Wednesday, May 4, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e09
The Realness • 2 May 2016 

Last time on RPDR Ru threw a Book Ball,
where the top 5 had to present three different looks,
including one made entirely from books.

Kim Chi won the challenge.

Naomi Smalls placed 2nd

Chi Chi DeVayne was 3rd.

Bob The Drag Queen placed 4th.

Derrick Barry came in fifth for the challenge, and fifth for the season.

It’s music video filming day!  Ru introduces Jayson Whitmore, who will be their director for Ru’s “The Realness” video.

Some people who know me well in real life are cracking up.  He reminds them of my primary doctor, sans white coat and barely there glasses.

First is “float-ography.”  They lip synch while appearing to be floating in air.  

Kim Chi falls off her black box, so to speak.

Second is an avant garde section where they walk and pose.

Chi Chi keeps tripping over her dress.    Um, no inspiration to use a pair of scissors?   Incredible.

Third is lip synching and posing in front of a mirror.

Except, somehow Naomi never finds the mirror.

At the end Bianca Del Rio has a cameo, making fun of her missing episode 1, remember, where all the other winners posed in a photo shoot.

But, they did have a clown to sub for her.

On the runway the theme is ‘very best drag.’   It's just Ru, Michelle, Carson & Ross judging this week.

Bob The Drag Queen

Chi Chi DeVayne

Kim Chi

Naomi Smalls

Ru pulls out the pics of the top 4 as little kids, and asks them to share wisdom they know today with the little child they were then.   Kim breaks down, sobbing “life will get better” but gets through it.  The other three do alright, without crying.  But, Kim Chi had the best line:  “Take dance lessons!"

“Ha, HA!”

Michelle thanks Kim Chi for her artistic runway looks throughout the season.
Does that bode well for the win?

Carson thanks Naomi for her alien look during the video.
Maybe that means something for her?

Each is asked why they should be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar.  Note that they weren’t asked who should NOT continue.   Interesting.   Is it because there is such a bond between the top 4?

The four of them lip synch on stage to Ru’s “The Realness,” in place of the lip synch for the bottom two.

Ru lets Chi Chi go, she places fourth for the season.   Ross had it right, her runway look, while beautiful, was safe, predictable, and, well, she did mess up during the filming, more often than Kim Chi.

Are you happy with the finalists?   Do you have a favorite?   I want Kim Chi to win so badly, but I’m okay with each of the other two winning.   Bob is so funny, and Naomi is so gorgeous, and slays the runway, but Kim Chi brings beauty and runway looks that we haven’t seen so much of before, especially on the show.  That’s my take, do with it what you may.

Like a couple of other seasons, I would be happy if all three had a show that I could watch ever week.

Will there be an All-Stars season this Fall like there was after season four?   Fingers crossed.   Could Manila Luzon get a third chance at the crown?

“Doesn’t everybody, eventually?”


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e12  Prince Of Prints  28 April 2016
Please pardon the lateness of my posts during these months of recovery from foot surgery. 
I'm only able to handle being at the computer for a few minutes at a time..
Also, I had trouble finding good pics, or a good source for pics.  Such is life.


Last time on PRAS the five remaining contestants created
avant garde looks inspired by a particular piece of art.

The top 3 looks seemed to be at least close to bona fide avant garde.
Wait a minute, I take it back.  Haven't burglars been using
Kini's stocking over the face look for years?

The bottom two missed the avant garde brief, huh?
So, when Alyssa let Sam know that
he *barely* squeaked by, I believed it.

I could also hardly believe that uber-talented Emily was eliminated.
I would have kept her and let Sam go.

How about Ken's reaction in the lounge afterwards, huh?

Throughout the competition Kini has whined and complained to everyone ELSE but Sam about Sam taking credit (by not saying anything) on the runway for Kini's work back in episode three.   Kini, I don't blame you for how you feel.  Anyone would feel the same way.  However, it should have been handled right there on the runway critiques of episode 3.  Anytime afterward is too late.

As soon as Ken learned about the facts involved, he took it upon himself to judge and correct Sam.   I believe I agree with his assessment of how horrid Sam's actions were, but, to me, his anger is completely misplaced.   When one doesn't like a judge's decree, one should complain TO THE JUDGE, not to a fellow competitor.   In other word's, if my brother does wrong, it's not my place to judge & correct him.   I have enough of my own problems to deal with.  Maybe when I'm perfect (don't hold your breath!) then I can devote my life to correcting others.

Yeah, that's all I'm doing here.   Dear God, don't let me ever act like what we saw on PRAS this season.   Help me to be gracious like Emily, or Val.

This will indeed be short.
My foot is still a mess,
but I'll probably be able to keep  what's left of it.
Woo AND hoo.

The challenge to whittle down the contestants from four to three:  Create a print, pair it with a print purchased at Mood, and amaze the judges.  We finally see Nina Garcia, and she introduces Barbara Meyer of OttherBox.

No, not like that.

The winner of the challenge gets to design a cover for OtterBox.  Not the winner's own print will be used on Otterbox, but they get to THEN design one for 'em.

Soon we get an edit of the great makeup between Ken & Sam.  Maybe this speaks more to my state of mind than anything else, but Ken's non-apology apology to Sam for how he acted, for how he treated Sam, was downright weak.   He explained it away by saying that that is just how he is.   What would have happened if O.J. Simpson or Jeffry Dahmer used THAT explanation in court, huh?   The "that's just how I roll" defense.    "I'm just keepin' it real."  I think I'm gonna go rob a few banks and use that as my justification.   Should work out just fine, eh?

Sam, I can't figure out if it was right to accept the non-apology.   But, good on you for being able to do so.  I guess.

Let's cut to the runway.   Nina was the guest judge!





The judges were mildly disappointed with Dom's & Sam's original prints.  They were QUITE disappointed with Kini's & Ken's.  They liked what they purchased more than what they made. However, Dom & Kini were in the top, and Sam & Ken were in the bottom.

Dom won the challenge, and a chance to collaborate with OtterBox.    She and Kini are definitely in the finale.

Sam & Ken were bottom two, and, you saw it coming, they get one hour and prior looks to create a new look.   

Sam's was interesting but not wonderfully made.   It looks like an hour's worth of work   He did not have a dress he had worked on before.

Ken's was quite well constructed, but a more timid design.   It does NOT look like it took merely one hour, though.   But, then, he made the one he used primarily.   So, in essence, he started out ahead of Sam.  The judges kept on Ken, and sent Sam packing.

I don't know.   To me, Sam earned the auf way back on episode five.  You know, the birthday suits winter wear challenge, when he & Val were bottom two.

I would have preferred to have Emily in the top 3, but, I am sure that these three will create interesting finale looks.  Dom for the win, eh?  No, I haven't seen any finale spoilers yet.

In the meantime, let's binge watch Project Catwalk season 3, eh?

Or maybe cable news.