Friday, January 18, 2019

Walking  6 18 January 2019
I walked six miles today, on a new path.   I've been dragging ever since.   My nose is a faucet.   I can hardly wait for Spring in Florida (Winter) to be over.   XD


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Walking  13 •  17 January 2019
I walked 13 miles today.   It was about time I did more than 5, huh?   Let's see what I do tomorrow, though.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Walking  6 •  16 January 2019
I walked six miles today, on a new route.   Since I'm new to Clearwater, almost every day is a new adventure.   Yes, I'm using the white cane, most of the time.   XD

Walking  4 •  15 January 2019
I walked 4 miles yesterday, and felt ill the rest of the day.   I forgot to log in until today.   But, I'm much better today, thank God.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Walking  7 •  14 January 2019
I walked seven miles today.    Maybe I can do a little more each day, huh?


Sunday, January 13, 2019

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars s4e05
Friday, January 11, 2019
Roast In Peace

Last week the queens were litigants on Jersey Justice. Everyone did pretty well except for Latrice Royale and Monét X Change. Manila Luzon and Monique Heart won the challenge, and Monique won the lip synch, so she chose to send Latrice (who was the worst) home.

Back in the work room, Manila reveals she would have sent Monét home, since Latrice is her dear friend.   The others bond, hold hands and give Manila the cold shoulder.

Next filming day Ru is there!  The main challenge this week is to roast Lady Bunny at her funeral. Hmmm. Perhaps the idea is to make Lady Bunny (who will appear in a coffin) laugh?

Since Monique won the last main challenge and lip synch, she comes up with the order of the roasters.   She puts Manila last, in hopes that she isn’t strong enough to close the show.

On the Ru-thru, Monét is reminded to go hard.  They seem to have a good rapport.

Valentina admits that she isn’t funny. Ru tries to steer her in the right direction.  It’s not working!   Her days must be numbered.  Minutes, too.

Trinity is feeling the pressure, she wants to make sure she does well what she did not last time (season 9.) 

I saw that tongue!

Manila knows Lady Bunny well. That bodes well, right?   Ru is laughing.

I saw that tongue, too.

Monique is buggin’. She wants Manila to lose and go home.   Looks like Manila is gonna be just fine.

SNL’s Cecily Strong gives each of the queens help with their work.   Monét seems to do well with Cecily’s help.   Valentina is struggling.  Monique has a plan, and it shows.  Cecily likes what Monique had going, but also thought she couldn’t take anything on board.   Hmmm.

Trinity is struggling, which doesn’t make sense to me.   She is so funny … except for now.  Ugh.

As they get ready, Manila explains a little about how she will handle things going forward.   Monét seems to accept things, but I don’t doubt for a minute that Manila is all alone and the rest of them are going to vote her out the very minute that they can.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle, Ross, Cecily Strong and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Look!   Stacey Layne Matthews is still around?   Love seeing her, still.

Monét X Change is a hit.  She has jokes, the people laugh. Success!

Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor is sans jokes, and the audience isn’t laughing.   She uses the joke that Cecily said to toss out, and she flubs it.  Not good.

Monique Heart stays in character, has jokes, and the audience laughs.  She seems to not be able to let the audience breathe, though, like she is rushing through it all.

Naomi Smalls looks great.   She seems practiced, but she isn’t funny.  The audience is not happy.   Seems like she is the worst so far.   At least she didn’t storm off like BDLC did in season 6.

Valentina looks great, until her sunglasses come off, she didn’t finish her makeup?

Not good.   Valentina is just as prepared as Naomi Smalls, and just as unfunny.   Well, they have to be the bottom two.

Manila comes out with a black umbrella, reminiscent of s6’s April Carrion.

Yes, like that.

Manila has jokes, the audience is laughing, and Ru and the judges are laughing, too.

Seems like she is the clear winner.
I'd rate them in this order:
Manila, Monét, Monique, Trinity, Naomi and Valentina
At least Naomi had her face complete.

When Lady Bunny ‘came back to life,’ she was just as funny as the few funny queens.   So, I guess that means most of ‘em did poorly?

Let’s look at the angelic white runway—they all look great, right?

Monét X Change

Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor

Monique Heart

Naomi Smalls


Manila Luzon

Ross is beaming, telling Monét it is a joy to see her.   Monét had the most jokes.

Trinity’s timing got off, and she lost the crowd.  Michelle acknowledges that she knows Trinity can do better than she did.

Monique was funny, but she didn’t take the audience into account … she didn’t let them breathe, and she didn’t have an ebb and flow, she was full throttle (hard to keep the audience involved when one is a one note.)

Naomi is told she should have given more.   The judges love her Prince look, though.

The judges ream Valentina for not finishing her makeup.   Has anyone ever not finished?   All I can think of is Jasmine Masters doing her beard badly in s7.   But, she finished.

All the judges praise Manila for how she did.  Ross reminds Manila that this is a good time to build momentum, to be good. 

Manila and Monét are the top two.

All the others are up for elimination!
Oh, and Naomi shares her tongue.

Manila and Monét lip synch to Aretha Franklin’s (Luther Vandross’s) 1982 hit “Jump To It.”   Both do an okay job.   Hmmm.   Manila doesn’t do ANY death drops or something dancerly.   Yes, I stole Mike Ruiz’s word.

Both of them win the lip synch!   And, then Ru tells them that standard All Stars rules are suspended.  They are all sent to the work room.

Lady Bunny appears in the mirror and tells them to turn around.

They see the four eliminated queens.
Clearly, Farrah Moan doesn't know her colors.

So, what’s coming next?   Teams?  Pairs?   Something else?

Tune in next week for Latrice whining,

and Trinity fighting with Monét.

Oh, and, surprise, Farrah cries.