Friday, November 17, 2017

Project Runway s16e14  Finale Part 2  16 November 2017

Last time on PR the to five designers created 10 look collections with $10,000.  Tim visited each, and, once back in NYC for fashion week, Kenya was eliminated, placing 5th for the season.

There are only a few points I wish to make on this episode.   No one crashed and burned in the top 4, but since Brandon didn't get anything to fix, he didn't seem to be working on his collection, while the others had a mandate and a mission.  It seemed inevitable that they would all breeze right by him on the race to the finish.   In the end, 2 passed him.   Oh, Brandon, you didn't see how one-color and one-print the collection was?   I see such talent, but I also get the idea you have NO other thoughts at all, or they'd be there, too, eh?

Second, Ayana's season long arc of trying to out perform Brandon came and went, without a pay off (neither won.)    But, she did place better than he did.

While I couldn't find much to fault with the top 4, the decoys, girl ... I find something new to pick on every time I look at Michael's.  Kenya's I feel like it is anemic, especially with the color.   It and Michael's each scream "decoy!"   Compare this to the top 6 of season s5 (Leanne won) where Joe's denim decoy collection was fit to perfection, while some real and some decoy collections had many unfinished, unpressed elements.

Fourth point, the real point:  Kentaro having a bad critique (when Kenya got eliminated) freed him from having to be concerned with possibly winning, and he just made the collection that *he* wanted to make.   This is the first time a PR contestant was shown thinking he wasn't in running for the win.

Let's take a look at the decoys first, okay?

Michael Brambila
s16 #6 

Kenya Freeman
s16 #5 

Margarita Alvarez
s16 #4

Brandon Kee
s16 #3

Ayana Ife
s16 #2

Kentaro Kameyama
s16 #1

Yes, of course, Liris is the breakout star of s16.  I want her on every season from now on.   At the beginning of the season they were promoting PR as *finally* getting on board with having plus size models, but during the finale with the judges & Liris it was all about PR setting the trend?   Really?  I've seen so many other runway shows feature non-traditional models before in the last 10 years.   But, maybe NYC Fashion Week hasn't had them?    I don't know.

The judges were quite complimentary to everybody, and yet, everyone had 1-2 blemishes or miscalculations with their collections.   But, overall, there were way less troubles with everything overall, than in past seasons.

I did hear that Margarita had a model not show up, and that never made it onto the show.   But, Kentaro's father tripping (not seeing the runway/stage too well, got on?   That ain't right.

No show on Thanksgiving.  The following week we do have the reunion episode, and it is being promo'd as Claire not thinking she did anything wrong.

"It's not like I killed Swatch!"

I get the idea Kentaro is gonna have to split the prize money with someone.

Sorry for the placement, but we lost another designer this week.
Yeah, after PRC's s2 Danio and PR's s3 Mychael,
Wendy Pepper passed this week.   All gone too soon.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Walking • 3 • 15 November 2017

I had errands to handle this morning.   Even with the short bus, I still walked 3 miles.   Thank God is it November, and not July.   Merci, Seigneur.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Walking • 5.5 • 14 November 2017

I walked 5 and a half miles this morning, running an errand.   I only remembered, just now, to log it here.    The mind is the first to go, eh?


Monday, November 13, 2017

Walking • 2 • 13 November 2017

I walked 2 miles this morning and am now logging it in.    I'm getting used to the new grocery stores in the area.   Thank you, Jesus, I am loving the new place.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Project Runway s16e13  Finale Part 1  9 November 2017

Last time on PR the five remaining designers were tasked with creating Winter wear looks.

Here's how they placed:

     1. Kentaro • Advancing • Winner
     2. Brandon • Advancing
     3. Ayana • Advancing
     4. Margarita • Advancing • Not Eliminated
     5. Kenya • Advancing • Not Eliminated

That's right, no one was eliminated.   Don't you wish you could go to work and appear to be working, but not really do your job?   Yeah, those judges could figure out that Margarita and Kenya were bottom two, but they couldn't figure out how to eliminate them, so they just pushed them through anyway?

A-ha, not so fast.  It's like season 5, or 11.   All of them are creating collections, but then they will show 3 looks out of the 10 to the judges, who will *then* determine which 3 will actually compete, and which will end up being decoys.

The nice thing is that they are back up to $10,000 each for the collection, after a couple of seasons of it dropping to $9,000.   And, that is where we left off.

The Tim visits are fairly boring (no jumping on a trampoline, no tandem bike riding, no hula dancing, no sky diving, no roller blading.)   However, there is a major bandage on his forehead.   All I can think of is that guy from the 1990s that had all the spikes in his head.   Tim’s getting spikes!

Ayana was inspired by woodsy, rural NY state.  Tim doesn’t have much to say since she only has 3 finished looks.   They go over her schedule, and it looks tough, but doable.

Kenya was inspired by ocean, sand & sun.  Tim thinks it is too matronly, and the color underwhelming.

“It’th thomber.”

Tim advises her to liven things up, and for her to go more upscale.

Tim & Kentaro are not on the same page regarding cohesiveness.   Kentaro doesn’t want to be boring.   Tim sees 4 different collections.

Kentaro plays a beautiful, simple, sad piece of music.   But, Tim has to ask what inspired it.   Check it out:  Kentaro found a dead cat on the street, he buried it, and then put his ear to the ground.

It was better than “Smelly Cat,” trust.

Tim tells Margarita to abandon the gold rings.  Tim wants less resort and more NY.  Take her off the beach and put her on the street, so to speak.

Brandon’s collection is so narrow, cohesive and strong.    Tim loves the flamingo print when it is saturated, and when it is washed out, and when one can see both.   All Tim can say is “carry on.”

When the five designers return to NYC, they are to choose 2 looks (not the typical three) to show the judges, and then they will decide if they want 3 to continue, 4 to continue, or what.

Likes last year, Heidi isn’t there.   Unlike last year, there’s no Michael Kors, just Zac & Nina.   =o(

Let’s see the runway!

Brandon Kee
Liris & Janine

Margarita Alvarez
Colleen & Jazzmine

Kenya Freeman
Christina & Katie

Kentaro Kameyama
Kylie & Sanita

Ayana Ife
Meisha & Monique

Zac has trouble with Kenya’s fit.  Heidi is not excited, there is no cohesion.  Nina faults the styling because she likes the fabrics.  When she takes off the cover ups, then Heidi sees the cohesion, the seaming.

Heidi likes Ayana’s color palette and silhouette, calling it fresh & modern.   Nina likes the juxtaposition of the distressed & the refined. Zac loves Monique’s jacket.  Heidi is worried that the models will all have curly hair. 

Kentaro’s inspiration is a  Japanese dried lake.   The judges hate the white look and gush over the beige, rightly so.  Kentaro doesn’t not explain himself well when talking about the rest of his collection.    Nina hates the strong eyebrows.   The models look like robots.

“What?  What’s wrong with robots?”

Brandon wanted to create the women’s counterpart to his menswear work he has already done.  The judges do not like the top that Liris is wearing, but they love the one Janine is sporting.

The judges are responding to Margarita’s prints.  When they seem to be saying what Tim said before, that it was too resort/Miami, and no NY, she responds that she was told to bring it, and she did.   Nina worries that too much are in each look.

Brandon, Ayana & Margarita are in!

Bottom two are Kentaro & Kenya.    Kenya is out, and Kentaro is in.

So, we have a final four.

Is it a fait accompli for Brandon to win?   Tune in next week when Tim’s horn extensions are revealed.