Edit.   That’s a shame, I like Amy.   Actually, I like everybody still in the competition at this point.

During Tim’s check-in, he praises Batani for having color and print again.   He thinks the design is a bit much, he wants the black pieces gone.

Kentaro needs to build his work on the model.   And that’s it?

Margarita is sculpting with foam under fabric.  Tim likey.

Kenya is using wire for tendrils.   Like Brandon’s typical work?
Make sure Margarita doesn't find out, honey.

Ayana says she is freaking out.  Tim demands she eliminate many of her fabrics, and to focus on her silhouette.

Michael is constructing a jump suit inspired by a disco ball.  Tim wants him to watch every detail.

Amy has gone from making a coat to making a coat dress.   Tim buys the coat bit, but not the lower dress part.  He doesn’t like that the fabric on the bottom looks like cheap pantyhose.   

Tim is concerned that Brandon is going slow, and that Brandon is having trouble.  He comes up with something on the spot.  Good man!

During model fitting we learn that there will be a lot of skin shown on Batani’s look with Monique.

Makes me think of RPDR s5, eh?

"It wasn't pretty, let me tell you."

"Those back rolls are Photoshoped!  I'm an emaciated dancer!"

Michael interviews again, bitching about Brandon.   He does this nearly every week.   I am assuming at this point that this is all leading up to an episode where there is a bit of a confrontation between the two?   Or, judging from how zen (asleep) Brandon has been in the past, just Michael going ape-!@#$ crazy.  Jealousy is entertaining, but it ain’t pretty.  Maybe they are bottom two next week.   Or Michael gets Brandon disqualified and obliterated.

Let’s cut to the runway.  Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina is Kate Upton.  Geez, another week without a decent fashion representative.   You know, where are Rachel Roy, Cynthia Crowley, Tracee Ellis Ross, Matthew Williamson, Roland Mouret or even Michael Kors? 

And whose dog was that?  Adorable.

Brandon Kee


Kenya Freeman

Ayana Ife

Kentaro Kameyama

Amy Bond

Margarita Alvarez

Michael Brambila

Heidi praises them all for doing so well.   She calls out Kenya and Kentaro as middle safe and sends them away.  She also tells them there are four in the top and two in the bottom, and that one … or more … will be out.

Kate calls Ayana’s look a showstopper.  Heidi is amazed how much got done for a one day challenge.  Zac wrote surrealist Bo-Peep.  Nina loves the bows.  (She said that last year for Alex, right?)  The judges are all beaming, she’s gotta be a top.

Michael’s theme was a melting disco ball.  Nina praises the construction, and sees sci-fi in it.  Kate likes the way it honors the body, even with the fun extra bits.  Heidi enjoys it from every angle.  Zac immediately understood the melting disco ball.

Brandon couldn’t cope with the chocolate inspiration.   Zac thinks it is cool and sophisticated.  Kate likes the neck work.  Nina tell him ‘good job’ and … that’s it?   Ah, not top 2, I bet.

Batani did not wow Heidi, she sees scraps haphazardly thrown together.   It looks like it is falling apart.   Nina thinks she ran out of time.   She doesn’t understand if it was really unfinished, or if she chose to go wonky.  Zac tells her it ain’t working.  The cut out is unflattering.  Kate agrees, Batani’s deconstruction is poorly executed.

Amy’s inspiration was a garment that had extra parts snapping on & off.   Heidi thinks it is anemic compared t the others.  Zac find it boring, she didn’t take a risk.  Nina wanted to see her push herself, instead of being timid.  Kate was into the collar, but, nothing else.

Margarita’s little friend was envisioning an Academy Award red carpet dress, and Margarita ran with that idea.  Heidi sees pretty clouds.   Zac admires the draping.  Nina appreciates the use of different textiles, calls it on point.

Michael wins the challenge!

In addition to Michael, Ayana, Brandon and Margarita are all safe.

Bottom two are Amy and Batani, and they are both out.

Did you think Heidi was just delivering an empty threat with the “one … or more of you” spiel?

So, we have a top six.
Who do you think will make it to the finale?
Who do you WANT to make it to the finale?

Here is how they rank now, using the typical point system (3 points for every win, 2 points for every 2nd place, 1 point for every 3rd, etc.)

Did you see it going that way?
Did you think Heidi was bluffing
with her “or more” verbiage?

Tune in next week when Margarita & Michael get someone else disqualified and kicked out.

Well, no, but it will be an unconventional materials challenge.
And, Brandon will be given a car, just because.

Maybe the next challenge is inspired by Kara Janx’s season 2, episode 8 outfit.

“I beg to differ.”