Monday, January 15, 2018

Walking  3  15 January 2018

Walked 3 miles this afternoon.   There is major construction on the road I took.  I saw a funny side street sign (right road is pictured, but the sign wasn't up at the time of this older photo.)    That's the intersection of Hoffner Avenue and Beatles Lane.   No, not Penny Lane.   And, no, not Bethel's Lois Lane.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Walking  2  13 January 2018

Did some minor shopping this morning, walked 2 miles.   Now time for a nap.   With a doggie preferably.

Project Runway All Stars s6e02
Damsels In Distress  11 January 2018

Last time, on the return of PRAS, 8 veterans and 8 rookies competed as two teams.

Someone was confused with the Chyron.

The vets chose Spring.

They lost.

The newbies were handed  Fall.

They won.

Merline beat out Char and Edmond for the win.

Ari South got an honorable mention from the judges.

Helen & Ken were in the bottom three,

but Carlos Casanova beat them to be eliminated first.

The designers meet up with host/judge Alyssa Milano in the work room to find all sorts of tools and items with which to distress and manipulate fabric.   It’s an Apocalyptic challenge!

But, not like RPDRs4e01, evidently.   Ru won’t be guest judging.   And, it’s six years after the end of the world, 2012.   And not just ‘cause that’s when I went blind.

It’s a one day challenge, with $200 at Mood.   The looks are supposed to show that they were distressed, and they are to be fashion forward, as always.

I guess Stanley is still being influenced by the s11 winner, Michelle Lesniak, with that chartreuse, huh?

Anthony William is getting SO much air time, he’s not only winning, he’s uniting the Democrats and Republicans, ending all substance abuse, and curing cancer.

So far Joshua is the only one I can see
giving the inadvertent tongue this season.

Ya know, when mentor Anne Fulenwider shows up for her critique breeze by, it all goes by so fast, it doesn’t seem fair to even acknowledge it.   She tells many of them that she doesn’t see any distressing.  She tells Stanley no prom dress.

Anne tells the designers that if she likes the winner, it will be featured in the pages of Marie Claire.   Nothing is ever mentioned again.   Evidently, she didn't like it.   A simple Google search got me nothing but Anthony's light cyan dress that HK wore on the cover, back in 2009-2010.

Then we get a lot of interviewing about copying LaShauwn Beyond’s 2012 mispronunciation of Apocalyptic couture.  Yeah, let’s see more designing & mentoring.  Please.

At least we still have the porn.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac is guest judge Danielle Brooks.

Candice Cuoco
Blow Torch • Fake Blood • Grater

Char Glover
Charcoal • Grater

Helen Castillo
Bleach • Blow Torch • Utility Knife

Ken Laurence
Bleach • Blow Torch • Fake Blood

Kimberly Goldson
Bleach • Fire • Sander

Kelly Dempsey
Grater • Utility Knife

Amanda Valentine
Fake Blood • Razor • Tea Bags

Ari South
Bleach • Blow Torch

Joshua McKinley
Paint Balls • Soldering Iron

Merline Labissiere
Blow Torch • Fake Blood • Grater

Fabio Costa
Bleach • Blow Torch • Heat Gun

Edmond Newton
Blow Torch • Shredder • Spray Paint

Stanley Hudson
Blow Torch • Charcoal • Spray Paint

Melissa Fleis
Blow Torch • Sander • Spray Paint

Anthony Williams
Charcoal • Blow Torch

The judges praise them all for doing such a great job.

Alyssa calls out Ari, Merline, Stanley, Char, Kelly & Anthony as the top and bottom dwellers.  The rest are sent out back.

Anthony’s girl had to traipse through fire.   The judges are highly complimentary.   Isaac is worried Anthony isn’t cognizant of all of his abilities.

Stanley’s muse was at the opera.  Georgina calls it cheap.  Danielle likes the color, but not how plain it is.  Isaac hates the color.

Merline’s alien is wearing her floor plan as an outfit.  Isaac loves it.  Georgina appreciates the better construction (than last time.)  Alyssa likes the 3D elements.

Char went foreperson uniform.   The judges LOVE the ‘pants w/a train’ idea, but not much else.  

“The writing on the back looks 'Party City' to me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Kelly’s girl dances so much she sets the world on fire.   Isaac tells Kelly they are going to do lunch.   Wait, what?  Danielle likes the accessories more than the outfit.   Georgina sees too many ideas, and not enough attention to the challenge, the outfit.

Ari thinks volcanos are going to overwhelm the earth.   Some judges like the dress better than the coat.  Isaac seems to be the other way around.

Here’s how they placed:

      1.  Anthony
      2.  Merline
      3.  Ari

     13. Char
     14. Stanley
     15. Kelly

It’s a bit much to take on board, that Kelly went home so early.   Even with knowing the spoilers, the first five to go home.

Tune in next week when the designers dress up and go out to dinner … and work in pairs!  

Are Melissa and Ari next to go?