Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Walking • 3 • 19 September 2017

I walked three miles this morning and just remembered to log it.   What a brain.

Walking • 3 • 15 September 2017

I walked three miles last Friday and couldn't log it till Sunday and forgot to log it till just now.   Irma.  And dementia.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Project Runway s16e04  We're Sleeping Wear?  7 September 2017

Hurricane Irma really threw me for a loop.    My home is undamaged, but I went a week without power, and had a couple of close calls, health-wise.   But I'm still here.   And, yes, wishing I were somewhere much, much colder.

Season three of PR16 was so long ago.
Some people made clothes.  Most of them stayed. 
Including Aaron who was so very happy to be inspired by dancers.  

Oh, alright, my boy Brandon won the challenge, which was to be inspired by the film Leap, and by dance, I guess, and to be innovative and edgy.   And, yeah, no, he's not my boy (or grandchild, or great-grandchild, if we're going age appropriate.)  I just REALLY responded well to his portfolio, as I did with Fade Zu Grau's and Sean Kelly's way back in the day.

The judges sent Kudzani packing.  I get that for the restrictions (constrictions?) of the particular challenge that he belonged in the bottom three, but, there were others that deserved to be sent home instead.   I swear, there must be sleeping with the judges AND the Weinsteins by some of the contestants.  Or something.

Well, you know it was bound to happen.  In the past, PR designers have made looks for Heidi’s shoe line, her athleisure line, her perfume line, her swim line and her lingerie line.  It was inevitable that they would be making something for her sleepwear line, eh?

It’s cute that they got to sleep at the observation deck of the Empire State Building. 

“Too bad it wasn’t the Eiffel Tower, huh?”

Heidi reminds them to make it fashionable.
Tim exhorts that they will be making their own textiles.

Alright, the HP challenge!

Well, no, it’s the potato challenge.   They are to do this all by hand.  Well, unless they have a twin nearby.  The Idaho Potato farmer are subsidizing this season, not HP.

But when Tim brought breakfast all I could think of was, well, was that really enough for everybody?   Aren’t there 16 15 14 13 of ‘em?  And, yes, I am waiting for it all to fall out of the greasy bags.

Margarita and Deyonté are getting inspired by the Art Deco influence.

DEYONTÉ:  I'm on top of the world!
GIANNI:   Famous last words, dearie.  Be careful.

Remember how that worked for Jack, and for Karen, eh?

While they sketch in PR supplied PJs, all I can think is, geez, when was the last time I wore pajamas?   About the last time I wore Dr. Dentons.  Not last week.  Not last decade.  The Beatles were still together and happy and had short hair.  And Pete Best was their drummer.

Every time I see a potato all I can think of is this.

And this.

And this.

“Tim Gunn is Tim Gunn.”

Damn, this show is too deep for me.

Tim, gossiping is never a good thing, even if one is accurate.

Isn’t that cute that HK told Shawn ‘less chatting, more working?’

“How dare she say that!   I will kill her soon, verily.”

She tells Deyonté not to set up arrows for the vagina.
She sees clown costume, and busy-ness.

Heidi loves that Aayana is showing some skin, so to speak, with the see-thru fabric.

Heidi asks Batani what she wears to bed.   Wait.  What?

These Heidi.

Why does Tim always see a menstrual cycle?  I mean, isn’t he gay, or asexual, or something?   Why does he have THAT blood on the brain?

Heidi & Tim seem to like to be tied up in bed.

But not like ONJ & Stevie, I trust.

"I told you that was part of the challenge."

Michael is told to make it longer.  He wants it shorter, so that it can be worn outside of the bedroom.   Wait, wasn’t that the PRAs2e02 mandate?

“No one can remember that long ago.”

“People didn’t even wear pajamas then.”

Wait, what?

Heidi calls Samantha’s work a ‘bedazzled’ tramp stamp.   Ruh-roh!

Heidi approves and nixes some of Claire’s stamp work.  Not tramp stamp work.

Amy thinks she can paint the NYC cityscape on her outfit and call it ‘inspired by.’  No worries, she changes her idea soon enough.

Kenya is struggling, or so she says.   Tim & Heidi like her sketch, but not her garment.  Curious.

And, Tim, what is it with the charcoal up the rear end.   I no longer want to know all about you if THAT is what your upbringing entailed.   Menstrual cycles and charcoal up the butt?   No sir, not for me.

Heidi loves the print Aaron made.  She admonishes him to be ambitious.

Then Amy Bond had to give some input as to what Aaron is doing.

This concerns me.   She’s getting the Ben Chmura edit.   Be careful, girl!

No, wait, she & Margarita are being shown admiring that twin bond.

Love that twin bond still, everybody?
Or is this above and beyond the bond?
I feel like Batani, I just want to avoid being hit by them.

“You hit the head on the nail.”

Or, the nail on the nail.

Hector time!

And then that happened.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it?

Is Liris turning into the dream model this season, or what?

Now, before we get to the real reason of the episode, the runway,
let's make a note here that there sure was a lot of tongue work
(non-verbal communication at its best) this episode.

And, Zac was priceless with his face work, as always.

Joining Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Fraggle Rock Creative Director Nina Garcia, is the adorable Demi Lovato.

"I'm sick of the cultural appropriation around here!"

Amy Bond

Brandon Kee

Margarita Alvarez

Claire Buitendorp


Michael Brambila

Deyonté Weather

Aaron Myers

Ayana Ife

Shawn Buitendorp

Kenya Freeman

Kentaro Kameyama

Samantha Rei

Heidi calls out the tops & bottoms and banishes
the rest to the backstage waiting room couches.

Michael was inspired by the Art Deco of the Empire State Building.   Demi thinks it is practical, comfortable, and the color combination is kind to all.   She likes the neckline.  Nina loves the multi-straps in the back.  All the judges praise his work.

Aaron had a killer print (based on a vent design) but he painted the fabric too much, and it no longer flows well.  Nina picks on the construction.

Shawn was inspired by a plaque describing the building as sleek and slender.  Demi loves the tailoring, she thinks it is beautiful, as does Nina.  Heidi thinks it is great, and it can be worn outside of the bedroom, too.  

“See?  It was part of the challenge then,
and it's part of the challenge now.”

Nina finds Deyonté’s work more like a bad dress than sleepwear.   She sees a boring hospital gown, same for Zac.  Heidi wants to see the sexy, and he can’t deliver.  Demi wishes the bottom piece was actually flattering.

Kentaro’s work makes sense to Heidi, the print is beautiful, and people will want to buy it.   Nina calls it quiet, modern, Zac effortless, easy and happy (all are compliments.)  Demi likes that it is sexy when the belt is on, and also when it is off.  She respects Kentaro as a designer.

Heidi can’t imagine Kenya’s look being practical.  The judges bring Kenya to tears, and then they try to cheer her up with the few things they did like.   What?   Normally they yell at the designers.   Maybe the Muppet princess is having an effect on them.

Heidi declares Michael the winner.
Yes, his work goes into production.

Kentaro and Shawn are in.

So is Kenya.   She bolts, before Heidi can utter "urine."
No 'thank you,' no 'I'll do better next time,'
no nothing, boom, she’s gone.
Don’t blame you one bit, girl.

Bottom two are Deyonté and Aaron.

Deyonté is eliminated.   That means Aaron is in.

Can’t argue with the judges this week.   Well, not that I often do.  And not that it could make a difference.   That would be like arguing with Hurricane Irma.  And, I did.  For six days with no power I did.  For getting sick several of those days and fearing death (half drama queen, half real) I did.  No more.   Next person who offers me a room to rent in Antarctica, I’m going.  Like that.   If only.

“I got a bridge, er, igloo, yeah, that's it, an igloo to sell you, too!”

Tune in next week when Doug Cameron bursts forth from the 1980s to tell us all about Mona and her children.

They are in some kind of castle, too, I think.   No, not White Castle.

Not Wipe Castle neither.

And, lastly, SPOILER ALERT!  Is this the final five?
Or is it just a 'team' in a future challenge?